Waffles, ice cream, affrogato & a reading corner at New Zealand Natural, The Curve

Winners of the 5 vouchers:
1. Justine Leong
2. Kae Ling (meowbii)
3. Evelyn Wuenli
4. Ee Fen
5. Lim  Wei Zi

Congrats & email me ([email protected] to make arrangements for your gift! 🙂


Ice creams NEVER failed to cheer me up.
Like cakes, I must have my weekly dose of this icy, sweet indulgence. It would have been daily dose if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a strict workout regime and my wardrobe only consist of very tight fitting clothes. 😀

PS: Do you know that the NZN outlets now offers FREE SPEEDY WIFI and a book corner? You don’t have to walk and eat your ice cream now.
Sit back, relax, flip through a book/magazine and savour your food/drink/ice cream!

Waffles, ice cream, affrogato New Zealand Natural, The Curve-008

New Zealand Natural is the only commercial ice cream I eat. I kid you not.
My usual ice cream fix are NZN or some local, housemade creamy creations. I’m very particular about what I consume, and New Zealand Natural’s philosophy of serving premium ice-cream without artificial colors or flavors resonates well with my lifestyle and eating habits.

Waffles, ice cream, affrogato New Zealand Natural, The Curve-009

To cater to all palates, NZN ice-cream come in full-cream flavors, low-fat, 97% fat-free frozen yogurts or 99% fat-free sorbets. So there’s an option to suit every diet.

In addition to that, some of New Zealand Natural’s outlets (such as the ones in Tropicana City Mall and The Curve) are now lifestyle cafes. Spacious, cheery and bright interiors encourages patrons to sit down for a meal or enjoy some “me time” with a glossy magazine or an educational volume.

BELOW: Here’s me posing with their take-away pack as New Zealand Natural believes in being green so if you require a normal plastic bag for take-aways, it will be chargeable at RM0.30 each.
Note the cosy seating arrangements and the book shelves.

Waffles, ice cream, affrogato New Zealand Natural, The Curve-010

On a recent visit I saw families, couples and groups of friends congregating to enjoy their cuppa and some pastries while others were cooling down with their NZN ice creams.

Waffles, ice cream, affrogato New Zealand Natural, The Curve-007

I sampled their Strawberries & Cream Waffle RM9.90 (Crisp golden Belgian waffle, slices of strawberries and whipped cream) and added a scoop of Macadamia ice cream for good measure.
The waffle was crispy on the edges and soft in the middle. Generous (though thin) slices of strawberries and light whipped cream completed the RM9.90 set; a price of which I thought was pretty reasonable for a snack.
Additional charges applies for the scoop of ice cream of course. The waffles here starts from RM4.90 for a plain chocolate and honey waffle to RM13.90 for a waffle with 2 scoops of ice cream drizzled with honey plus chocolate sauce.
All in all, it is filling, tasty and justified-ably priced !

Waffles, ice cream, affrogato New Zealand Natural, The Curve-004

My drink was the rather healthy Carrot Breeze (Carrot + Watermelon) @ RM8.90 which suits my diet. It was a refreshing vegetable + fruit combo balanced sweetness that complemented very well with my strawberries waffle.
However I was persuaded to try the Affogato Milkshake @ RM14.90 as well (NZN’s own affogato ice cream, milk & chocolate powder) which was rather creamy and comforting (think milky with slight undertones of coffee).

Double Affogato @ RM11.90 (Espresso, Affogato ice cream, Whipped cream, Chocolate powder & Dark chocolate waffle stick) is great for those who wants a harmonious marriage of caffeine, cocoa and milk in one glass.

Waffles, ice cream, affrogato New Zealand Natural, The Curve-003

NZN affograto

Karen my colleague couldn’t stop gushing about the cookies here so I had to try. The options are either Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisin Cookie @ RM4.50 or Chunky Double Chocolate Cookie @ RM4.50. 

Waffles, ice cream, affrogato New Zealand Natural, The Curve-002

For the size and intensity of the flavour I thought it was the price is a steal. It was served warm and the chewy cookies would have been perfect with a hot cuppa. I concur with Karen, these cookies are marvellous! 🙂

Waffles, ice cream, affrogato New Zealand Natural, The Curve

Waffles, ice cream, affrogato New Zealand Natural, The Curve-001

Moving on we sampled the 2 muffins available followed by the pastries. Might as well right? Since we are on the roll.


The pastries are again lightly toasted before serving and I couldn’t help entertaining the idea of topping the sweet ones with ice cream and enjoying the savoury ones ( Chicken Rendang Puff @ RM4.00, Baked Sardine Puff @ RM3.90with a hot latte or mocha. Perhaps next time.

Waffles, ice cream, affrogato New Zealand Natural, The Curve-006

The Chocolate Muffin is my pick. Once heated up the molten insides are thick and gooey so it’s double the pleasure and triple the fun as I savour each bite. So good! 😀
BelowTriple Chocolate Muffin @ RM6.00. Wild Blueberry [email protected]. 

