VIDEO: Start of the flight – KL by Air by Reuben Lim

Like I stated in my profile, I’m perpetually bored. Thus, I’m always for game for something out of the ordinary.

Roll me down a hill in a ball? – fuuhh, I LIKE.

Need me to be a road kill victim? Why not!

Mud fight? Bring it on honey!

So when I was invited for a private SCENIC flight in a small plane around KL skies, I thought it was a pretty tame affair considering half the wacky stuffs I’ve done before.

Our friendly pilot Reuben is a qualified Commercial Licence holder. Reuben has flown a variety of aircraft both locally and abroad, and is a qualified aerobatic pilot as well. He is very easygoing & certainly made our flight an enjoyable one!

KL by air - reuben lim

Video: Start of flight – It’s just like how you’ve seen it in movies! Note: It’s a 8 min video but worth to watch every minute! ūüėČ

It is a small plane which only seats 3, including the pilot – 4. Hence the short distance needed for take -off. I will be uploading more pics of the plane & KL city seen from above ..LATER!

For more information, check out their FACEBOOK: KL by Air .

Royal Selangor Flying Club at TUDM, besides the Sg Besi highway.
Directions here:

Burning questions? Email: Reuben Lim¬†at [email protected].

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  1. Sean

    but small planes can be scary, rite, if there’s turbulence or bad weather! though this definitely looks fun, not frightening ūüėÄ
    i’ve had to take small planes and a helicopter before for work assignment purposes in previous years. always thought that we’d crash and die, cos the aircraft seemed so shaky…

  2. Chris Thoo

    nice…..i wish i could fly one next time…:P

  3. Mei Ying

    damn i wish i would’ve thought of taking a video.. LOL

  4. Lin peng

    I GOT A CRAZY IDEA FOR U, DONT DO IT ‚ÄĚ lmaooo !!!!!

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