Venezuelan Food in KL – Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest @ Vogue Cafe, Renaissance Hotel, KL

I had valuable insights into Venezuelan cuisine yesterday, with thanks to the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Malaysia as well as Venezuelan Author and Chef Carmen Rawstron.

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-054

Bubbly Chef Carmen is such a doll; extremely informative about all things Venezuelan and her superb enthusiasm was infectious! She unabashedly shared her knowledge and very generously bestowed recipes and tips of her Venezuelan cuisine.

I’m a strong advocate that as a foodie one should be game to sample any cuisine or dish. Officially this is my first time savouring Venezuelan cuisine, but on the other hand, I find some of the dishes familiar, especially the beans, the rice and the feta cheese sticks. Somehow, it reminded me strongly of Mexican cuisine.


This exotic Venezuelan spread is currently available at Renaissance Hotel, KL on Jalan Ampang. For RM86++/pax, each diner gets to savour traditional and popular Venezuelan food as well as the rest of the daily dinner buffet.

For a start, try the Ensalada de Palmitos  – Palm Hearts Salad, which is a simple mix of avocadoes, tomatoes and artichokes in olive oil. On its side is the “ceviche-like” (I said ceviche-like as that would be the best way to describe this) but Chef Carmen has firmly stated that the Venezuelan preparation of fresh seafood seasoned with lemon flavour is not named as ceviche.

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-032

At the hot items section, I loved the Mackerel foldovers – Empanadas. This was pleasantly savoury due to its mix of minced oily fish flakes, capers, raisins; contributing to its sweet and sour taste. If you’re a curry puff fan, you’ll love this for sure! 🙂

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-021

The feta cheese sticks (Tequenos) were equally addictive and it was hard to stop at ONE. However, there’s more to savour so I had too!

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-005

A recipe tip by Chef Carmen; the pastry used to make these are alike corn polenta. She used a similar type of flour for tortilla, where’s it’s precooked mix dough from water, butter and olive oil.

So this was my starting plate for the evening. 🙂

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-034

This is another traditional Venezuelan favourite and it’s easy to see why. Pan de Jamon – Turkey ham, briny olives and sweet raisins in a soft roll. What’s not to like? 🙂

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-003

Seafood is a local staple food as Chef Carmen said they have 3000km of coastline. However, in the plain lands, beef and pork are just as popular. Venezuelans are known for their BBQs and majority of their meats are eaten either braised or grilled. Stews are more common for the mountainous areas (the Andes).

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-001

The lamb and beef I had yesterday was very simply seasoned with garlic, parsley, olive oil and salt. It was grilled and lastly popped into the oven for 20 minutes at 180C till it is pink inside.

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-001

2 soups were featured, one the Sopa de Auyama – Pumpkin Soup and another Oxtail soup Venezuelan style. When queried about the availability and similarity of ingredients found in Malaysia versus the ones in Venezuela, Chef Carmen said some substitution were necessary, but only at about 30%.  MOST ingredients are easily available at specialty stores like Hock Choon or even the local supermarket; since the primary spices are pepper, capers, bay leaves and coriander.

Well that’s good news for us right? We would be able to savour authentic Venezuelan food! 😀


Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-035

Japanese pumpkins were specifically selected for this soup as they have a sweet and natural flavour. Following the traditional method, this soup was sweet & salty with added coriander. Its silky texture is contributed by the use of butter and olive oil, with no cream added.

A strong advocate of healthy eating habits, Chef Carmen prepares her dishes without cream or added oil as much as possible. This Beef Soup is simmered for a minimum of 3-4 hours and any separated fat scooped out. The result is a clear and intensely clean flavoured soup, simply seasoned with black pepper corns, bay leaves and roots of coriander.

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-036

4 main hot dishes which are the staples of a Venezuelan diet are the Traditional Doshof Black Beans, White steamed rice (Arroz Blanco), shredded beef/chicken and Banana (plaintain) fritters.

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-052

At first I thought this was a very lightly fried rice. Non- greasy, dry and fragrant with spices and herbs, it was a bit plain on its own but matched very well with the beans and shredded beef.

Thankfully Chef Carmen clarified that it’s actually steamed rice which is blended with Sofrito (a combination of aromatic ingredients which have been cut in very small pieces, and slowly sauteed or braised in cooking oil for 15-30 mins – wikipedia). The sofrito here consisted of garlic, onion, red bellpeppers, coriander, chilli, and even a bit of our cili padi! All of that is then sauteed in olive oil. Lastly the sofrito is added into rice and that’s how it’s seasoned!

Arroz Blanco.

