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**Guest post by Karen. 

After my experience with CoolSculpting (post HERE), I was recommended to try Vanquish Treatment which is a body contouring system using radio frequency (RF).
It’s designed for deep tissue heating by means of high frequency electromagnetic field. Just like CoolSculpting, Vanquish Treatment eliminates fat non-invasively, without downtime, discomfort or costly consumables.

The treatment targets the abdomen and “love handles” areas which are still my most concerned areas.
Recommended sessions will be 6 treatments administered within 7 days. Each part would be treated for 30 mins.

The Clique Clinic team had specifically suggested the upper abdomen, lower abdomen & back as the targeted parts for me. Since I have done CoolSculpting for my love handles, this Vanquish treatment would supposedly yield better results; post CoolSculpting.

The usual picture taking and measuring practice the measuring tape is still required but there is an additional process where a special kind of weighing machine is used.

This weighing machine called the Body Composition Monitor. It measures the weight and H20 % of the patient.
Prior to that, details such as my age, height, gender & frequent exercise are entered into the machine.

Vanquish procedure

The reading showed that my H20 % is below the requirements (% of H20: 45 – 60).
Therefore I had to drink a few glasses of water to increase my H20 % level before starting the treatment.
In fact that is the only requirement needed for this Vanquish treatment; which is to be well hydrated before and after.

Vanquish procedure-001

Next, I was to remove all jewellery/ metal on me, including my handphone.
This is not recommended for those who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding or planning to become pregnant during the treatment period.
Implantable pacemaker or cardioconverter/automatic deflibrillator, cochlear implant are also a no-no.

Then they position me comfortably on the bed with my treated parts abdomen and love handles free from clothing. The applicator is then placed over these areas, switched it on and its temperature gradually increased to the recommended power which is 200w maximum.

Different individual will feel slight discomfort due to the sensation of heat which comes from the treatment. This can be adjusted to fit one’s comfortability by tuning the frequency level slightly down.

Vanquish procedure-002

As you can see from the picture below, the applicator should not have any skin contact with any of the patient’s parts.
The gap should allow at least a hand to be able to slide in and out. I have to remain very still during the treatment too, to the point that if I cough my tummy shouldn’t be able to touch the applicator.
Once all are in place, the 30 mins treatment starts.

Vanquish procedure-003

Vanquish procedure-004

These are the treated areas. All I felt was a warm sensation which lasted the 1st 10 mins, then it was just normal to the extend I was so comfortable, I took a nap while waiting for it to finish, specially when they did my back hehe!

Vanquish procedure-005

After 30 mins, there are hardly any visible redness. Those small red patches disappear after a few mins. We did a quick measure and saw instant results even though not much.
There were no discomfort nor bruising and I was back to my normal routine immediately after.

Vanquish procedure-006

In conclusion, both CoolSculpting and Vanquish are non-invasive, no downtime slimming/fat loss treatments.
One (Vanquish) uses deep tissue heating by means of high frequency electromagnetic field (RF) while Coolsculpting applies Cryolipolysis, which is when the fat cells are being frozen and crystallized from 4°C to 7°C, causing it to go into cell programmed death (known as apoptosis), without hurting other tissues.

Both works, but I think CoolSculpting works better for me!


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