Vietnamese Banh Mi – Quick Bites at Publika

What you did you guys did over the holidays 2 weeks back?
I remember being very disoriented as it was a holiday on Tues, followed by a holiday on Thurs and then it’s Friday where the weekend looms ahead.

Vietnamese Banh Mi - Quick Bites at Publika-003

I for one, took the opportunity to check out some of the food outlets that I haven’t had time to try. Well, that shouldn’t be anything new to you by now right? 🙂

Vietnamese Banh Mi - Quick Bites at Publika

Kevin, my trusted coffee connoisseur gave thumbs up to Quick Bites’ Vietnamese drip coffee.  I visited Quick Bites due to strong recommendation from a fellow blogger friend ( who has been to Vietnam and recently left a comment on my blog that their banh mi (Vietnamese french baguette) is indeed as good as the ones she had in Vietnam San Jose, California (where she was from and where there is a large Vietnamese population).

Vietnamese Banh Mi - Quick Bites at Publika-001

For RM8.80, my Classic Chicken (grilled chicken, mayo, house sauce, cucumber, pickled carrots, daikon radish & cilantro on toasted French baguette) was bursting with lip-smacking marinated grilled chicken, fresh crunchy greens sandwiched with lovely crisp, warm baguette.

Vietnamese Banh Mi - Quick Bites at Publika-002

I consider myself quite a bread connoisseur and I can assure you that this is far from the authentic French baguette like the ones I had in France, The Netherlands or even in top boulangeries in Singapore. However, there was nothing to fault about this as it perfect the way it is. Every bite was satisfyingly flavourful and tasty.

Other than their Banh Mi, Quick Bites serves a selection of other Vietnamese dishes which includes noodles as well as the famous Vietnamese spring rolls. Prices are reasonable considering the quality and portion.

Vietnamese Banh Mi - Quick Bites at Publika-004

On a side note, I haven’t been to Vietnam before so I welcome feedback from anyone here who had ate Banh Mi in Vietnam itself. What’s your verdict compared to the ones here in Quick Bites Publika? 😀

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