The Volvo V60 – Entertainment, comfort and style.

For this installment, we were done with the move (like finally!) and since we were too tired to drive it out far ( I was aiming for Melaka or Ipoh actually), we thought we would reward ourselves with a trip to the famed Semenyih Fish Valley Restaurant at Sri Haneco Industrial Park, Jalan Kachau.

volvo v60 review-002

Haneco what???
Yes, that was my reaction as well when my friend forwarded the address to me.
Oh well, we figured that even if we got lost, at least we got lost in a Volvo!  :DD

volvo V60 review - Rebecca Saw -23

Anyhow, the Volvo V60 comes with a Garmin navigational system so it’s time to make full use of it.

volvo V60 review - Rebecca Saw -22

Since it’s going to be a long drive, we got our phones set up on bluetooth for some entertainment. The radio stations works as normal, with us having to adjust the frequency and saving it into the V60 system.

volvo v60 review-038

The cute “fin” you see below is the antenna, something jakun people like me got all wide-eyed. 😉

Volvo V60 - rebecca saw-9

The centre console.

media - Volvo V60-4

This is how it looks like from the side and my automotive friends told me it’s called the “floating panel”. Learnt something new eh? 🙂

volvo V60 review - Rebecca Saw -2

It has a lot of buttons, I know. But they are simple to use!
The keypad is for making calls.
All you have to do is sync your mobile (must be a smartphone la) via bluetooth to the V60’s system and you can call and access the music files from your phone. But of course, a thumbdrive or ipod works just as well.

media - Volvo V60-1

media - Volvo V60

media - Volvo V60-3

media - Volvo V60-8

media - Volvo V60-5

Dialing for me! 🙂
So how do you communicate?
Via the system of course! You do not have to hold the phones to your ears (else that would have been defeated the purpose of this in the first place). Reception was loud and clear, and yes, the whole car listens to your conversation.

media - Volvo V60-6

Tada! Sappy love songs playing :rolleye:
Where’s my “Move Like a Jagger”??

media - Volvo V60-7

Anyways, the sound system is pretty incredible. We turned our V60 into a mini “Zouk”, upping the bass and whatnots and zipped on the highway for fresh steamed fish. Yay!

media - Volvo V60-9

We shall not reveal the speed but the ride was smooth and COMFORTABLE as expected. Look at those seats…. mmmmm… zzzzzz….

Volvo V60 - rebecca saw-14


volvo v60 review-005

The Volvo V60 has this tiptronic gear system. Yes yes, I know some of you who are not automotive savvy are googling it now. Heck, I’m learning too!
The Volvo V60 is auto, or can be manual (tiptronic – you can drive in manual mode if you shift the gear knob to the left). How many gears? Ermmm.. let me get back to you on that!

volvo v60 review-030

And here’s the usual convenience features.
Little compartments here and there for knick-knacks; ie a coffee tumbler, milk bottles for the baby, an open bottle of Johnny Walker for those who live life on the fast lane ….
Note: There are little “smart” features that are not very obvious but thoughtful; like the lights (see below) in the cup holder. It does help especially at night, no fumbling around and risk spilling your drink!

volvo v60 review-031

More connections: Auxiliary audio input. USB.

volvo v60 review-032

volvo v60 review-033

Ok, that’s it. Enough about the insides.
Here’s the drive. The V60 T4′s fuel consumption for combined driving of city & highways is 7.4 litres per 100km. Depending on your budget (which by the way if you’re an owner of a Volvo you shouldn’t be whining like us mere mortals about fuel cost) this should still be considered “reasonable”.

volvo V60 review - Rebecca Saw -18

And some safety features of which Volvo are famous for needs to be highlighted.
Let’s start with this cool one called “BLIS”, which gives you bliss in driving..ermmmm..ok, lame joke. ;p
BLIS: Blind Spot Information System. On both left and right mirrors.

volvo v60 review-003

The light goes RED as warning if there are any cars in your blind spot. Very very handy!
I love it as I had many near misses because of the blind spot many times!

volvo V60 review - Rebecca Saw -21

Other safety features are the Child Safety (common feature) but I was amazed with the brilliant ones like the supportive technologies to help avoid collisions where the car brakes automatically – Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake & Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake. I didn’t get to test those out as I was way too busy shifting & packing my stuffs! 🙁

volvo V60 review - Rebecca Saw -19

Anyhow, I watched this video on youtube that pretty much explains it. Driven by a hot irresponsible lady too! ;p