Waffles, ice cream, affrogato New Zealand Natural, The Curve-005

So when was the last time you had New Zealand Natural ice cream?
You should have it everyday actually. A selected flavour of the day ice cream is only RM3.90 – and that’s paying for imported, premium ice-cream without artificial colors or flavors.

NZN offers

But today, I have got better news.
I’m going to treat 5 of my friends/fans/readers 5 New Zealand Natural ice-cream vouchers. These vouchers entitles the winner to redeem ONE large ice-cream in cone or cup (3 flavors) at any New Zealand Natural outlets.
And while you’re there, please take the opportunity to sample the waffles, cookies and pastries and let me know if you enjoyed them! 🙂

new zealand natural voucher

To win the vouchers:
1. Comment here which would be your favourite food item (cookies, waffles,pastries).
2. Which flavour of NZN ice cream would you use to redeem the voucher if you win!

That’s it.
A random draw will be done and results announced on Friday, 20th June 2014. 

This Post Has 25 Comments

  1. Amily Yap

    Hi Rebecca! My favourite food item is definitely waffle. As for the NZN ice-cream, I would opt for COOKIES AND CREAM! 🙂 Thank you and have a great day! 🙂

  2. Jennie

    Definitely is waffle. *LOVE* If i win, i would like to redeem Rum and Raisin flavor~ 🙂 Thank you

  3. junfook

    My fav is waffles!!!! And I would like to have rum and raisin!!! Slurppp

  4. Justine Leong

    Wafflesssss with Pecan praline ice cream!!! yum yum yum

  5. Kae Ling

    Hi Rebecca,
    My favorite is waffles!! is a must for me 🙂
    and my fav flavor for ice cream is Chocolate Estacy..not too sweet!!

    Have a good day 🙂



    1) Waffle.
    2) Rum and Raisin flavor.

  7. Lynn

    Waffles for sure!! Waffles and ice cream is definitely a great combo 🙂 Really hard to decide but I would love the chocolate ecstasy if I would be lucky to win this 🙂

  8. Lydia

    Hi Rebecca, my favourite food item would be the Waffle because it is the perfect snack. I’d use the voucher to redeem the Rum and Raisin flavour.

  9. Evelyn Wuenli

    Hello your instagram post lured me here haha!

    I would go for waffle (hoping it would top my love towards A&W or becoming my 2nd love)
    Macadamia!!! oh how i love the nutty flavour and i can never get sick of it.

    Pick ME ME ME!

  10. Hsu Jen

    My favourite food is a cookie! Mostly because it is portable and I can always keep one in my bag for a quick snack 😛

    If I won, I’d get my all time fave – Hokey Pokey!

  11. Karen Chong

    Definitely the waffles and cookies! I’m a regular cookie monster ;p Ice cream would definitely be Rum & Raisin.. yums!

  12. Michelle

    I am a chocolate lover!!!definitely will choose triple chocolate muffin. rum & raisin is my ultimate go to ice cream!!!!slurps!!!

  13. Sue

    Definitely the waffles with green tea ice cream! :p

  14. Louella Lu

    I would definitely have waffles! Pipping hot fresh waffles served with a scoop of ice cream, delish! As for ice cream, I would
    choose cookie and cream because I love different textures of cookie crunch in my ice cream! 😉

  15. Sharlene Hong

    I will love the waffles! I will also like chocolate ecstasy…… weeeeeeee!!

  16. Ee Fen

    Will be flying back home from UK this Sunday and definitely looking forward to trying out the waffles there! 🙂
    My mom and I have always been huge NZN fans because their ice creams are of such great quality. Gahhhh, been craving for my favorite Macadamia flavored ice cream so I would have that for sure ! 😀

  17. yugene

    1. Waffle
    2. Though I like rum n raisin but my children love cookies n cream!:-D:-D:-D

  18. ken tan

    pastries, i would choose cookies & cream

  19. Choi Yen

    1) Waffle
    2) I’ll definitely will choose Durian Divine!

  20. Lim Wei Zi

    Hi Becky,
    The waffles look so yummy, I definitely wanna try it!
    (which triggers the Duck waddle waddle song autoplay in my head..)

    My Ice cream of choice is Rum & Raisin 😀

    Have a great day!

  21. Mandy Tan

    Hi Rebecca,
    My favorite is pastries and my favorite ice cream is rum and raisin. Thanks

  22. JiaLei

    The chocolate muffin looks really good! My choice would be chocolate estasy since I’m a die hard chocolate fan!!

  23. Danielle Liew

    Chicken Rendang Puff!!! Definitely!!! I would try my all time favorite Vanilla Classic!

  24. Lee keat yen

    I love love love the waffles and my favourite ice cream flavour is rum & raisin

  25. Hui Ling

    1. Waffles
    2. Rum & Raisin

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