WeChat 5.1 launches WeChat Games – ‘Gunz Dash’, ‘Craz3 Match’, ‘2Day’s Match’

From its grand launch to engaging celebrity Malay ambassadors to collaborating with brands to offer their users great deals (such as Secret Recipe & Remedy at Scott Garden), WeChat has shown strong customer affiliation with its users.

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There are frequent improvements to WeChat from time to time, all the while ensuring users’ satisfaction as well as to improve users’ experience.
Most recently WeChat launched WeChat games, new animated stickers from the Sticker Shop and StoryCam for WeChat.

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I was at a dinner with a bunch of blogger friends for the gaming experience recently. A large projected screen was set up and some bloggers were invited to the front for a challenge in one of the games. I barely scraped through with a decent score (well, at least my score wasn’t the lowest!) but that only means more practice required! 🙂

wechat launches wechat games - online

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If you’re on WeChat (why are you not??), it’s pretty simple to get started.

1. Open your wechat app
2. Under “Discover” look for Games
3. Click on Games & select the game u want to play
4. Download the game you’ve selected, start playing & accumulate points immediately! See if you can beat your friends’ scores.
Yes, you can challenge your friends with fun and addictive games while you’re on the move.
Pit yourself against the best around your neighborhood with WeChat’s location-based service; find competitors nearby and beat the top scorer.

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For a start, there are ‘Wreckless Racer’, ‘Gunz Dash’, ‘Craz3 Match’, ‘2Day’s Match’ and ‘Pencil Pilot’.

  • Wreckless Racer’ (available soon)  – Gear up and kick start your engines with Wreckless Racer, a new speed racing game with cutting-edge graphics and heart-pounding actions for the ultimate thrill to the finishing line!
  • Gunz Dash’ – Choose your favorite hero and embark on an exciting adventure in a fantasy universe. Speed through worlds and collect coins for a high score in this thrilling 2D animated, endless running game! (Official site: http://games.wechat.com/gunzdash/)
  • Craz3 Match – An easy-to-play but addictive game! Line up animals of the same kind for spectacular effects and move on to the next level! (Official site: http://games.wechat.com/craz3match/)
  • 2Day’s Match – A brand new casual puzzle game. Match two tiles of the same kind to clear them! Challenge yourself and win your Crown! (Official site: http://games.wechat.com/2daysmatch/)



My personal favourite is Gunz Dash!

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That’s because it’s fun and extremely EASY to play. 😀

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Well, at least for now it is. I haven’t gotten myself to the advanced levels yet! 😀

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My next game is Wreckless Racer, to indulge the racer babe in me. 😀

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So who’s on WeChat? Add me – wackybecky and let’s start gaming! 🙂

The latest WeChat 5.1 and StoryCam for WeChat are now available for both Android and iOS users. Visit www.wechat.com for the latest information.
Hashtag WeChat on #WeChatMalaysia #WeChat #WeChatGames.

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