Wantan mee WDS SS2 is now @ Kong Yam Kong Sek Foodcourt Centrepoint !

Today is the launch of the new NON-HALAL foodcourt at Centrepoint, Bandar Utama.
I was excited to see old friends again so I got my colleagues along and visited early.


There were many concerns that a foodcourt at Centrepoint “won’t do well” due to its location and the perception that the crowd is only around during lunchtime on a weekday.

Well, rest assured that that wasn’t the case at all today.

The stall that was doing brisk business was none other than the one belonging to the boss himself, Mr Andy’s famous Hong Kong wantan mee that was previously at WDS Coffeeshop SS2.

Back with a vengeance, “Bamboo Prawn Wanton Noodle Stall at SS2” as it was previously know, is operational now and there were snaking queues for these delicious, springy noodles even at 8am on a Saturday!


It was a busy time for them this morning but the quality remained of standard, a testament of long years of experience and a solid team.
Patrons can be assured of a satisfying bowl of springy oodle of noodle bathed in fragrant sauce that are neither overly oily or salty, juicy succulent char siew (you can choose lean or fatty cuts) and plump wantons with meat and prawns.

All of this for RM8.00 per serving.


If you’ve tasted this before in Restaurant WDS in Chow Yang, SS2, then you would know what to expect.
If you haven’t, please bear in mind this isn’t alike the usual KL wantan mee that swims in a bowl of lard and salty soy sauce.
These are, I repeat, HK style noodles that are thin with a nice bite, yet isn’t stringy.
Made to Andy’s specifications, only 100% duck egg is used; which explains the natural yellow hue and the absence of the offensive alkaline (‘kansui’) taste.


The sauce is lighter in flavour too, not as strong (salty) as your usual wantan mee so this definitely suits my tastebuds.
There wasn’t much to complain about the char siew except that I would double the portion next time (with due charges of course) and I will have to remind them to give me ONLY half fat and half lean cuts.


As you can see, I had 2 bowls and one has leaner char siew while the other is fattier.

The same stalls now offers dim sum too.
We tried 4 and was pretty pleased with the taste and portion.

Steamed prawn dumplings (RM5.80/basket), steamed pork dumplings (RM5.80/basket), scallop dumplings (RM6.80/basket) and fishballs (RM4.80/basket).



Other stalls available at Kong Yam.Kong Sek at CentrePoint are:

1. Nasi Dalca (RM10 for a super serving only on 15th Oct 2016!) – go go!
Check out the videoHERE.


2. Pan mee
3. Penang Prawn Mee
4. Fish paste noodles
5. Nyonya Nasi Lemak
6. Curry Mee
7. Hainanese Braised Pork Rice/Noodles
8. Stew Soup
9. Claypot Chicken Rice
10. Char Kuey Teow (minus pork lard from the Wan Shoon coffeeshop in Damansara Kim)


11. The well known Ngiu Chap Wong (Beef Noodles) @ Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas

** Last but not least, do note that the foodcourt was packed earlier today since it is still new.
If patience isn’t your virtue, do time your visit at lesser peak hours such as after lunch and after office hours.


Kong Yam.Kong Sek at CentrePoint 港飲港吃。美食坊
Ground floor, entry right behind the Banana Leaf restaurant.
Open: DAILY – to be updated – I forgot to ask and the info is not available on their FB page.

Contact: 012-203 2047


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