Warung Kek – Bakery Joy Taman Megah – Mee Siam, Nasi Lemak breakfast

Back in the days when I consume bread for almost every meal, Bakery Joy was one of my favourite bakeries to fuel my carb laden lifestyle.

The wholemeal tuna buns were my favourite. The buns are long-shaped and stuffed generously with tuna. Common tuna fillings for buns are 60% mayo and 40% actual tuna, but Bakery Joy’s version are non-mayo based and not overly greasy.

Ever since I switched to a low-carb lifestyle my visits to bakeries had dwindled to almost never.
Occasionally I bake my own breads but I don’t do so often either since I don’t consume bread unless I’m absolutely out of alternatives.


So how did I end up at Bakery Joy again?

Well, it was a nostalgic visit.
I was in the area and I recalled the tempting Mee Siam just by the side of the cashier counter.
Whenever I paid for my purchases, I would promise myself, “next time, next visit“.


I’ve read positive reviews of the food here and glad to be able to finally satisfy my curiosity. Coincidentally my food partner that morning is a fan of Mee Siam so it was decided; a mee siam for him and a nasi lemak for me.


From the outside, Bakery Joy wouldn’t strike anyone as a “cafe”.
It has been around for a long while, way before the cafe culture boom.

It isn’t purposely decorated to mimic industrial, vintage or cutesy vibe. In fact the vintage vibe here is very much real.
We have the dark corners, the old furniture with marble table top and creaky wooden chairs and the old ladies behind the counters.

There is no ambient lighting, artfully selected crockery or Instagrammable surroundings.
It is a small, casual bakery which serves homely comfort food and the air conditioning isn’t even cold.


Our simple breakfast is as pictured below.
Tom Yam meehoon (RM5.30).
Nasi lemak (RM4.30).
Kopi O (plain coffee) RM3.70.
Milo O (plain milo – Milo O) RM4.80.


The Mee Siam is nice with strong tang of tom yam flavour. We still prefer the version at Nyonya Colors in terms of taste.
I personally felt that it was expensive too (for RM5.30) since it was just rice vermicelli with slivers of scrambled eggs on top.
The Nasi lemak on the other hand was borderline decent. Price-wise I would say it is comparable to a mamak version. Yes, even with a whole egg. The sambal was sweet rather than spicy.
The shocker are the drinks which was more expensive than the average mamak. Even at Telawi Bangsar my Milo O at Devis’ is only RM2.80 while I was charged RM4.80 here!

The WIFI here works if that’s any consolation though the venue isn’t exactly conducive for hangouts.
In conclusion, I won’t be back for the food but maybe the cakes and buns, if there is ever a need.

Warung Kek – Bakery Joy Taman Megah
No. 4, Jalan SS24/13
Taman Megah
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7805 5188
Monday (7AM – 6PM)
Tuesday – Sunday (7AM – 9PM)

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  1. Sean EDKL

    oh, this is one place that’s been on my list for a very, very long time … i hear they do a decent curry laksa too 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Their curry laksa is one of their top selling dish! 😀

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