The Volkswagen Sharan – Volkswagen first premium MPV Launch in Malaysia

I was astonished by the number of awards Volkwagen swept that night at the Asian Auto Ambank Fuel Efficiency Awards 2011 (check out the winners HERE ). Granted, I’m not that close knitted with the automotive industry and thus that was an eye-opener for me.

volkswagen AAFEA 2011

After that night, I mentioned it in conversations with (mostly) male friends and I find that most agree that Volkswagens are superb cars.

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia

So when Volkswagen threw a media & family day out at Carcosa Seri Negara on a Sunday afternoon, I put on my pretty Sunday dress plus a cloche and looked forward to a beautiful Sunday out .

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-47

And what a Sunday it was, with Carcosa’s famed scones with real cream, games and a launch skit plus a massage and a manicure!

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-5

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-6

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-45

True to the theme, there were ample activities for the kids. Well, Volkswagen did promise a fun family day out!  🙂

Volkswagen Sharan

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-3

Pizzas and nuggets for the little ones!

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-7
I had my “childish” moment too 🙂
volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-19

Oh, and the variety of cheeses were amazing!

Volkswagen Sharan1

Not to mention the LAMB!! Yes, I love my lamb, especially if it’s PINK.

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-12

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-13

But of course, the launch was about the the Sharan, not the food. Let me get myself re-focused.. :DD

So here’s Volkswagen first premium MPV.

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-14

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-35

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-15

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-36

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-17

Volkswagen Group Malaysia MD Mr. Ricky Tay said in launching this very special model in Malaysia, the company wanted to do something different, something relevant to the vehicle’s character, hence the whole media & family Sunday set-up.

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-26

Targeted obviously for families, the Sharan is a 4,854mm long 7-seater that came with a host of intelligent and safety features for optimum protection.

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-46

1st feature to be highlighted was the airbags.
A total of 9 airbags, including one knee airbag on the driver’s side, curtain airbag system for all rows of seats and side airbags for front and second row passengers ensures that any accident impact is minimalised for the passengers.


Other smart features are the electrically powered sliding doors that have a pinch protection function that ensures safety on entry and exit by sliding back if it hits/bumps into an object. Very kids and elderly- friendly yes? 🙂

The boot is “smart” too. Press this button for a few secs to set the height for the boot to stop. Great for adjusting a comfortable height for those are shorter or taller than average.

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-43

The most interesting feature was The ‘Park Assist’ parallel parking system with Park Distance Control (PDC).
Basically, this system does both parallel and reverse parking for you if you failed your parking test  lack parking skills. This is the first time the Park Assist 2.0 is being features in a Volkswagen vehicle.
If you ask me if this is the first ever vehicle to have this feature, well, that was asked during the launch as well. The answer is no, but the extent of “assistance” provided for the park assist system of the other competitor automotive was different.

Watch the video:
Look Ma! The Sharan parks itself!!

You know how kids loves to stand up and poke their heads out of the roof and enjoy having the wind blowing in their faces? Well, I like to do that too!
The Sharan comes with an electric panoramic tilt and slide sunroof just perfect for that purpose.


Basically, the Sharan aims to please.

For convenience, there’s this innovative compartment on the dashboard itself. The Sharan comes with one integrated child seat on the left side on the second row including belt tensioners for the outer seats of the second row.

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-33

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-39

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-41

Of course being a Volkswagen vehicle, the Sharan is fuel efficient as well. Full tank capacity is 70 litres, and it returns an efficient 8.5 litres/100km.

Drop me a comment if you need more “technical” specs. As you know, I try not to sound like an automotive blog writer, of which I’m not. Plus I have not driven the Sharan before.
So, here are more pictures! 🙂

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-37

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-23

Love these extended “tops”, can use your laptop/tablets or have a meal on the go!

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-24

Ample legroom.

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-25

Each seat can be ndividually adjusted, so you turn down whichever seat according to however much space you need.

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-40

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-42

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-18

The interior.

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-30

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-31

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-32

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-34

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-21

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-22

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-29

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-28

I thought the design of the lights were cool. The Bi-xenon headlamps has the capability of bending according to the angle of the steering!

