TRAVEL: Luxperience – a trade forum for luxury and experiential travel

Thanks to the Luxperience team, I was the sole Malaysian online media to attend and witness first-hand the amplitude and impressive occasion that is the Luxperience 2014 few months back in Sydney.

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The trip marked my 1st visit to the lovely capital of Australia, and my first ever involvement in a luxury trade forum of this magnitude.

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The first day begin with a Thoughts Leader Program, followed by cocktails and mingling plus dinner.
Luxperience Thought Leaders Forum and opening cocktail reception officially marks the launch of Luxperience’s 3-day program of business exchanges, between domestic and international travel specialists and high end experiential travel products from around the world.

Our experiential exhibitors offer bespoke travel designers a choice of unique experiences in some of the most divine locations around the world; from ski safaris in the Swiss Alps, to trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas in Bhutan through to unique water based activities in Queenstown,” the CEO Lindy Andrews had said in her speech.

After sitting in and listening to the powerful speeches and absorbing key messages from those on stage, I was stirred with anticipation of what the next few days will bring.
The people in the room was abuzz with energy and seasoned veterans in this field of travel.

Luxperience 2014 - Review - Rebecca Saw

The speakers spoke of ways of truly understanding the luxury consumer; their needs, desires and the fears and frustrations.
When money is not an issue, how does one creates that truly exclusive travel experience?
Is it just about the venue/country/building? The service perhaps?

Anne Biging of Healing Hotels touched on the topic of simplifying the perplexity of a rat-race lifestyle where everyone is under duress to react swiftly to situations, and shared her insights on creating experiences that nurture the soul.

Emma Scott from premium lifestyle creative agency Tiny Hunter shared her understanding on ways to create bespoke experiences that evokes an emotional response.
Time and space has become the ultimate luxury element.


I knew then I was among the top professionals of bespoke luxury and high-end experiential travel. Gosh, I aspired to be like them then! 🙂

The next day, the chilly weather of Sydney didn’t deter me from jumping out of bed in expectancy of the 1st day ahead.

I took the shuttle service provided, greeting those in the bus with cheer.
Everyone was in high spirits, some visibly preoccupied with what lies ahead for the first day.
Since I wasn’t an exhibitor nor buyer, I sat back and let the day take its course, keeping my eyes and mind open while absorbing as much as I could in terms of the information of travel, the essence of the Luxperience and the workings of the travel industry.

It was an eye-opening, to say the least.

Luxperience 2014 was held in Sydney’s Pier 2/3, Walsh Bay.
As its name suggest, it is built built on, and over, the water. And the flooring is wood, very much like old shipping piers, though a lot cleaner.

rebecca saw - in sydney-010

Yeap, we were in these buildings:

Luxperience 2014 - the VENUE

Attendees were reminded to wear sensible footwear, and we fashionable ladies tried our best to comply.

Heels - Luxperience 2014 sydney day 3

As the sun shimmers off the water offering panoramic Sydney Harbour views, the whole stretch here sees the emergence of restaurants, bars and cultural centres.
The Pier is in fact, sanctioned to be used for arts, cultural and creative purposes in the future.

Right opposite us is the culturally rich Pier One Sydney Harbour Hotel, Autograph Collection (by the JW Marriot group).

Luxperience 2014 -  Pier One Hotel Sydney

I met a lot of people that day, and it continued over the next few days as we worked, networked, discussed, dined and drank.

Luxperience. What an experience!
It was truly an exposure of a lifetime for me.

LuxPerience booth registration

Pictures below:
The exhibition hall, with clear sections for New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Australia, Europe, Dubai (the Middle East) and more.


Luxperience 2014 -  booths, exhibitions, meetings-003


Luxperience 2014 sydney day 3 -005

New Zealand:

Luxperience 2014 -  booths, exhibitions, meetings-010

Luxperience 2014 sydney day 3 -004

Luxperience 2014 -  booths, exhibitions, meetings

Each separate area are decorated and boast of their own unique set-up.

Luxperience 2014 -  booths, exhibitions, meetings-005

Luxperience 2014 -  booths, exhibitions, meetings-008

Luxperience 2014 -  booths, exhibitions, meetings-002

Fancy living/traveling in a container? It can be arranged.

Luxperience 2014 -  booths, exhibitions, meetings-001

luxperience 2014

Then there are R & R sections, where free flow coffee are served, much to the relief and appreciation of those attending, for the Sydney chill was biting.

Luxperience 2014 sydney day 3

Luxperience 2014 -  booths, exhibitions, meetings-009

And wine too! For snacks there were plenty of New Zealand’s Whittakers chocolates.

luxperience 2014 sydney

WIFI is available, so attendees and exhibitors remained well connected.

Luxperience 2014 -  booths, exhibitions, meetings-014

Luxperience 2014 -  booths, exhibitions, meetings-011

It’s not all work and no play though, for there were complimentary massages at the Dubai section!

Luxperience 2014 -  Pier One Hotel Sydney-001

Luxperience 2014 sydney day 3 -001

And then as night falls, there were dinners, dancing and plenty of good entertainment and wines.


luxperience 2014 sydney -001

luxperience 2014 sydney -003

luxperience 2014 sydney -002

Now, Luxperience 2015 is scheduled for 6 – 9 September 2015 @ Australian Technology Park, Sydney.
Will YOU be there? 🙂
I hope I am!

Rebecca Saw - luxperience 2014 Sydney


For more information about the Luxperience:

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