Umami Steamboat, Sunway Mentari – All You Can Eat Steamboat & BBQ Buffet!


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Loyal readers of my blog would have realized that I seldom, if ever at all, blog about steamboats.

Well, I’m just not a fan of soup-based meals.
And steamboats are to me, a messy and ardous affair. I’m not one of those who enjoys the “cook as you eat” or “cook-your-own” meal ala Pepper Lunch sort.
If I’m out for a meal, please serve me my order piping hot and all ready for me to tuck in, thank you very much. Besides, I’m an impatient person so I always ended up eating half-cooked fishballs during steamboats as I dug them out before they are thoroughly cooked. :p

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-14

Also, steamboat meals are of prolonged periods since it’s not possible to just chow down your one-portion dish and leave immediately after. Portion controls are difficult too as the trend for steamboat meals now are eat-all-you-can buffets or sets meals for a minimum of 2 pax.

Having said that, a steamboat meal is best savoured with a group of friends, gossiping over the bubbling pot and sipping the soup after an hour or so of cooking. The soup is much tastier and richer after having all the ingredients thrown in for the last hour.
Below: Like I said, steamboat is fun with a group of friends!


Umami Steamboat at Sunway Mentari is PORK-FREE and I recently joined a group of Malay bloggers for a review session that was organised by the management. For a non-pork outlet, Umami more than makes up for it with it’s abundance variety of other meats and seafood.



Their Buy 2 Free 1 offer on Mon and Wednesdays is enticing too.

umami buy2 free1

Basically for RM26.80 x2 = RM53.60, 3 pax gets to eat all they can and that includes cooked side dishes, over 100 variety of  fresh seafood, salads, barbeque meats, free flow ice cream, drinks and fruits!


Thank goodness! I get to belly up on ready cooked food and BBQ meats/fish while waiting for the pot to boil! 🙂


Here it is; my favourite section – The Barbeque. Everything is hot off the grill!

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-8

Gobble up on grilled chicken skewers, banana leaf grilled fishes, flame-grilled chicken wings and more. Imagine, you get to eat as many crabs as you can for less than RM20/per paying adult.

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-12

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-6

One of Umami”s signatures is their chicken wings, which everyone loves for it’s crispy, honeyed skin.

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-7


The satay here is a bit different, grilled & coated with honey instead of peanut sauce. I personally don’t fancy it much but I liked the fact that chicken breast meat was used. Time to load up on the protein! 🙂



Still feeling peckish while waiting for the pot of goodies to boil?
Do as I do each time I’m there (or rather, it’s what everybody does as well); help yourself to the ready cooked dishes from the kitchen.
The selection varies each day, though some dishes may be repeated at times. The pictures below are taken over a few visits.

umami steamboat, sunway mentari

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-3

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-7

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-5

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-9

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-6

The Sweet and Sour crabs is the crowd’s favourite.

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-14

Umami’s Marmite Chicken is pretty good too!

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-15

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-4

So is their sweet & sour chicken.

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-11

Both the fried rice and kuey teow are oily at times, but that could be just me, since I’m diet-freak.

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-16

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-19

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-21

 umami steamboat, sunway mentari-20

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-12

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-10

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-18

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-15
Still waiting for that pot to boil?

The fried snacks bar has an assortment of fish cakes, dumplings, mantaos, spring rolls and deep fried chicken skin for your nibbling pleasure.








As you can see, there’s more than just steamboat here!
The Salad Bar is worth a pit stop as well. Get your fibres and protein from the coleslaw, mushrooms, egg and fruits salads.

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-2

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-16

umami steamboat, sunway mentari

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-1

Now that we are done with the “sides”, let’s explore the main department – the fresh seafood and ingredients for the pot!
Choices of fresh seafood here includes almost 10 types of shellfish alone; from the basic cockles to a wide variety of clams. From the photographs below, you can see that there are abundant choices available for the steamboat lover, all nicely chilled to preserve its freshness.

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-11

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-2
umami steamboat, sunway mentari-10

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-5

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-1










Of course not forgeting one of the main components of any steamboat meal – the fish cakes and assorted fish/meat balls.


The noodle selections are also aplenty, making sure the patrons are completely satiated.