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-38

Sporty 17-inch ‘Sydney’ alloy wheels.

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-27

The Sharan is available in 6 shades of colours – Candy White, Toffee Brown, Reflex Silver, Night Blue, Indium Grey and Deep Black.

This latest premium MPV from Volkswagen is priced at RM245,888 for the standard option and RM269,888 for the Tech Package. Both variants are available at all authorised dealerships nationwide.
Currently there is a special launch discount but let me confirm on that.
Do leave me a comment if you have any queries!

On another note, anyone wants to take a guess what’s this? 🙂

volkswagen sharan launch malaysia-44

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  1. ulric

    Do I see a kid behind the candy floss?…hehe 🙂

  2. Sean

    OMG free flow of scones!!! but hopefully no one spilled any scone crumbs over the seats of the beautiful vehicle, heheh 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, free flow!! better than liquor I tell you, cos I can’t drink ;p
      Oh, no food allowed in the vehicle lehhhh ;p

  3. Nikel

    wah.. wish can have a drive on this car!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Me too! Hope there’s a test drive for bloggers soon 🙂
      Volks alws do have!

  4. eyriqazz

    Volkswagen sharan? first time heard about it…look cool…

  5. The Yum List

    Do tell, what are those things poking out of the watermelon? Sounds like a lovely afternoon, pretty gardens, food (especially cheeses) and manicures.

    1. rebeccasaw

      The cheeses were awesome! I shall dedicate a blog post to that! 😀
      Aiyo.. you’re not gonna take a gues?? ;p

  6. Simon Har

    wah… amazing launch event! family themed!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, somethin different and Volkswagen certainly splurge on this event! But we all enjoyed ourselves and it certainly has made an impact!

  7. Simple Person

    i could see that there is a lot of volkswagen in d market……
    very spacious….

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup, I drive around a lot in my line of work and I see Volks here, Volks there, Volks everywhere!! They must be doing something right! 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, pricing is consistent. Thanks thks! It was a sun outing at Carcosa so I figured I’ll go all out in my Sunday best ;p

  8. ejam

    bentuknya sangat minimalis, fungsinya tu yg menarik…
    kedudukan kerusi barisan tgh dgn pelarasan individu sgt menarik, so tak perlu gaduh2 yer anak2…hehe

    1. rebeccasaw

      Bentuk memang cantik, tidak begitu “segiempat” sangat kan? Fungsi banyak, dan tiap tiap aspek rekabentuk memang prihatin untuk pengguna!

  9. TianChad

    Looks like Sharan is a good family car for travel trip =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      It’s perfect for long drive, considering how comfortable it is and Volk’s safety features in place.
      I wonder if I can race it on the highway ;p

  10. Merryn

    It is very family oriented indeed. The launch was very kid friendly and all. Nice one this Sharan 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup! It would have been a perfect day for families. Carcosa Seri Negara was beautiful! No doubt the set-up was very well thought out. Kudos to Volkswagen for a memorable launch.

  11. Shin Chan

    Woa. perfect reverse parking! amazing for such a huge vehicle.

    1. rebeccasaw

      I thought so too! The Sharan is too intelligent! 😀
      One day, maybe I can get down from the car, stand aside and say “PARK!”and voila! It’s done ;p

      1. Kenny

        LOL! Don’t you want wand with that? 😛

      2. rebeccasaw

        Hi Kenny! Thanks for popping by 🙂
        A wand? hmmm me thinks .. on 2nd thoughts, a wand is good. Hhahha! White & feathery one!

  12. Alien

    the car looks good! and it has almost the same name that i have! 😀

  13. Daniel

    psst….you write better than some auto bloggers…:)))

    1. rebeccasaw

      OMGGGGGGGGGGG!! *does cartwheels *
      Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.. it takes me hours to write a post & I really appreciate your encouragement 🙂

  14. Badri

    is this a car+food entry!? 😉

  15. Fauziah

    Your explanation very good indeed. I’m drooling over this car. Will visit the vw dealer for a test driver. Thanks!

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