If you own a credit or debit card, I’m fairly certain you’ve received reminders from your bank to update your cards to the new PIN & PAY cards.


So, have YOU switched to the new card?

Perhaps you’re wondering – What is PIN & PAY and why must I trouble myself to get a new card?

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Well, as a start, it is COMPULSORY.

In an industry-wide initiative, all card transactions in Malaysia will be PIN & PAY from 1 January 2017 onwards.
This applies for ALL debit AND credit cards from ALL banks.

In similar mandate, local retailers have already migrated to PIN & PAY since 1st January 2017.


Maybe you have been using your current card without issues and thus you have been delaying the switch.

However, do you know that you are merely delaying the inevitable?

You would have to activate your PIN-enabled cards eventually! This is especially so if you are leaving for a holiday soon.
If you do not remember you PIN whilst travelling, you will not be able to use your payment card overseas!


HOW to get your PIN & PAY card?

For hassle-free domestic or overseas trips, call or visit your nearest local bank, enable your PIN and enjoy smooth payments on your trip.

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Once you’ve received your new PIN card and activated it with your own 6 digit PIN number, you can use your PIN & PAY card immediately.

The difference now is when you make a card payment at a point of sale terminal in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world, you will be prompted to key in a 6-digit PIN into the machine instead of signing.


We waste 10 – 15 seconds each time we pick up a pen, sign the receipt, pass it back to the cashier followed by taking back a copy of our statement afterward.
All of that has been cut down to keying a 6 digit PIN number and accepting a receipt plus a credit/debit card transaction slip.

visa.24 PM.png

I’ve just got my new PIN & PAY Visa cards last month and have enjoyed hassle-free travels and shopping so far.

My food business requires frequent large stock purchases and I’m rather wary of carrying too much cash with me so I rely heavily on my Visa for all purchases.



And as I’ve said earlier, once your transaction is approved, you will still get your statement and receipt as usual for your record.

So easy and quick isn’t it?
Switch now to PIN and PAY and shop with ease of mind!

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  1. Sean EDKL

    I’m very NOT tech-savvy and am usually the last person to switch, but I had to activate my PIN for credit cards last year cos you’re right, there were countries in Europe that only accept pin and pay … I hope I can continue to remember my number 😉

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