Timothy DeLaGhetto (YouTuber) – live performance at All That Matters 2014 Singapore

To meet and speak to Timothy DeLaGhetto was one of the highlights of my first day at All That Matters 2014 in Singapore yesterday!


Tim Chantarangsu, better known as Traphik and Timothy DeLaGhetto, is an American rapper, comedian, and videographer. Aside from rapping, he produces and acts in many comedy videos which are uploaded to his YouTube channel.
I had the pleasure of meeting him and interviewing both him and René Rechtman, who is the President of International at Maker (Mega-popular YouTube channel Maker Studios recently sold to Disney for $500 million) and it was an insightful session.

More on the interview will be published soon. Meanwhile enjoy his live stage performance at All That Matters 2014 Singapore!

I’ll be in Singapore til Sunday. All That Matters 2014 comprises of a week of engaging activities whereby the movers and shakers of the digital, social media and music sector converge to explore the innovations and developments within the industry.

Day 1 had been heavy on great information, metrics & networking opportunities. I am giving full concentration and totally exhausted at the end of the day. Wish me luck for Day 2! 🙂
This conference is so well organized and the speakers chosen really know their stuff. It is certainly much better than any conferences held in Malaysia previously.

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  1. Seow XI Jen

    Welcome to Sg Rebecca!
    Looks like this conference is fun!

  2. Jen Yu

    Lucky you! I’m his huge huge huge loyal fan.

  3. Sally

    Oh I have not heard of him. But just watched one of his videos after seeing this post.
    Cool guy !

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