Watched a nanny giving birth, catching eels with my bare hands..just few of the many experiences I had during my Malacca Homestay!

I managed to capture some interesting moments during the Malacca homestay with my handy HTC Desire last week.

From my previous post HERE, where I posted the video of my foster parents’ village house; now I got more to share:

1. Watching a female goat giving birth to 2 kids..(I whipped out my camera a bit too slow, else would have caught the moment when the kid popped out! No worries, will get a picture of it soon!).

2. Catching an eel with my bare hands.. Euwww! Slimy I tell you!

3. Tapping a rubber tree.  It’s not easy work ok!


4. Making my own salted duck egg! :yes: Salted egg porridge anyone?! Hahhaa…

5. Weaving – end product is a basket-like sleeve to be used as a “cover” for cempedak while it is still ripening on the tree.

Not much words on this post? Well, the videos does most of the work for me 😉

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  1. Jack Lee

    Heya Rebecca! Great stuff you have been posting so far!

  2. Sean

    gosh, that’s a lot of unique experiences!
    i like how u squealed when touching the eel, heheh. but that’s quite brave of u. i’d imagine many people might not dare to do it! 😀
    don’t understand the salted egg video though (maybe cos i couldn’t hear any sound on it). what’s the black sand that the egg is dipped in…
    the “menganyam” segment looks like the most challenging, in terms of mastering it. i guess the makcik has been doing it for decades though…

  3. ciki

    fwar, respect! must teach me how to catch eels all. can u imagine if they were electic eels.. like mini shock therapy! 🙂

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