Travel And Food In Cape Verde

The Cuisine and Activities Possible in Cape Verde.

Although the islands of Cape Verde have endless idyllic coastlines that are perfect for just lazing on the beach and soaking up the sun, this volcanic archipelago also boasts some superb cuisine.

But before you start to worry about overindulging on Cape Verde’s tantalizing food and fare, the island’s range of activities should help burn off those additional calories.

With this in mind, here is a look at the superb sustenance and exhilarating experiences available on the islands of Cape Verde.


Cape Verde cuisine.

It will come as no surprise to hear that Cape Verde specializes in seafood, which is usually cooked straight from the sea. However, staple foods such as corn and rice as well as year-round fruit and vegetables including bananas, papayas, potatoes, tomatoes, kale and dried beans also feature heavily. Cape Verde specialties include:

Cachupa — Cape Verde’s national dish is a type of stew that features corn, beans, vegetables and either marinated meat or tuna.

Buzio — Yet another stew but this one consists of shellfish and soy sauce.

Bafos — Served as a snack or appetizer and made with octopus, buzio or lapas and cooked with tomato, onion, and peppers.

Perceves (Sea Fingers) – The preparation and eating of this one may sound a bit strange; you crack off the end and then peel the skin to reveal the meat.

Bol de Cus-Cus — If you have a sweet tooth you’re well catered for too. This sugary cake is made with corn and comes served alongside butter and cabra cheese.

Where to eat.

Vulcãn de Fogo — Along with food, Cape Verde has a passion for music and one of the best live venues on the island of Sal is Vulcãn de Fogo, which also has cachupa and fish on the menu.

Le Bistro — If you want the option of some international dishes, check out Le Bistro in Sao Filipe, Fogo. However, plenty of Cape Verdean stables can also be found.

Baia Verde Restaurant — With its courtyard and balcony that provide a stunning view of the bay and mountains, Baia Verde Restaurant on Santiago is perfect for a romantic evening meal.


What to do.

Watersports — From surfing the wild waves of the Atlantic Ocean to scuba diving beneath the surface on an underwater adventure, an abundance of enlivening watersports can be capitalized on.

Trekking — Only the most athletic of climbers may want to tackle Fogo’s highest peak (2,829 meters), but both Santa Antão and São Vicente provide more laidback trekking routes.

Fishing — Although you can stay on dry land in the hope of landing a catch, deep-sea fishing trips are much more exciting and require extra exertion too.


So, despite the fact you could get carried away by the delectable delights on offer in Cape Verde, there are plenty of ways to avoid putting on a few unwanted pounds too.

**Images by niall62, and dickdotcom, used under Creative Commons license.

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