Travel Tuesday: Holiday Villa Cherating – 21st Annual Sand sculpting competition

Holiday Villa Cherating held its annual sand sculpting competition just last Sunday.

Sand Sculpting website

Thanks to Advertlets I was there with 8 other bloggers for the competition as well. :)
We did a videoshoot of the resort, interviewed the manager who gave us a comprehensive tour of the place & dined on scrumptious food during our stay!

Advertlets team

** Beach holiday + sand sculpting + time spent catching up with friends made for an awesome weekend! :)

HV cherating sandsculpting-27

HV cherating sandsculpting-26

There’s a lot I have to share about the premise – Holiday Villa Cherating; which was lovely especially for the Eastern Pavilion private chalets  but that will be reviewed in proper another time. Now let’s see what’s the sand sculpting competition is all about shall we??

For a start, the prizes were a good enough bait; the 1st prize being a reward of RM3,000.00 in cash & a 4-day/3-night stay at  Diwangkara Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa Sanur, Bali, 2nd prize RM2,000.00 in cash & a 3-day/2-night stay at Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa Langkawi while the 3rd prize is RM1,000.00 in cash and a 3-day/2-night stay at Holiday Villa Subang, Malaysia. In addition, each winning team gets a gift memento. There are also special holiday awards for various categories : “Best Teamwork by Family” & “Best Teamwork by Students”.

I was seriously amazed at some of the brilliant sand sculptures that was created in the span of 2 hours. Some teams were certainly professionals in their approach (they came equipped with spades, sprayers, decorative items such as seashells, pails etc!) while there were those that were obviously sculpting for fun. Whichever it was, all 30 teams that took part were in high spirits & there were a air of exuberance on the beach that morning.  :)

HV cherating sandsculpting-30

Each team were allocated a demarcation of space measuring 10 ft x 10 ft (3.05 m x 3.05m). We were given a number & a white flag to decorate as our own.

Here’s my team’s slot – No. 5. Can you guess what we are sculpting?

HV cherating sandsculpting-21

And Josh’s, Bolehland’s & FeeQ’s team flag. So charming isn’t it? LOL!

Advertlets flag

The theme for the sand sculpting competition is “Animal World“. While some of the better sculptures were remarkable, the rest were predictably “starfish”, “turtles” & “octopus”.

HV cherating sandsculpting-11

HV cherating sandsculpting-16

HV cherating sandsculpting-18

HV cherating sandsculpting-8

HV cherating sandsculpting-9

HV cherating sandsculpting-15

HV cherating sandsculpting-17

HV cherating sandsculpting-14

Lot’s of turtles right? LOL!

One of the better ones which caught my eye was this. This intricately modelled sculpture has a lion overlapping with a snake & a dolphin. Very creative, thumbs up!!

HV cherating sandsculpting-10

This one has an elephant head & a snake tail.

HV cherating sandsculpting-12

View from the back.

HV cherating sandsculpting-13

My team – Diyana, Jason , & her hubby did a tarantula instead! We started by piling up the sand for the main body. That involved some arms work as we digged around our plot amassing a swell of sand as high as possible. Like I said; while some teams came prepared with shovels & pails, all we had was our hands. And a small toy bucket that belongs to Miki, Diyana’s son. LOL!

HV cherating sandsculpting-29

Once we had the “shape” in place, we worked on slowly shaping out the mound of sand to our desired form.

HV cherating sandsculpting-19

Here is me busy shaping tarantula eggs. ;p

HV cherating sandsculpting-34

Josh, Dan & Wai Kit from & FeeQ made a lobster sculpture.

HV cherating sandsculpting-32

HV cherating sandsculpting-33

Of which I sat on after the competition. Hahaha!

HV cherating sandsculpting-25

Our finished product: Team Advertlets 1 & Team Advertlets 2!

HV cherating sandsculpting-2

HV cherating sandsculpting-7

The competition started at 830am & by 10am, the judges went around for the first round of judging. At this point, the judges were looking at “teamwork“, costumes (yes, points are awarded to those who dressed up in uniformity or in costumes) & the team flag.

HV cherating sandsculpting

HV cherating sandsculpting-36

Finally, the last round of judging was at 1130am, where the competition was officially declared to have ended.

Below: Angry Birds. LOL!
Well, it is an animal.. so cute isn’t it? 😉

HV cherating sandsculpting-37

Congratulations to the winners! As you can see, the costumes certainly counts towards the result, as all teams that won were decked out in creative outfits!

HV cherating sandsculpting-5

HV cherating sandsculpting-3

HV cherating sandsculpting-4

HV cherating sandsculpting-22

We were served a wonderful spread of food after the event. Nom noms! :)

HV cherating sandsculpting-1

HV cherating sandsculpting-38

Speech by the management of Holiday Villa Cherating.

HV cherating sandsculpting-23

Everyone chilling after their hard work in the sand, sea & sun!

HV cherating sandsculpting-24

Final pose with our team Tarantula! 😉

HV cherating sandsculpting-35

So, is anyone game for some sandsculpting activity next year?? I feel like going again! I’m also going to be much more well prepared with flags, costumes and props to increase my chances of winning!

HV cherating sandsculpting-31

Thanks again to Holiday Villa & Advertlets for the beach weekend getaway! :)


Lot 1303, Mukim Sungai Karang,
26080 Kuantan,
Pahang Darul Makmur,

Tel: (609)-581 9500
(609)-581 9500
Fax: (609)-581 9178
Email: [email protected]

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  1. Thristhan

    Wow, so much fun. Wish I was free to join you peeps. Maybe next year 🙂

    1. Rebecca

      Yes, I never thought it was possible to sculpt such amazing detailed pieces of art!

  2. Jess

    WOW , Cherating beach sands so fine and perfect for sand sculpting, quite amazing how they did it ! Which animal is the winners ah ?? Your team Tarantula not that bad :DDD maybe not poisonous enoughhh!! :scratch:

    1. Rebecca

      YES! the sand was very clean & fine. As for the winners – guess??? ;p

  3. msihua

    That looks like a massively fun outing and event! Those octopus sculptures are amazing! And LOL at angry birds!

    1. Rebecca

      Hhaha! It was a creative idea wasn’t it? Angry Birds!

  4. Isaac Tan

    That is some awesome sand sculptures! You guys are one creative lot I would say!

    1. Rebecca

      Hahha! Do join us next year yea! i will try to organise a bigger group & bring more bloggers!

  5. ping

    Gosh! That sounds like so much fun! The tarantula looks pretty good too! And I guess everybody won in the end, eh? .. with all that food and goodies and fun, fun, fun!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi Ping! Thks fr dropping by my little blog & leaving a comment 🙂
      Yes everyone had fun, I myself was surprised how fun it could be building sand sculptures ;p

  6. jfook

    I wish I was there!!!! Sad I have to be in Kuching

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