Hair Makeover by The Met Salon, KL

This year I have vowed to make some changes. Some sort of new year resolution. While I have never made any over the years (cos I’m a firm believer of making change anytime it suits me and it’s never about the time of the year), I had thought it would be timely to begin what I had in mind at the start of 2013.

My gym and fitness regime does what it’s supposed to do; keep me slim though I eat too much for my own good, but it still falls short of satisfaction as I have yet to achieve anything more than just maintaining my weight. But more on that later.

I have successfully embarked on a new skincare regime and now I can proudly proclaim that I cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day. Yes, that’s an achievement considering the fact that I barely do that for 3 decades. More on the products I’ve been using – The Obagi range from Japan, bought from by the end of the month.

obagi skin by clique clinic PJ

I’m still sourcing for a good health supplement (vitamins and tonics) so do free to recommend if you’re a fan of any.
Upgrading of the wardrobe is still work in progress. But today, I would like to share with you of my very recent hair makeover.

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-017

I have been sporting long plain black hair for the longest time. To be frank, I have had no issues with it. It’s easy to style (read: no styling required whatsoever) and I thought it looked alright on me. But with the recent changes I have in mind, I thought a new hairstyle would complement the whole transformation.

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw

The Met KL is one of the most revered hair salon in the country. Its reputation is backed up with more glowing reviews and positive recommendations that I care to mention. So when an opportunity came up for me to have my crowing glory styled by one of the recently graduate of the academy, I took the timely excuse to incorporate my hair makeover.

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-002

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-004

The 1st session was at The Met Parkroyal Hotel. Heven (my stylist) and I took some time to discuss my concerns about colouring. It seemed to me that every stylist would recommend colour the moment you step into a salon. I’m not a fan of colour and it took me a while to warm up to the idea, with Heven assuring me that it would be noticeable enough (one of the issues I had with colour was that the colour doesn’t show up on my very jet-black hair) and it would help to “brighten” my tanned complexion.

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-005

And considering that I wanted to cut my hair short, Heven advised that a bit of colour would help to accentuate the style, not to mention (again) to perk up my tired face (yes, I look tired all the time) as well as to make up for the lack of make up (oh it rhymes!) since I’m such a lazy bum.

Below: After the hair cut. Too plain yes?

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-001

With all that valid points, I agreed to a colour session.

To be frank, as I’m sitting here writing, I didn’t quite like the colour. At the salon, while they fussed with my hair at the end of the 3 hour session, I had immediately disliked the rather orangey red at the top of my mane. I told Heven immediately of course, though not much could be done at that point of time.

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-026

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-027

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-028

Other than that, I thought the rest of the layered colouring was creative and bearable.

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-019


I like how my mane now has 3 coloured tone.

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-020

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-021

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-022

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-023


I guess it’s the orangey-red that really needs fixing. My colleague Karen immediately exclaimed “Oh my god, the hair is horrible!” the moment she saw me. LOL!

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-024

Anyhow, here’s the process of my makeover.

Step 1: Hair Cut
Short but not bob as I have done bob before. Heven gave it a bit of layers so the colours would be more noticeable.

Step 2: Pre-lightening.
As its name suggests, this stage lightens my hair colour and prepares it to “accept” the other colours that are to follow. Proper pre-lightening assures that the hair has been made both light enough and porous enough to absorb the end toner.

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-007

Step 3: Wash, dry and then colour
As you can see below, my hair now has streaks of “light brown/gold”.

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-008


The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-018

Next is simultaneous colouring of the 3 different colours Heven has selected for me – Red, Copper and Brown. The base is brown of course. When asked why he chose these colours, he said warm tones are suitable for my complexion and face features.

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-016

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-009

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-010

After the colour, Heven ensured that the loss of protein from my hair due to the highlighting process is replaced (though not 100%). He combined the Treatment Colour Extend and The Extreme by Redken for a treatment session of 5-10 minutes.

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-012

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-015


After the treatment, my hair was washed before it was given a mask for another 5 minutes.

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-014

Once done, a thorough hair wash came next before my hair was blown dry. Many thanks to Heven for his time and The Met for the makeover!

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-032

So, I’m taking a poll. To do something about it, and WHAT exactly, or to leave it as it is. What say YOU? 🙂

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-029

A less orangey tone for the top would be ideal yes? Any particular colour brand I should try?

Next, make up.

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  1. rainier

    you look more beautiful&gorgeous with the shorten hair dear…

  2. tj

    it’s beautiful! I want that kinda color for my hair too <3

  3. Sean Eat Drink KL

    wow, a bold, striking look! part of me thinks it’s great, and that it’s perfect for chinese new year! though maybe not for the long run 😀

  4. ALAN

    I like the silver foil look!! Seriously though, I like the colour but black is best with the cut you had. You look gorgeous anyway dear. 🙂

  5. cleffairy

    I’ll be honest. I LOVE the hair cut, but the colour, not really… considering that you are a businesswoman and it looks rather flashy. 🙁 The colour will make you look tired and dull if you don’t use make up or accessories. (The red is simply awful lah… the rest of the colours is still ok. )

    If you wanna DIY, you can try Liese or Schwarzkopf Bubble hair colour, no sectioning needed, very easy to use. The colour is usually respectable and not ‘ah lian’ kind.

    ps: Hair dye-ing used to turn me off until I tried Liese. I got kinda addicted to it somehow… cuz the colours are quite subtle.

  6. Kent

    Still gorgeous either way girl! Just tone down the red will do 🙂

  7. Cas

    I LOVE the hair cut on you, makes you look young and fresh. But the red/orange highlights have to go – i do however love the blonde highlights you have underneath it.

  8. airel

    i think it looks great!!=)) may i know how much did it cost??

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks dear! This was done by Heven so do look out for him!
      This should cost about RM500 – but thta’s just a gauge yea. Mine was complimentary by Heven!

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