The Semenyih Fish Valley Restaurant at Sri Haneco Industrial Park is famed for its seafood. If it wasn’t for the Volvo V60, I wouldn’t have driven so far out for seafood.
Heck, there’s so many seafood restaurants around and driving 40kms just because the prices are marginally cheaper? I wonder if these people ever thought of the cost of fuel!

fish valley semenyih (3)

Amazing relevation – the old aunties waitresses here takes orders using iPads! Their interactive menu comes complete with pictures and prices.

fish valley semenyih

My friend bought his own fish, so we only paid the “cooking fee”. It’s cool that they allowed that else our bill would have come up to a much higher amount as fish are usually expensive, even if it’s of the freshwater variety.

fish valley semenyih (14)

Credit to be given where’s it’s due, the food here was actually good!
Our dishes weren’t too oily or overly seasoned. Vegetables retained their crunch, chicken meat were tender, curries were fresh and flavoursome and our fish were cooked to the perfect degree of doneness. Not bad at all!

fish valley semenyih (1)-tile

fish valley semenyih (4)-tile

All the above for RM140.00. There were 7 of us so it amounted up to RM20.00/pax. Not bad eh? 🙂

The drive home was past some trunk roads, in parts barely lit and bumpy.

volvo v60 review-008

The V60 handled it in ease, as expected. And here’s where I suddenly had newfound appreciation of the powerful lights of the V60.

volvo V60 review - Rebecca Saw -3

volvo V60 review - Rebecca Saw -4

volvo V60 review - Rebecca Saw -5
The roads were well illuminated for our drive back. 🙂

volvo v60 review-006

Address of Fish Valley Semenyih:
PT 16367,
Sri Haneco Industrial Park
Jalan Kachau,Semenyih, Selangor
Contact, Tel: 012-382 5518/ 016-278 4092`

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Entertainment system
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Navigational system
Comfort level on long drives
Ease of driving: Manuevering and control
Safety features: BLIS (Blind Spot Control), Pedestrian Detection & Auto Brake
Acceleration – torque and power
Fuel Efficiency

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  1. The Yum List

    Wow seems like a bit of a contrast – super fancy car and 20RM stall food dinner – love it!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Now that you mentioned it, I just realized too!

  2. Akulah Pak Lan

    Nowdays all cars try to intergrate all those entertaiment function. But i am more interested on the safety feature. To have blind spot detection is awesome. Its avoid from you to hit another car at the blind spot.

    As for the seat, yeah its looks like sofa. Can sleep in car if u dont have home. =p

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, the BLIS is certainly an exceptional feature.
      What do u think of the auto brake feature?

      1. Akulah Pak Lan

        That one is super cool. Usefull in traffic jam. For me la. Haha. But u cant use that system in car racing of course. For sure u will loss speed.

      2. rebeccasaw

        LOL! of cos cannot use in racing la!

  3. Sean

    I hope someday in our lifetimes, all cars become advanced enough to drive themselves! We just have to set the destination, and sit down and relax, and the car will just drive us there without us having to put our hands on the steering wheel or our feet on the accelerator! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Brilliant idea 😀
      I hope the same too. LOL!
      But that means the cars will all follow speed limits ;p

  4. Kenny

    Hey you should have tried out V60’s automatic brake system! It sounds so cool.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yea man! Do you want to be my pedestrian? Hahah.. see if the V60 hits u or stop!

      1. Kenny

        I will be the lab rat if you are NOT the driver hahaha

      2. rebeccasaw

        Hahah nothin to do with me!
        It’s the car!

  5. Simple Person

    u all only ordered fish? what other seafood is good? prawns? crabs? lala ?
    i love the technology….

  6. Daniel

    …really nice food n car review…keep up the excellent work. 😉

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks daniel! I’m so glad for your encourage and support 🙂
      YTF soon!

  7. Swicket

    Hi Rebecca,

    The seafood place sounds interesting – i wanna check it out. Is it halal?
    & any other place where they serve halal seafood you know of? (non malay style cooking tht is…)

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