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-038

For the beef (Carne Mechada), beef brisket is used as brisket or skirts are the most flavourful part of the cow. It’s easily shredded with lots of fibres which is ideal for this dish. An almost similar sofrito is used, albeit with more garlic. She would have used Habenero chilli but to keep the heat down, she used our local chilli instead.

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-039

These are the beans (Caraotas Negras), cooked till mushy and has a salty but light savoury taste. May look plain but I assure you it was addictively tasty!

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-040

Here’s a simple carbs dish, plaintains (Platanos) which are meatier and less sweet compared to our bananas; thus suitable to be eaten as part of the main course. I liked it!

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-041
Here are some of the Venezuelan desserts; Pineapple Cream caramel, Rice & cinnamon pudding, Jalea de mango and Plain lands cheesecake.

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-015
Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-007

This is one of the best cheesecake I have had! The texture is perfect (for me) as it wasn’t sticky or dense but striked a good balance of being both light and compact. In Venezuela paisa cheese is commonly used, while the best equivalent here is Houlami; a savoury cheese. Hence the cheesecake has an interesting mix of sweet and salty taste.
Torta de Queso Llanero – cheesecake from Los Llanos (the central flat lands of Venezuela).

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-005

The bottom layer of this Jalea de mango is made from green mango jam; and as expected it was of face-contorting level of sourness. The sweet ripe mangoes on top takes the edge off the sharp sourness a bit.

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-055

And this is the contents of the creamy and milky ice pudding, dusted with cinnamon powder.

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-056
Last but not least, here’s another Venezuelan delicacy – The Preserved Papaya.
Green papaya and sugar derived from sugar cane (something akin to our Gula Melaka; according to Carmen) are the main ingredients. The sugar is melted and cinnamon, cloves and star anises added. Leave the sugar to simmer till it turned into syrup. Meanwhile, raw julienned papaya strips are soaked in baking soda solution so it turns a bit transparent before it’s transfered into the syrup to simmer together.  For neater presentation, the papaya strips are rolled and pinned into place.

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-014

Whew! Finally I’m done sharing what I have learned that night. What do you guys think? 😀

Lastly, for RM86++, check out the rest of the buffet spread at Vouge Cafe, Renaissance Hotel, KL.
Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-002

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-029

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-024

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-042

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-003

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-026

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-027

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-033

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-030

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-002

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-019

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-004

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-051

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-043

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-044

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-045

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-047

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-006

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-008

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-009

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-011

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-012

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-016

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-017

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-048

This is original! An actual honeycomb dripping pure unadulterated honey for guests to savour their cheeses, bread, waffle, ice cream or just about anything you like!

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-049

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-050

Dinner Buffet is available from 6:30 – 10:30pm, April 16 – 29, and costs 86++ RM per person.
Vogue Cafe
Ground Floor, West Wing
Renaissance Hotel
Corner of Jalan Ampang and Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2772 6705

Venezuelan Gastronomic Fest 2012-053

So if possible, do grab this opportunity to sample classic Venezuela’s recipes. Other hot Latino events includes:

Huascar Barradas Concert at DFP
Date: Monday, 23rd April
Time: 8:30 pm
Venue: Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS, PETRONAS Twin Towers,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Information: +603 216 33 444 / 45 (Embassy)
Price: RM 30
Also, be there at the Venezuela Party, April 27th at Modestos, Cap Square and dance the night away! :DD

Thanks Monica of The Yum List for this! *hugs *


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    1. rebeccasaw

      Venezuela food was something to look out for, the same cant be said for the rest of the spread.

  1. Edi神

    nice foodie… hope to eat u with u

  2. Kelly

    Lovely spread! I’ve been to Vogue cafe for their usual dinner buffet and enjoyed some of the offerings but this looks extra special! 🙂 Might try to convince the other half to go for this before it ends.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah.. knowing how critical he is he might not enjoy it!
      As you can see, the draw lies in the Venezuelan dishes, which though not mind-blowing, but worth trying if you haven’t had before. An exposure to the cuisine would be best to describe this session.
      The rest of the spread is so-so. I did told the chef about the quality of the sashimi which I thought was pretty bad.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Unfortunately I’ll be in johor+sg for a trip

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    ooo, what an interesting spread. and someone was just asking me recently where to find plantains in KL, and i said maybe Qba at the westin. the desserts for this buffet also look very enticing! for once, i’d have to make sure i save enough space for the cakes and puddings 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      the plaintains are only for the Venezuela week though 🙁
      And the regular buffet here is alright .. seems worth to try more for the Venezuelan spread

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