In conjunction with the celebration of the Turkey National Day on 28th October 2011, the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey is hosting the Turkish Culinary & Cultural Week, in collaboration with the Royale Chulan Hotel of Kuala Lumpur, and Etihad Airways.

turkish cultural & culinary week-11

I hopped in for the launch just last week, and was rewarded with FREE air tickets to Istanbul!!




Yeah right…




THERE WERE 2 sets of return flight tickets to Turkey inclusive of a 3-night stay in a 4-star hotel in Istanbul given away thanks to the generousity of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey & Etihad Airways. But moi wasn’t the lucky one. 🙁

Anyhow, congrats to the winners; of which one is none other than the flamboyant Kee Hua Chee, who attributed his good luck to his thick snake necklace around his neck.

turkish cultural & culinary week-10

turkish cultural & culinary week-9

Sigh, there goes my visit exotic Turkey dream… *poof!!*

Anyhow, I gorged on Turkish sweets and took pictures with cute Turkish chefs to console myself. :P

turkish cultural & culinary week-2

turkish cultural & culinary week-3

turkish cultural & culinary week-4

turkish cultural & culinary week-5

turkish cultural & culinary week-6

turkish cultural & culinary week-7

The good news is, you can go belly up on Turkish cuisine and take pictures with gorgeous Turkish dancers and men too! The Turkish Culinary and Cultural Week is at Royal Chulan Hotel Ballroom from NOW til this 4th November!

Here’s a snippet of what you can expect:

1. Sexy musicians!

turkish cultural & culinary week

2. Cultural performances by colorful Turkish musicians and dancers

turkish cultural & culinary week-12

3. Turkish Coffee – an aromatic and robust blend.

turkish cultural & culinary week-8

There’s more of course – I’m looking forward to MORE MOUTHWATERING Turkish gastronomical delights prepared by a celebrated Turkish Chef brought in especially for the event; Calligraphy and EBRU (the Art of Marbling Paper) as well as demonstrations by traditional Turkish craftsmen. Definitely not a fair to be missed!

The launch only gave me an inkling of what Turkey has to offer, and I’m definitely headed back to Royal Chulan for more insights on Turkey. Today is my first day back from Singapore, I’m going to clear some work and I’ve got a One Star Michelin Chef dinner tonight. I think tomorrow is a good day to pay the fair a visit! See you there if you’re popping in too! :P

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Samsung NX11

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  1. Sean

    heheh, i was all set to type CONGRATULATIONS when you mentioned the free tickets to turkey!!! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      LOL! I do wish to go to Turkey next year! Istanbul seems magical 🙂

  2. nikel

    Their pudding stuff look nice :good:

  3. Akulah Pak Lan

    Maybe this time it is not your luck. So how’s singapore? you seems fun having good time to taste all those wine. For me, I just can see only, cant drink.

    1. rebeccasaw

      It was more educational than anything 🙂
      I was really tired from the travelling though. Yea, loads of wines!! From all over the world! But I wan a normal holiday, not a working one! HAahhaha

      1. Akulah Pak Lan

        Working while traveling is fun i think. This means that you dont have to stuck at office and wait for your tummy to get bigger. haha. Yeah its quite tired, yet worth it right. I wish I can resign and have the same job as yours (dont tell my boss, haha)

      2. rebeccasaw

        Hahah.. actually you do not know what my real job is, the one that pays the bills 😛
        This one hobby saje, use money more than make money!

  4. Tammy

    I went yesterday. Very colourful costumes and just as colourful culture they have!

    1. rebeccasaw

      They do don’t they?? 🙂
      What about the food??

  5. Justin

    Are you going again? My office is nearby. Let me know, we can catch up then.

  6. amalina

    Hye darl! How are you?? :good: as usual I love your page! tahnk you so much for writing about Turkey. Anyways, how’s your S’pore trip?

    1. amalina

      And oh oh! Thank you so much I saw myself in your blog.. hee 😉

    2. rebeccasaw

      Hi Amalina! Thank you for the support from your side, and the kind invite. My Sg trip is good, very educational!
      I can’t wait to visit Turkey though. I hope to see you soon for other events?

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