Toh Yuen @ PJ Hilton – Chinese New Year 2012 set menus

This is my 1st visit to Toh Yuen at PJ Hilton and admittedly, it turned out to be one of the better Chinese New Year menus that I have sampled so far.

Maybe it’s the opening piece, the majestic “Dragon Yee Sang”, priced at an equally grandiose price of RM888++ that jolted me out of my dulled culinary senses.

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-2
 Yes, Chinese New Year dinners has so far been a bore. Where are my unconventional yee sang and culinary genius inspired dishes???

Anyhow, my dinner at Toh Yuen uncovered a few recommend-worthy dishes.

Starting with the Yee Sang (well, at RM888+ it obviously got to be good), the painstakingly handcrafted  Dragon Yee Sang comprises of the usual assorted condiments, each with it’s symbolic references.
Crackers represents happiness, peanuts and sesame symbolises harvest, oil represents wealth and pomelo means good luck.

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012

Never a fan of the overly sweet yee sang and it’s deep fried sides, this Dragon Yee Sang hit the spot for me with it’s canny potpourri of fresh fruits and seafood.

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-3

Mango, pears and passionfruit slices layers plus fresh salmon and genuine abalone slices made this a luxurious and thoroughly enjoyable yee sang.

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-1

We tossed high in wish for abundance & prosperity for 2012!! 🙂

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-4

Dinner was off to a good start. I sat back and flipped the menu in anticipation of more delectable dishes to come.
Our next course, the Braised Chicken Soup with Chinese Herb “Chong Chao Hua” and Sea cucumber was a tummy-warming and nourishing consomme, as it rightfully should be.
Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-5
If you’re like me, who’s tired of the usual fried/pan-fried/roasted chicken, you would appreciate this Claypot Braised Herb Chicken with Black Fungus. Delicious, hearty and infused with the goodness of chinese herbs, the bird was marinated for 6 hours prior to being braised in a claypot for another few hours, resulting in a flavourful pot of chicken essence and tender bird.
Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-6
I was dissappointed with the fish dish at both Zuan Yuan and West Lake Garden. And the fish dish is the most important dish of the whole 8 course quantum to me. Here, I was rewarded with beautiful flaky fresh sea garoupa, thankfully not overcooked.

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-10

Sea Garoupa with Spicy Garlic Sauce.

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-8

The next few dishes were ordinary but since I was satiated by now, I took sampling portions just for taste.

Braised Sea Cucumber with Mixed Mushrooms.

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-7

Sauteed Fresh Prawns with Black Pepper Sauce.

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-9

Sauteed Toh Yuen Fried Rice wth Seafood.

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-11

Desserts: ( Oh yea!! ) Deep Fried Crispy Chinese New Year Cake (Nian Gou) and washing it all down with the Double Boiled Red Dates with Papaya and White Fungus; which incidentally was regrettably sounded very good but was way too sweet.

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-12

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-13

Toh Yuen offers 3 different set menus for Chinese New Year 2012. The above menu goes for RM1388++, minus the Dragon Yee Sang which is separately ordered at RM888++. The 2 other menus are RM988++ and RM1188++.

All 3 set menus will be updated on my blog by tomorrow once I get my hands on the soft copy.

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-14

Centrepiece: Ushering in the year of the Dragon!

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-15

I walked off a few calories taking some ambiance shots, testing out both the Sony Nex-7 against the Samsung NX11. Toh Yuen’s layout and dining symmetry offers comfortable distance between table and I love the circular entrance to the private dining room.

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-16

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-18

Cosy and “intimate” for a private dining session.

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-19

Lovely isn’t it? Uncluttered and spacious.

Toh Yuen, PJ Hilton - Chinese New Year 2012-17

I might back again next week for a corporate dinner with clients. Let’s hope I get to sample the other menu and you can expect another blogpost! 🙂

For reservatioon/queries: 
Contact +603 – 7955 9122. Corporate packages enquiries, kindly ask for ext. 4188.
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  1. Nikel

    Yee Sang very presentable… :good:

  2. Michelle chin

    Ooh the dragon yee sang looks like the “it” cny dish at the mo!

  3. Isaac Tan

    mmm looks yummy. And I think 888+ is pretty much the going rate for kl restaurants nowadays, rather reasonable :):)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah.. 888+ is ONLY for the yee sang wei!
      The whole course is separately charged at 1188, 988 or 1388!

  4. JoinMe

    Hi rebeccasaw
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

  5. Sean

    wow, very impressive presentation for the yee sang, rite. and i guess the restaurants are always happy during the year of the dragon, cos it’s easy to make the dragon a part of the decoration for the dish. imagine if it were the year of the rat instead, heheh

    1. rebeccasaw

      ROFL!! a rat! OMG.. oh yes nothing majestic about a rat 😛

  6. ZestPJ

    Glad that you enjoy the meal, especially the fish 🙂
    Take care of your stomach this CNY!

  7. Naomi Chmielowiec

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