VISTA Eye Specialist: My LASIK journey and 5 reasons to get LASIK!

So, my friends said I look cute in glasses.

I should consider that a compliment, but to be honest, I hate wearing glasses!


Vanity aside, I find it very “mafan” aka troublesome.

I got a quality pair made at Vision Space last year (link HERE) because I was getting headaches and my eyes were stinging terribly from long hours of wearing contacts.

However, it remained a chore to recall where I last placed my glasses. And since I live such an active lifestyle, wearing glasses is a terrible inconvenience.

I mean, try running or hiking with your glasses on and you will get what I mean!


And so to avoid wearing glasses and not be blind, I wore my contacts for about 18 hours a day, from 5 am (as soon as I’m awake) until I retire at night, which is likely to be 12am.

Naturally I’ve thought of LASIK.
In fact it was on my mind for many years.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.48.52 PM.png

And this year, I finally had the opportunity to do it!


But first, do you that NOT everyone is suitable for LASIK?

Yes. Not everyone.


Should you made the decision to get LASIK, you would have to pass 2 assessments (besides ensuring that your bank account is healthy enough) to be pronounced suitable for LASIK.

In this article, I’ll run you through my “INITIAL ASSESSMENT“, which is a complimentary appraisal session to determine your suitability for LASIK.

This assessment takes about an hour.


The initial assessment involves a total of 4 machines. 
Just follow your consultant as she will lead you from one machine to the next. Likewise she will explain the function of each as she takes you through the paces.

In the centre itself, you can surf using the complimentary WIFI and make yourself a hot drink from the coffee dispenser.



MACHINE 1: Auto-ref

Function: To check the eye power.
Remarks: I was told to focus on a red object in middle of the screen. This was done on one eye and then repeated to the other eye.
The entire duration was less than 4 minutes.

The procedure at subsequent machines followed this format. You will be told when to rest or close your eyes and not to blink or move while the reading is done.


Machine 2: IOP

Function: To check eye pressure and make sure it doesn’t exceed the reading of 21 and above.
Remarks: I was told to focus on a yellow dot in middle of the screen. I was also warned there would be a spurt of air blowing into each eye and was told not to blink or move.

Rest assured it wasn’t anything painful or uncomfortable. Just imagine it as a puff of air cooling your eyes!


Machine 3: ORB Scan

Function: To map on the cornea and to measure the thickness of cornea.
Remarks: This does look like some hypnotic machine doesn’t it?

The procedure is similar here; the test starts with one eye followed by the next.


Machine 4: Pupilometer – a handheld apparatus.

Function: To check size of the pupil.
Remarks: I was told to focus on the red light in the centre and the reading for both eyes were recorded in less than a minute.


And thus that’s it.
The first consultation required for a suitability appraisal of LASIK at Vista Eye Specialist is done!

Apparently I have (1) healthy eyes with no eye diseases or corneal abnormality, (2) sufficient corneal thickness, (3) older than 18 years old and is currently (4) not breastfeeding or pregnant.
All in all I hit all the criteria required to be LASIK patient!

Since the results were positive for me I was scheduled for the 2nd comprehensive test in a few days’ time.
Meanwhile I was given a concise explanation of the test results and other important details regarding LASIK.

First eye check Result2

I can’t wait to say ‘hello‘ to perfect vision, no contacts or glasses ever again!

To think that blurry eyesight had been a good 20 years issue for me.
It will all be over soon! 🙂

Last but not least, here’s my TOP 5 reasons to get LASIK:

1. Save money on glasses and contacts

 It’s no secret that glasses and contacts are costly.

In fact, I spend on average of RM400 every 6 months on contacts, solutions, and prescription eyewear (change of power means change of glasses, broken/bent frames means new frames required).
That’s RM800 a year (minimum) — for life!

By undergoing LASIK, qualified candidates can save thousands in eye care costs throughout their lifetimes.
When you schedule your surgery at Vista Eye Specialist, you can opt to pay for the surgery all at once or spread out the cost over several months.

The end result is superior vision without having to spend a fortune on designer frames.


2. Minimize risk of infections

 Many of us assume that laser eye surgery is riskier than wearing contacts every day.
The harsh truth?
A LASIK eye surgery offers less risk than wearing daily contacts and much less risk than extended-wear contacts.

As someone who wears contacts for a good 20 years, I am constantly inserting and removing my lenses. I to touch my eyes regularly.
At times my eyes stings like hell and at times it gets seriously itchy and I can’t help but felt like scratching my eyeballs out!

With LASIK I can now have superior vision while minimizing the odds of contracting a nasty infection.

3.  Convenience

Putting contact lenses every morning and the annoyance when you realized that you forgot to pack your case and solution on a trip?
Trust me. It is a routine that people easily tire of.
Wearing glasses is a chore I tell you!
Cleaning them, going out on a rainy day, the chances of losing or breaking them are all annoying issues!

4. Experience immediate results, faster recovery

The latest VISTA iLasik procedure offers a safer bladeless surgery.

Downtime is minimal. In most cases, individuals return to work or are able to travel immediately after undergoing treatment, with certain precautions taken of course.


5. Improved quality of life, improved Work and Play Experiences!!

I’m tired of my glasses falling off in yoga class. I’m tired of wiping my sweat and finger prints from my glasses.
I’m tired of looking for my glasses every few hours because I can’t remember why and where I took them off.

After undergoing laser eye surgery, I can bid adieu to inconvenient glasses and uncomfortable contacts!

All reasons aside, of course the biggest reason to undergo LASIK is to improve your vision.
As of 2016, more than 99 percent of excellent candidates for LASIK are satisfied with their treatment results.

If you could change your life with the cost of an average MONTHLY handphone bill, would you do it?

At VISTA the basic LASIK is RM3, 498/ eye and there is the option for 12 months EzyPay Interest Free instalments which worked out to be about RM298/month.



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  1. fei

    Babe…getting lasik done 9yrs ago was my best decision yet. I used to relied heavily on contact lense and specs, hence the decision to go for lasik..after the ops, the wrold suddenly became a better place! All the best for your ops!

  2. Sean EDKL

    reading this is definitely tempting for someone like me who’s been wearing glasses since eight years old, heh! 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Looks like LASIK is a viable solution for you! 😀


    can i ask ? do they have power limits? and what is the meaning of enhancement 12 months for the basic bladeless eye surgery ?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Daniela
      Nice to hear from you 🙂
      It is better to contact VISTA directly about your queries.

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