United Buddy Bears World Tour at Pavilion KL, Malaysia



Heralding the message of peace, friendship and international understanding are 143 life-size painted bears which are here for an exhibition that was launched today by Kuala Lumpur’s Mayor Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad bin Ismail, Chairman of Tourism Malaysia Datuk Dr. Victor Wee, and the United Buddy Bears creators Dr. and Mrs. Klaus Herlitz.


143 nations, (yes, the number 143 represents the nations) represented by 143  fibre-glass bear sculptures approximately 2m in height welcomes you at Pavilion KL from 8th December to 15th February 2012!


These bear sculptures was originally developed in Berlin, Germany by Klaus and Eva Herlitz in collaboration with sculptur Roman Strobl.

The United Buddy Bears World Tour started in June – November 2002 in Berlin, Germany and so far the bears has travelled 5 continents. Malaysia is the 23rd stop and 17th country on the global tour.


Themed “The Art of Tolerance”, the United Buddy Bears World Tour will be spreading the message of peace, love, friendship and international understanding as well as raising funds to aid children’s relief organisations in every country they visit.


Tan Sri Syed Yusof bin Tun Syed Nasir, Organizing Chairman, United Buddy Bears Malaysia said “The bears are an impressive work of art and a masterpiece of the cultural wealth of our world.”

“Each of them reflects their nation’s own culture, history, traditions and characteristics. Each one is unique and differently designed, representing the diversity of the peoples living on this earth,” he added.


The 143 United Buddy Bears are all standing together hand in hand, each identical in shape and size; signifying that people and nations are all coming together as one.

It is also a gesture of international unity and understanding.











Ok, these are about all the pictures of the bears that Dila took before she got really tired! But the best would be to see it for yourself. Hop over to Pavilion KL from now to February and take your personal pictures with these bears too! :P 

Date: 8th December 2011 – 15th February 2012
Venue: Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur
Theme: The Art of Tolerance

The three aspects of the exhibition:

  • Art and culture
  • The message of peace and international understanding
  • Charity for children’s relief organizations – Total of €1,800,000 as at November 2011, has been raised through donations and auctions in aid of UNICEF and local children’s relief organizations around the world

Creators: Eva and Klaus Herlitz in cooperation with Roman Strobl.

Naturally, there is a Malaysian Bear too!

Below: Me, trying to “unveil” the Malaysian Bear!


How do you think the Malaysian Bear will look like?


Update: I went back today to snap a picture with our Malaysia Bear!

buddy bear pavilion KL

The Malaysia Bear is specially designed and painted by renowned Malaysian artist, Imuda. Imuda’s design featured elements of the main races, culture, flora and fauna as well as famous landmarks of Malaysia. The Malaysian Buddy Bear will join the other bears on their globe-trotting mission.


The motto of the United Buddy Bears is “We have to get to know each other better… it makes us understand one another better, trust each other more and live together more peacefully.”

And I couldn’t agree more! 🙂

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  1. akuzle ayu

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    hmmm how come the bears all post the same way? lol some looks like teletubies to me. =S

    1. rebeccasaw

      LOL!! I think the paws facing up supposed to symbolise carrying “weight of the world” or something .. I need to check.. I still havent got the press release…

  3. ulric

    In Pavilion today? Let’s go for some shabu shabu @ Suki-Ya…hahaha…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh no! I just saw your comment! Darn.. could have catch you then.
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        Enjoy urself…just make sure u dun suffer later…hahaha 😀

  4. Eunice

    i went there last week but all these bears haven’t set up yet…=( sigh..

  5. Nikel

    Wait your photo on Malaysian Bear! :wacko:

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