VISTA Eye Specialist: My LASIK journey Part 2 – Comprehensive Eye Check

So after the initial assessment (read HERE) I was pronounced suitable for LASIK!


Rebecca saw at klebeng beach melaka

This is a step closer to my dream of perfect vision.

Following this is the ‘comprehensive Specialist Consultation’ as per the visual below.
This is RM 178 /patient/session.



The Specialist Consultation is an in-depth examination of your eyes, picking up from the previous complimentary Initial Assessment where I was more or less pronounced a suitable LASIK candidate.


Here the 1st 4 tests from Initial Assessment are repeated and there will be an additional 3 machines after these 4.

1. Auto-ref – To check eye power.
2. IOP – To check eye pressure and make sure it doesn’t exceed 21 reading or above.
3. Orbscan – To map on the cornea and to measure the thickness of cornea.
4. Pupilometer – To check size of the pupil.


Machine 5 :  iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio.

Function: To map the whole structure of the eye.
Remarks: I wasn’t able to see anything here. As per usual eye check, one eye will be scanned first,  then followed by the other eye.


Machine 6: Keratometer

Function: To measure curvature and astigmatism of cornea.


Machine 7: Phoropter

Function: A more accurate check on the eyes’ vision and power.
Remarks: The session here is slightly longer (approx 20 minutes) as there were various screens where I had to identify the alphabets and clarity.

Machine7-1-1024x682 Machine7-2-1024x682 Machine7-3-1024x682 Machine7-4-1024x682

Finally over with the machines, I was escorted to the centre’s resting room.

Here the lights are dim and I was told to be comfortable on a sofa. If you are cold (like I was) you can request for a blanket.

The check here involves a paper strip to be placed on temporal side of the lower lid in BOTH eyes for 5 minutes.
The purpose is to check for dry eyes.



This is a tad uncomfortable since there is a firm paper sticking into your eye.
The key here is NOT to move at all to minimise the discomfort.


This is followed by the dilation process in both eyes.
There are 3 solutions used.

Solution 1: Alcaine – To numb the eyes.
Solution 2: Mydfrin – To dilate the pupil.
Solution 3: Mydriacyl – To dilate the pupil.

Again, the eyes might experience slight uncomfortable after the drops. You should close them and rest for the next 20 minutes and let the solutions get to work.



I was warned that this dilation process will cause the eyesight to be slightly blurrier than usual and thus one should not drive after this session.
Thus one should plan ahead and get someone to drive you home or hire a Grab/Uber.

Before meeting my eye surgeon, my consultant shared my test results and gave me a brief on my impending surgery.
This one-to-one session is an opportunity for you to clear any queries or uncertainties you may have.


The Do’s and Don’ts are pretty much as below.
Do not take them lightly as any negligence means hurting your own vision. After all, having LASIK done meant restoring perfect vision and have healthy eyes. 
Why go through all that trouble (not to mention cost) to only neglect the aftercare and suffer the consequences?

I for one, fully intend to adhere to this list of Do and Don’ts!


Last but not least is the session with the Eye Surgeon in charge of your surgery.

Mine was Dr Aloysious and the kind doctor put me at ease with his concise explanations and fatherly air. We spoke about 15 minutes and once I understood all the necessary details of the surgery, I was good to go.

That is it!
I’m fully cleared for LASIK surgery now and I’m waiting patiently for my LASIK operation date.
Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing both videos and images of my surgery soon! 🙂

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  1. Sean EDKL

    i’m following your journey with interest since lasik has always intrigued me! i’m above 38 years old now though, so the most ideal age for me to have undergone the procedure has passed somewhat 😉

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