Vietnamese food ( Pho Vietz ) – Atria Damansara Jaya

I stepped into Atria Damansara Jaya for the first time today.
I remembered the old building, and certainly had formed my own memories of how it was back then.

Vietnamese food Pho Vietz  - Atria Damansara Jaya

The Atria today, to me, looks and feels just like any other mall in Klang Valley.
The interior, the overall feel and experience I get as I walked every floor, the tenants and the F & B options didn’t particularly impresses me in any way.
Of course at this point I have to make this necessary disclaimer; the mall is newly opened, and things may change in the future.

Now, since shopping didn’t appeal (other than Village Grocer but VG is everywhere anyhow) I focused on the food instead.

Most of the F & B outlets are on the Concourse and the 3rd floor.
3rd floor:

After looking through the list of food at the information counter, most of which are available in other malls, I settled for Pho Vietz, for Vietnamese food outlets aren’t that common in Klang Valley and I just came back from Hanoi and was craving for banh mi and pho.

The choice paid off as Pho Vietz offers pork on its menu. Hallelujah! 😀

We were famished, and I in response ordered more than what we could finish. It is true what they said about over-ordering when one is hungry.
You just want to eat everything on the menu.

So here’s what we had.

Steamed rice crepe rolls with minced pork – EM10.50.
Famous Viet Baguette – RM10.50.

Vietnamese food Pho Vietz  - Atria Damansara Jaya-002

Vietnamese food Pho Vietz  - Atria Damansara Jaya-003

The fillings within the rice rolls – minced pork (mix of fat and lean meat).

Vietnamese food Pho Vietz  - Atria Damansara Jaya-006

Viet Pork Rib Noodle Soup – RM17.90.

Vietnamese food Pho Vietz  - Atria Damansara Jaya-004

Vietnamese food Pho Vietz  - Atria Damansara Jaya-005

Sweet Potato Curry Chicken Rice – RM14.90.
Both of us somehow didn’t fancy coffee that day so we just ordered water (RM1.00). I saw avocado shake, ciku shake and soursop shake which would usually appeal to me. Maybe next time!

Vietnamese food Pho Vietz  - Atria Damansara Jaya-001

Only the banh mi was a minor disappointment, for the “baguette ” was more of a bready texture than the crusty loaf it should be.
I was very satisfied with my pork rib noodles, for there were 3 meaty, tender ribs in flavourful broth plus minced meat and greens.
Angus found the chicken curry delicious and generous for its price with almost 4-5 big pieces of chicken plus sweet potatoes. The curry was rich, thick and fragrant.
The rice rolls were decent, almost like our chee cheong fun but stuffed with minced pork instead.

If I’m ever in Atria again, I’ll certainly head back here for the other items on the menu that I’ve not tried yet; namely the Vietnamese coffee, the egg pancake and the pho. And of course, some of the Vietnamese spring rolls too please! 🙂

UPDATE: Here again for lunch today (7th June 2015).

Hue Style Spicy Beef Noodle Soup – RM17.90. Very disappointingly bland. The soup was really watered down!
Marinated Lemongrass Pork Chop Rice – RM16.90. Recommended! I find the accompanying squares of egg weird-tasting though. The star is definitely the big portion of delicious marinated pork fillet.

unnamed 1


unnamed 5

unnamed 4

unnamed 2

Vietnamese Coffee with Milk (iced/hot) – RM7.90. Robust as it should be.


Pho Vietz
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
T 08 & T 09

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  1. Dennis Vun

    Give Manmaru Robatayaki and Bar a try…especially the Robatayaki Signature Set. The Wagyu roll is refreshing as well. Saw Kame Sushi there as well….similar offerings it seems to I gave it a pass.

  2. Sean EDKL

    ya, i’m a fan of ciku shakes! i wish we could see more recipes and desserts, etc at cafes that make use of ciku 😀

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