True Passions – Martin Yan ‘s First Food & Wine Pairing Series – an original production by AFC

Thanks to Pernod Ricard, AFC & Tourism Australia I was invited to a special preview of the 1st episode of Martin Yan’s TRUE PASSION. 3 recipes were shared in this episode & I was as usual, amused as I watched Martin being his usual entertaining & colourful self.

Martin Yan True Passion1 (2)

True Passions – Martin Yan” was filmed on location in Australia itself. For the 8 part series, Martin was in Barossa Valley in Australia, visiting Jacob’s Creek vineyards and learning about the intricate details that goes into producing an internationally-­acclaimed bottle of wine.

True Passions - Martin Yan, AFC


Why Barossa Valley & why Jacob’s Creek vineyards you ask? Well, that’s because in “True Passions – Martin Yan” , Chef Yan cooks a range of delicious contemporary Asian dishes and pairs them with his favourite wines from Jacob’s Creek, Australia’s largest wine brand.

Martin Yan True Passion2

Yup, “True Passions – Martin Yan” is AFC’s  first ever  production series where Chef Yan shares his knowledge of food and wine pairing with his audience. The show is a partnership production between AFC and Jacob’s Creek wines; and we witnessed some interesting recipes created by Chef Yan; both using the wines in cooking as well as wine pairing.
Best part is, all dishes were Asian inspired.

Below: Maria Brown, Co-­‐Founder and Managing Director of AFC & Terence Ong, Sales and Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard, Malaysia expressed confidence in the programme.

True Passions - Martin Yan, AFC-2

True Passions - Martin Yan, AFC-3

The 3 recipes that were featured in the 1st episode of True Passions – Martin Yan.

Dragon & Phoenix ( Chicken & Asparagus) in a Basket. Hainanese Chicken Rice (With wine! I’m intrigued on how the taste or flavours is going to turn out for this one!). Grilled Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce.

Martin Yan True Passion1
The food were paired with Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz (red) & Reserve Chardonnay (white).

True Passions - Martin Yan, AFC-5

Well, I have to taste the pairing myself to know how’s well it would work or otherwise. For now, let’s just say that the pairing of wines with Chinese /Asian cuisine is still something new, and has yet to catch on (or at least in my personal experience here in Malaysia ) with the masses. We are still more comfortable with our oriental food & tea versus wine right?

Still, I don’t how or why it can’t be done! I’m thinking dim sum & wines & I wonder what would pair well with our fiery Nasi Lemak?? :P

NOTE: My only previous experience of Wine Pairing with Cantonese cuisine (Taylor’s wine – South Australia) was HERE. Some hits & misses, but it goes to show that a very careful food tasting & wine selection process is required to bring the best out of both Oriental cuisine & wines.

Catch True Passions – Martin Yan on AFC, Astro Channel 703.

True Passions - Martin Yan, AFC-4

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    1. rebeccasaw

      Ahh.. I know ! you love Martin Yan right? Wonder if there is youtube videos for this?

  1. Sean

    wow, wine-infused hainanese chicken rice … my grandmother would be very intrigued, heheh 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      No la.. it’s chic rice paired with Jacob Creek’s chardonnay. No wine in this one! 😛
      Wine incorporated into the cooking is only after the 4th episode i think

  2. iamthewitch

    Always love the Man! Grew up watching him and he’s still so passionate about cooking! Not so mention funny!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha.. but i feel he’s a bit off already now.. like…hmmm… too commercialized? Also, his antics seems a bit silly at times!

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