VIDEO – Ana Consultancy MakeOver for Rebecca Saw

My make over session courtesy of Ana Consultancy.

How did all of this begin?

Here is the flow of the Blogger Makeover Quick Guide:-
1. Our image consultant, Ana meets each blogger for a private image consultation. Here, Ana helps them to determine their body shape, suitable colour tone and the results each blogger would like to achieve by the end of the makeover.
2. Ana will then pre- shop at TANGS for outfits according to the feedback from the private session.
3. Bloggers then meet Ana together in a group & try on the apparels, shoes and accessories pre-selected. Ana provides professional advice and bloggers determine the kind of image that they want to achieve.

Ana would ask, “What do you think about this outfit?The material? Is this something you will wear? Something that says, “This is me!”?”

At the end of the day, Ana hopes that each blogger enjoyed themselves and learnt about the importance of positive self-image. She’s¬† a firm believer that everyone can look good, they just got to know how!

Well, my dear friends… any feedback of my makeover?? ūüėČ

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  1. Sean

    Ooh this was kinda like watching a reality tv show segment! ūüėÄ I think I preferred the green dress (more conservative, heheh… Red seems too eye-catching for me!) but u have the figure to pull off any outfit successfully!

    1. rebeccasaw

      I think I’m more suited for a reality show based on food/adventures/wacky fun then a beauty based one!
      But i had fun yes.. too bad we didn’t get any sponsored outfits. Kinda low budget!
      Oh yes, being thin helps. And red is loud hor..

  2. foodbin

    the top part of the red dress does not fit your body contour.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Slouchy? I do get wht u mean.. cos most of the dresses doesn’t fit me well. I alwys had to alter my purchases!

  3. Baby Sumo

    I like you in the 3rd outfit best… black top grey skirt! Cantik!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh! You like conversativeness yea? I think it’s a slimming & smart look too!
      A bit of makeup, tadaa! :good:

  4. TianChad

    It is cool to have a makeover like this ;p

    Can help you pick the nice dress and outfit. Cool~!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup yup!
      There was a few NN bloggers at the makeover too!
      As for you, whether I think of plaid shirts I think of u!
      It become your signature look di..

  5. Charles Lee

    U look pretty!!

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