Traveling with my 32″ RIMOWA Salsa

If you have been following my Instagram and Facebook you would have noticed the large grey luggage bag that has been my loyal traveling companion.
Grey is not exactly my colour, but I opted for practicality over aesthetics this time. I get a heartache each time my luggage bags got scratched or dirty.
No amount of scrubbing could get it looking like new again.

Rebecca Saw - Rimowa

The one I chose is one of RIMOWA’s latest polycarbonate cases. And it was the largest size available – 32 inches which is not a common size.
I don’t deny it; I don’t and I can’t travel light.
I need my running gear, my jackets (I suffer if it get cold and the temperature is always terrible in the planes) and my gadgets plus corresponding chargers alone amounts up to 2kgs.
The standard airline luggage weight of 15 – 20kg has always been a stretch for me!

KLCC view Rimowa

RIMOWA is most iconic for its aluminium suitcase with the characteristic grooves. It is the first company to introduce aluminium trunks to the market in 1937 and likewise the first to revolutionise the luggage industry with its recyclable polycarbonate cases in 2000.

The Topas collection, THE most iconic of the aluminium range, comes in a variety of sizes and is easily the most recognisable luggage in the world.


Trust me, I was really tempted with the classic design but I had to make the pragmatic decision of selecting the 32″ grey RIMOWA Salsa.


BELOW: My 32″ RIMOWA Salsa.


rimowa malaysia - rebecca saw-003

The RIMOWA SALSA’s extremely lightweight, highly durable and nearly break-resistant polycarbonate material is the main reason for my choice. The material is elastic and yield under pressure.
Once the pressure is eliminated, they automatically return to their original shape.
I’m not the most careful owner and most of my belongings has a shorter lifespan in comparison to my friends. And I travel every month so a durable luggage is essential for me.

Here’s a picture of me, all 43 kg on my RIMOWA Salsa. And just as advertised, it didn’t bend nor crack.

RIMOWA - rebecca saw - Bali

The RIMOWA has a two-compartment-system which allows for each section of the suitcase to be opened separately. This Flex-Divider system also keeps both compartments of the suitcase separate and organised.

rimowa malaysia - rebecca saw 1

A RIMOWA luggage is an investment that is likely to last a lifetime.
Durability aside, Rimowa suitcases are also equipped with certain unique features that sets itself apart.

For one, the patented Multiwheel® system was adapted from office chairs; allowing even the heaviest suitcases to be moved effortlessly.
This is of paramount importance to me as I have mentioned before that I travel heavy and I love to shop for groceries whenever I’m overseas so my luggage weight on my return flight is usually 20 – 30kg.
Yes I’m crazy. I buy instant noodles, peanut butter, jars of sauces and condiments and even yogurt, cheese and crockery!

rimowa malaysia - rebecca saw-006

Other than the material and the durability of the wheels, security is another crucial consideration for luggage bags.
RIMOWA’s sturdy lever-action lock which is securely set in the frame is also equipped with TSA locks (developed by the Travel Sentry Inc. ) makes security checks much less of a hassle.

rimowa malaysia - rebecca saw-005

After several trips with my RIMOWA I could confidently attest to its durability.
If you’re don’t already know, Rimowa is a German luggage brand that was started in Cologne in 1898. Thus this is an established brand of more than than a century old!

In keeping with the changing times, RIMOWA has introduced several collections; namely Salsa, Bolero, Bossa Nova, and Limbo; and each offers the bags in a variety of beautiful colours.

RIMOWA Pavillion - salsa  rebecca saw


rimowa malaysia - rebecca saw

I was particularly lusting after the suitcases from the Salsa Deluxe Hybrid range where the material used is a mix of nylon and kevlar (on the front of case as pockets ) and polycarbonate for the main case.
The two zippered pockets made from nylon and kevlar are perfect for quick-access items or additional storage of toiletries and travel documents.

rimowa malaysia - rebecca saw-007

Well I’m certain my RIMOWA Salsa is not my last! I have a feeling next is a RIMOWA Salsa Deluxe Hybrid.
I’m just so in love with the vibrant red colour!

rimowa malaysia - rebecca saw-009

Last but not least, do you know that the principle of sustainability also applies to aluminium suitcases from RIMOWA?
The pure aluminium that is used can be fully recycled; which means it can enter the material cycle at any time.
I’m all for brands who are kind to Mother Earth. 🙂

PS: To see the suitcases in action, you should watch this cute video by Rimowa:

Considering a RIMOWA?
Visit their shops in Pavilion, Level 2, Fashion Avenue or in Gardens Mall South Court, Ground Floor.


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