There is also a wide assortment of mushrooms.. seriously Umami provides the complete steamboat experience!



Ample fibres for the vegetarians even!







Dessert time! Fruits and jelly, chilled and fresh.



Eat-all-you-can ice -cream.



Freshly brewed herbal tea and fruit cordials. The selections it’s rotated on a daily basis. Some days I get Pu Er tea and sugarcane, other days there’s chinese herbal tea and crysanthemum.


Oh, you can order Ice Kacang too. As many bowls as you like!


Have all your food with some house-made sauces!

umami steamboat, sunway mentari-13

The ambience at Umami is conversational and family-friendly; nicely lit trays of fresh seafood and steamboat ingredients, reasonable use of fluorescent and tungsten-tinted lights around the dining area, and directional spotlights at the ingredients section.


Spacing between the tables are good, with the basic tried-and-tested plastic chair and wood table layout.




There is also a room available for private functions, so if your friend/cousin/mother/aunt is a fan of steamboat, it will be easy to have a party uninterrupted by the other patrons in the  general area.



Note the photographs of seafood and steamboat preparations on the wall. If you weren’t hungry before you entered, you’ll definitely get hungry soon.


So do over to Umami Steamboat the next time the steamboat craving strikes! As per my review, there’s something for everyone, even if you’re not a steamboat fan. But rest assured, once you sit down and get going, you’ll be digging into that steaming pot as enthusiastically as any other steamboat lover! 🙂



GPS: N03° 06.33.5′ E101° 35.40.2′

Closed until 11:00 am.
Mon – Fri: 11:00 am 12:00 am
Sat – Sun: 5:00 pm 12:00 am



location map 04

Last but not least – a cool video by Umami Steamboat showing the directions there and the food and the restaurant layout. Watch it! 🙂

So yes, hop in to Umami for a meal and sample it yourself.

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  1. Sean

    i think i’m gonna bring my family here during the chinese new year week! i wonder if they have a senior citizens’ discount!!! 😀

  2. Badri

    that place is like the ‘port’ for steamboat restaurants and with the addition of several various food types! 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes! It is known for that. We have a lot of those who sample every steamboat restaurants here 😛
      But we keep coming back here for more!

  3. Nikel

    Like and super details long of steamboat post.. wohoo :good:

    1. rebeccasaw

      OMG..all my posts are like ths! Thats why I can’t update everyday 2 posts or clear my backlogs..I spend too much time on each blogpost!

  4. Dila

    You used my pictures T_T
    Terharu gila LOL

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah! U got good pics! And you’re a good photographer u know 🙂

  5. Isaac Tan

    y u nom nom nom and no grow fat. I IS JEALOUS! ><"

    nice photos here 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      I go to the gym la! Hey, thot one of your tweets says you’re motivated to go back to the gym already?? 😛

  6. Irlene Khan fowarding this to my friends already….we are planning to go~~

    1. rebeccasaw

      Wooohoooo! Buy quick! and make sure you make reservation in advance yea!

  7. JoinMe

    Hi rebeccasaw
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

  8. Alexandra

    I am convinced! Haha, like you, I can be pretty impatient when it comes to food, and end up burning myself on a HOT but half cooked fishball so usually I try and avoid steamboat. Plus, I always ended up not being satisfied by the end of the meal, especially if it’s not eat-all-you-can, so I’d go home hungry again! But this…I think I can give it a shot! 😀 Haha!

    Thanks for the recommendation, Becky! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      *high five*!!
      Hehe..seems that you’re a big eater babe!

      1. Alexandra

        HAHA bingo, I actually am! 😛

  9. terence

    unfortunately all the good reviews I have researched on the internet none of them happened to me.

    went there on Monday and all I can see is flies all over the food section(Assorted fish and meat balls).Seriously?Even though I don’t eat those food but still disgusted me to just look at the fly rest on the food.

    I can hardly find something edible.Clams,scallops,mussels,lala…are all tasted bad cannot even swallow.
    And for something good to eat,the supply is lack.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Aww Terence. Well, food reviews are time sensitive and most restaurants in Msia (even more so in KL) tend to slide after a while. That’s probably cos most business are opened solely for profit I guess.

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