Vago, The Baggage Compression Device

Did you hear about the brand new travel tool, now available in Malaysia (and also sold internationally)?

It’s the ultimate baggage compression device perfect for travelers, called Vago!

I’m sure we’ve all experienced that one travelling dilemma: packing.

It always come down to having to make sacrifices to leave out some of your favourite tops just because your luggage is full. Or practicing mindfulness while vacation-shopping because you know you can’t bring back too much or you won’t be able to zip your luggage.

But what if I tell you there is a solution to those traveling woes?

Yes, this is where Vago comes into the picture.
With this compression device, you would be able to free up to 50% of extra space in your luggage!

Each purchase of Vago comes with a free vacuum bag measuring 40 cm x 30 cm. In a nutshell, you pack your thickest, most space consuming item in this bag, power up the Vago device to compress the bag and you’re good to go.

I tried with 2 puffy jackets, my winter hoodie and an orange wool sweater. I folded them inside the vacuum pack, locked on the Vago device onto the vacuum bag and watch in satisfaction as it compressed the bag into a nice compact package. 

You would have to pack Vago along if you intend to do use on your return trip.
It is a 70mm, light device so it wasn’t an issue for me. 

Using it requires you to plug in to an electrical source.
The power source? Your power bank will do as well. As long as the USB could fit, Vago goes!

Once turned on, you would notice the green light changing to orange indicating that Vago is ready to compress your clothes or any soft items in its vacuum bag.
Built with a sensor to detect the pressure or maximum limit in a bag, it only requires a few seconds to reduce the size of the bag to approximately half its original bulk. How convenient!

There we go!
Compact and “vacuumed” packed!

Where to buy and how much?

The Vago pack consists of a baggage compression device and a medium sized vacuum bag. It is sold at RM294.
Luckily for you, Vago partnered up with
GadgetGoodsAsia and via this collaboration, you are entitled to  a 10% discount.
The devices are available in black, purple and pink. Also, if you need more vacuum bags, Vago offers three different sizes  to choose from: S (36cm x 36cm), M (40cm x 50cm), L (70cm x 100 cm). They cost RM39, RM49, and RM59 respectively.

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