Weekend Brunch: Bangsar – Yeast Bistronomy & Boulangerie

How was your New Year day?
As I pen this, it’s 4pm in the afternoon and I’m thinking of what’s next for dinner. 🙂

Brunch was decent breakfast grub from Yeast on Telawi, Bangsar. As we know the stretch of Telawi roads and all around Bangsar Village is dotted with more cafes than one could remember. Every outlet serves breakfast, coffee and decent cakes.
Some like Antipodean commands a ridiculous queue on weekends & public holidays.

I have heard much about Yeast’s breakfast. When I first visited in November 2012 during their soft launch, the breads were alright while the tarts served that evening were a bit off. Subsequent return visits for dinner wasn’t particularly memorable except for the duck confit (we had 3 mains) so I haven’t bothered with a post.


Today, I swung by for New Year Day brunch, and my verdict at the end of my meal is that the breakfast items are generally decent, but definitely wasn’t worth gushing about. Do note that this particular observation is based on the 3 items I had, and I would love to head back soon for their pastries.

The french toast was particularly commendable, while the Eggs Ben with salmon was bleh and my Egg Florentine was enjoyable enough.
What I didn’t like about the Eggs Florentine was the bland, watery cream which well, I could fix by adding some salt that was available on the table. I guess.

French Toast (RM16++). The key to a good french toast probably starts from the bread slices itself. At Yeast, it’s hard to mess that up considering that they bake breads on-site!
This french toast was superb, soft and not overly buttery, lightly sweeten and served with caramelized apples.

Weekend Brunch Bangsar - Yeast Bistronomy  & Boulangerie-002

Egg Florentine (RM17++) – 2 soft boiled eggs over spinach, mushrooms, glazed with Gruyere Cheese Sauce.
They were honest when they printed “glazed” on the menu. Do not expect a thick layer of cheese, but rather a sprinkling over the eggs which was nicely browned. It was alright for me since I didn’t want so much cheese.

Weekend Brunch Bangsar - Yeast Bistronomy  & Boulangerie-001


The crusty roll served with this dish was perfect to go with the spinach, mushrooms and eggs.

Weekend Brunch Bangsar - Yeast Bistronomy  & Boulangerie-003

Eggs Ben (Salmon) – RM22++ – 2 soft poached eggs on Brioche Toast with Smoked Salmon, Bearniase sauce and Greens.

Weekend Brunch Bangsar - Yeast Bistronomy  & Boulangerie


While my “soft boiled” eggs had soft whites and runny yolks, these “soft poached eggs” (hey, I’m just repeating what was printed on the menu) that came with the Eggs Ben was just a tad overcooked. The eggs for both dishes were obviously cooked using a device as it has fixed dome shaped and while I understand the commercial reason behind it, I just felt that part of the charm of having poached eggs was lost.
The Bearnaise sauce was alright though the smoked salmon was saltier than necessary.
Before you say “but it’s smoked salmon so it must be salty” I’ll say this in my defense; I have had smoked salmon that are smoky and delicately salty before so really, it is about the quality of smoked salmon used. This was here was just plain salty.
Nutmeg at Bangsar Village II, The Red Bean bag & Nosh did serve better smoked salmon for sure.

Weekend Brunch Bangsar - Yeast Bistronomy  & Boulangerie-004

YEAST Boulangerie – Bistro & Bar à Vin
24, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar 59100, Kuala Lumpur (2 doors away from Antipodean)
Hours: Tues to Sun – 8am to 6pm. Dinner service commences on 5th December
+603 2282 0118

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  1. cleffairy

    Whoa… looks good. Would love to have abite of these!

    1. Rebecca Saw

      When you’re in Bangsar, do check out their pastries! 🙂

  2. marcus

    in the (sortof gratinated) spinach. what was the consistency of the eggwhites? and the yolk?
    and all this.. is it pretty much possible to DIY?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Everything is possible to DIY, which is not the point. Hipsters like to hang out at cafes and be served 😛
      Anyways, yeps. like you said. sort of gratinated spinach (more of swimming in cream rather), hard whites, slightly runny yolk.

      1. Marcus

        yes cos all food tastes worse when cooking by yourself.
        eating it with the tears of yourself eating alone. sobs.

  3. Tanya

    I stay in Bangsar. Holla me if you’re in Bangsar again for brunch!

  4. Penny

    You’re right. The Egg Benny aint superb but the french toast is decent. Try the pastries with some coffee next time!

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