Today’s Choices Magazine – the 1st Free Reversed Concept Magazine in Malaysia!

When I’m not glued to my Asus Zenbook, I do read books and magazines.

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Yes, REALLY. 😛

The thing about reading books and magazines is mostly about nostalgia for me. Sometimes, in an unexplained way, holding and reading a hardcopy does feel good and “cosy”. From hours in front of the laptop formulating online campaigns, editing pictures and blogging, it’s a relieve to grab a book and be spared the glare of the screen at times.

And of course, you can drift off to sleep without worries! 🙂

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Recently I got my copy of Today’s Choices while dining at the THIRTY8, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. The very next day I rushed off for the Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012 for one week. I forgot to bring it along else it would have kept me company during the long drives!

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Now that I’m back, I took it up and read it page to page. For starters, I like its compact and slim size. The reversed concept is quite interesting as well but as with every reading material I rather judge it based on its contents.

todays choice magazine malaysia (2)

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On one side, Today’s Choice covers on Travel, Style & Fashion, Dining, Health, Shopping. Flip over to the other side to get updated on Property, Business & Investment, Wheels, Vehicles, Consumer Benefits and Travel – International.

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For a first copy, I think it covers quite a broad spectrum of issues. I’m a lover of all things educational and on topics of fashion, beauty, food and travel. Today’s Choices editorial team did a good job covering all the relevant stories and being a 2 months once mag, it also touched on a topic close to all women; the Pink October campaign against breast cancer.

todays choice magazine malaysia (11)

todays choice magazine malaysia (10)

Almost every page has an article of interest to me; be it about traveling, food, fashion or even business/entrepreneurship. I trust it would be of interest to many of you too! 🙂

todays choice magazine malaysia (12)

todays choice magazine malaysia (8)

todays choice magazine malaysia (7)

Another good factor? The concise articles that are easily digestible and non-jargon heavy.

todays choice magazine malaysia (6)

Remember I worte about painting my own batik in Terengganu? You can do it here in Jadi Batek on Jalan Imbi in KL! I didn’t know that!

todays choice magazine malaysia (13)

A quick last note about this magazine!
It’s distributed for FREE at Stesen Sentral KL, Subang Skypark, Celebrity Fitness & many more outlets!
Yes, it’s complimentary. Do watch out for it and grab a copy.
For contests and events, I follow them closely on Facebook: There will be a launch event in October and an Explorace coming up!
So find them on FB now!

I got 2 extra copies with me so holla me if you want one! :DD

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  1. John

    I saw one at The Loaf while having coffee. And you are inside the mag!

  2. Edwin

    Another magazine? Well, at least it’s free. People will definitely grab and flip through. Question is, will it last?

  3. Stacy

    Will look out for it! Sounds rather interesting too

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