VIDEO: My Lasik Operation at VISTA Eye Specialist

2 comprehensive eye checks sessions later and with Dr Aloysious’s blessings, the date for my Lasik operation was confirmed.

I was naturally excited and not the least worried. In fact I can’t wait to get it done and over with as I was thrilled with the prospect of having perfect vision!

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Besides, pre-op preparations and post- op care were simple and straightforward.
One does not need a special diets nor were there any particular taboos.

I was told to sleep early, rest my eyes the night before and dress comfortably for the operation and that’s it.

On the day of the operation I arrived early.
We began with a few eye checks to ensure that everything is in order.

Pre-op tests : LASIK   

These were the machines used:

The first 2 were the Phoropter. It runs an accurate check to confirm the vision and power before the surgery.
This was followed by the solution (drops) to numb the eyes. Then a surgical pen is used to mark the corneal of the eyes.
I kid you not. I was taken back too when I heard that.

What? There’s a pen to mark on my eyeballs??


BELOW: Can you see the black dots at the left and right of my eyeballs?
Ok, I don’t know why but I was just fascinated with the markers. Imagine this; marking the whites of my eyes with symbols and maybe hearts and stars? LOL!


After the whole test and eyeball marking, I was ushered into a room where I was told to remove my shoes, tuck my hair into a shower cap and wear a surgery frock.

The surgery was performed by fatherly Dr. Aloysius Joseph Low.


So here I am – on the operation table in the surgery room.
As you can see, I was in high spirits and felt no fear.


I mean, what is there to be afraid of?

The doctors at Vista Eye Specialist performs thousands of LASIK as well as blade-less cataract operations annually and they even have awards to show for it.
I was assured that my sight is in skilled hands.



VIDEO: The surgery

This is the simplified but COMPLETE version of the LASIK.

So, if you are really curious about the procedure, watch this close up footage of my LASIK operation and you will finally have a clear idea of LASIK!

SUMMARY of the surgery

If you’ve decided to skip the video but still would like to understand the LASIK procedure better, here’s the concise step by step brief.


1. The procedure began with the ‘Flap Creation‘. This is done eye by eye.
The flap creation is a computer guided ‘Femtosecond Laser which is accurate and 99.99% safe.

2. The patient (myself) is required to look into a microscope and was told to focus our eye at the center of the ring.
Meanwhile Dr. Aloysius helped to keep my eye open with an instrument as he applies a substance to stabilize my eye.

3. The laser then touches very gently on the right eye. The laser beam would create the first flap.
Based on my surgery, it was created safely with no complications.

4. Once done, I was told to close my right eye briefly before opening it again. An antibiotic is applied before I had to blink a few times again before closing it.

Another flap (the same process) is created on the left eye. I can’t move throughout the whole process and Dr Aloysius held my chin in place as contingency.


Now that both flaps were successfully created for both of my eyes, I was transferred to the next bed where the Vision Correction happens.
This is based on 3D mapping.

My head was adjusted to the machine and the procedure began with my right eye. I had to look vertically upward at the center of the ring and focus on the orange dot.

My eyelashes were taped to avoid having any interfering with the process.

Dr. Aloysius moisturises the eye cornea before adding a few drops of anesthetic to numb the corneas.
The flap is lifted and as the orange light became blur, Dr. Aloysius dried the area in preparation for the laser.


The light was dimmed so the orange light came into focus again.
I was told to keep my vision on the orange dot, and since my eyelids were kept open by a clipper, I wasn’t tempted to blink.
As the laser gets ready to do its work, Dr Aloysius will murmur “Tracking, tracking tracking” to keep me aware of the timing.
It was a mere 16 seconds of laser and once it was done, Dr. Aloysius will close the flap over my eye.
Then I was told to blink 3 times and close my eyes afterwards to rest.

The same process was performed on the left eye and then the surgery is done.

YES, just like that!
The whole surgery did not even exceed 30 minutes.


Post – surgery

I was told that my vision will be misty and blurry for the next 6 hours. Naturally I shouldn’t be driving and reading.

I didn’t feel any insufferable pain although there was an uncomfortable sting in both of my eyes and a lot of tearing. I looked like I was crying all the time. LOL.

Anyhow, as soon as I got home, I went to bed and slept for the next 5 hours!


I was given some medication to be used diligently on my eyes for the next 2 weeks.
Other than that, I was advised to stay away from swimming for the next 1 month.

1. Zymar – Medicated antibiotic eye drops – to drop every 4 hours
2. FRED Forte – Medicated anti-inflammatory eye drops – to drop every 2 hours
3. Artificial Tear Drops – Preservative-free artificial tear drops to be used as eye lubricating drops.
This is not a medicated eye drop so I can use it as often as I want. Unused drops in the vial has to be discarded 12 hours after opening.
Dosage: To drop every 1/2 hour

4. Eye Shield – To wear whenever I take a nap or during sleep for the next 1 week following the operation.


So there you go; my successful and straightforward LASIK procedure which gave me my much desired perfect vision.
I’m a happy and satisfied LASIK patient! 😀

*Operation was on 9th June 2016. 

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  1. Sean Edkl

    yay! 30 minutes for a life-changing procedure is not long at all … i remember first thinking about lasik maybe 15 years ago … but then i never did it, initially because of the cost, then about other concerns … but i guess in 15 years, there’ve been a lot of advances in lasik too. btw, that’s quite a lot of intensive eye care with those regular drops etc!

    1. Rebecca Saw

      The 30 mins was swift, but the initial tests, 1 month off contacts and living with glasses and the post-op procedure does take effort LOL.
      I was impatient to get it over and done with!
      I’m glad I did it now, and coz it’s lifetime warranty, I’ll be able to correct any small changes in my sight if necessary, for LIFE! 😀

      I think your eyesight is ok Sean, and if you don’t mind the contact-wearing procedure daily, then LASIK may not be necessary 😀

  2. VC

    Hey Rebecca,

    What was your vision power before the surgery ?
    Love your blog btw. Visit Melaka more !

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hahah! TQ SO MUCH!
      Woke up and read your comment and it truly made my day! 😀

      I will be covering more of Melaka’s delights soon!

      MY power was about 250-300 / eye before the surgery.

      How about yours? Considering LASIK?

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