Toshiba external hard disk – Canvio Slim II

I have got a new external hard drive from Toshiba today! :DD

Toshiba HDD - Canvio Slim II-002

It couldn’t have came at a more appropriate time, I really needed one after having had 2 external HDD crashed on me this year. I don’t why, but these external back up disk don’t really last do they?
I’ve only used them for less than a year!

Toshiba latest external hard disk – Canvio Slim II; also known as “Toshiba Canvio® Slim II PC and Mac Portable Hard Drive” is preformatted NTFS for Windows® 8, Windows® 7, and Windows® XP. Plus, the drive comes with a NTFS driver for Mac® allowing you to store and access files from Windows® PC and Mac® without reformatting.
The Canvio® Slim II for Mac® is designed to work with your Mac® – right out of the box. It is compatible with Apple® Time Machine®. Plus, the sleek aluminum design goes well with the MacBook.

Toshiba HDD - Canvio Slim II

If you happen to be like me who uses both MacBook and Windows (Ultrabooks) you would have surely experienced the annoying limitations of not being able to share and access files with your external hard drives with BOTH Mac and Windows based systems.
Well, all that sorted out for you with the Canvio Slim II!

No need to waste time reformatting the drive or installing complicated backup software. It is compatible with Apple® Time Machine®.

Toshiba Canvio Slim II - Main Specifications

KEY FEATURES of the Toshiba Canvio Slim II:

Stylish slim storage on-the-go: 

The new Canvio® Slim II for PC Portable Hard Drive is one of the slimmest and smallest 2.5” portable hard drive that’s a mere 9mm thin for the 500GB1 capacity drive and 12.5mm for the 1TB1 capacity drive. Don’t you love its sleek brushed aluminum design? 😀

Toshiba HDD - Canvio Slim II-003

Clone your Entire PC.

It may be slim, but it is no light-weight when it comes to features. Like other Canvio® Series Portable Drives preloaded with ^NTI® Backup Now EZTM software, the Canvio® Slim II for PC also lets you backup your entire computer including your operating system, programs and settings at blazing fast speeds.
In case of a computer crash, it helps to restore the computer back to your last backed-up settings.

Toshiba HDD - Canvio Slim II-008

Toshiba HDD - Canvio Slim II-010

Stay Connected Remotely*

The Canvio® Slim II now comes with the Pogoplug® PC preloaded (worth US$29.95). It gives users the ability to back up data directly to Canvio® Slim II from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices equipped with the free iOS or Android app.

As long as Toshiba’s Canvio® Slim II is connected to an Internet-enabled PC that is powered on, users will have complete access to their files, photos, music and movies from their mobile devices – no matter where they are. The Canvio® Slim II also allows users to share large files and folders instantly.
As an additional bonus, the Canvio Slim II includes 10GB of free cloud storage for storing “always available” copies of important files.

I have downloaded the Pogoplug app on my iPhone and will try out the features soon!

photo (2)

 Key Features:

  • * One of the slimmest and smallest 2.5” based portable hard drives available
  • * Clone and restore your computer easily with NTI® Backup Now EZTM full system backup^ in case of a PCcrash
  • *  Customise the backup to selected folders and files
  • *  Get free 10GB cloud storage exclusively with Canvio® Slim II Portable hard drives
  • *  Included Pogoplug PC software, lets you backup your precious digital content and access them anywhere3from your PC, tablet or smartphone
  • * Password protect your hard drive
  • *  Secure your backups with a password
  • *  Never miss a backup with automatic backup scheduling
  • *  Drive space alert warns you when running low on space
  • *  Works with both PC and Mac (with included NTFS driver). Reformatting to HFS+ required for TimeMachine compatibilityIncluded software:
  • *  The included ^NTI® Backup Now EZTM software scans your system and recommends the best coverage for your computer. Choose between backing up your files and folders, backing up everything saved on your computer, or choose both for the most comprehensive coverage.
  • *  Pogoplug PC software for remote access of your Canvio® Slim II from your Smartphone/Tablet
  • *  NTFS driver for Mac so you can access your Canvio® Slim II from both PC and Mac
  • *  Password Lock to protect contents in your drive
  • *  10GB free cloud storage

Quite a lot of features compared to other portable hard drives right?
Alright, time to get started on backing up my files as I’m due for another media trip soon! 🙂

Toshiba HDD - Canvio Slim II-005

Toshiba HDD - Canvio Slim II-001

** The earlier generation – the Convio Slim 500GB  had won the reddot design award. This one I have is the latest Canvio® Slim II.

The Canvio® Slim Portable Hard Drive is available at shopToshiba and major IT retailers from mid October 2013 onwards.
Price: RM279

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  1. Renee

    Hw much would be I wonder. Will wait for the price update. I could do with a back up drive for sure!

  2. Darren Sim

    Come to Singapore and buy… Available here already… OMG! Super jealous that you have the silver one in malaysia… Looks better than the black..

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Heheh! I will just wait til the stock is available this comin mid -month. Got a few orders from my friends already!
      Glad you have one too, it’s pretty cool to use with the built in software!

  3. Lc Loh

    Any possibility of you getting me one with a discount rate? I can meet you to pass the money, or I could bank in to you first.

  4. Gigi

    Anything by Toshiba is good. I would trust their HDD too

  5. daniel

    Do announce when’s it’s available Becky. Could do with a 1TB HDD

  6. siew ling

    I would like to buy one. my BF said it’s good since it has extra features and auto backup etc.

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