The Vanilla Place – desserts galore!

Contrary to what some may think, leaving my job wasn’t an easy decision. I wasn’t exactly rejoicing in triumph. I left with a heavy heart.
But I walked out knowing I have done my best, and accepted that there are times when one has to admit defeat & this is one of them. Some things are just not within my field or control to change.

Anyhow, when things gets low, desserts are the way to go. (Eh, it rhythms!! :) )
I have heard of how Empire Shopping Gallery has become THE place for desserts, which is true, considering the amount of eateries here that specialised in sweets & pretty pastries.

This time round I decided to check out The Vanilla Place.

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery-01

Macarons are the craze these days & The Vanilla Place offers the options of cute, pocket -friendly one at a mere RM1.50.

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery-10

Or for a better – sized bite, the RM2.50 ones are value for money.

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery-11

Even the big ones like these are priced at only RM4.50!

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery-12

Tastewise? Well, I’m not a fan of macarons but my friend said it was alright. It looked the part though; the skirtings at the side, smooth domed top & ruffled circumference.

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery-0

I was more interested in the actual cakes, and my Carrot Cake, RM8.80+ was a nice-sized portion for the price. There was plenty of carrots & walnuts, with a hint of cinnamon (but not much to the point it was overpowering) & moist enough to recommend.

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery-02

Another comfort food that works for me is milkshakes, and my Strawberry milkshake (RM9.80+) was light & frothy, in contrast with the usual thick & creamy ones we get here, but I’m not complaining, as I do like mine not too cloyingly rich. The other milkshake – the Passionfruit, however received less than stellar reviews from its owner, who said it tasted “weird” to him; whatever that means. In the first place, I thought passionfruit & milk wasn’t a good match anyways.

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery-04

It’s good to have happy-go-lucky friends, such as this one who ordered the Pavlova, (RM8.80+). He was kept amused with our stories & misadventures with a certain individual, & threw in a bit of his well-meaning but useless advice every now & then.
Men, one should never rely on them for comforting words or emotional support.

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery-08

Thankfully his choice of dessert was much better than his words of advice, for this Pav was delightful enough; light, non-overly saccharine sweet meringue with lovely fresh cream.

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery-03

Another female friend gorged on Coffee Cheesecake (RM8.80+), another passable cake here. The texture wasn’t too dense (unlike someone we were gossiping about) & the faint flavour of coffee came from the coffee infused sponge embedded within the cake.

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery-05

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery-06

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery-07

Emotions were slightly elevated after some desserts, and we walked away pleased enough; having had a good session of friendship & laughter.

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery-09

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery-13

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery-14

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery-15

Desserts were overall good. Prices are definitely reasonable. I would be back for their savoury mains.
Total RM52.80
10% tax – RM58.10.

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery.
03 – 50222198

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  1. Sean

    yikes! u’ve resigned already? sorry, didn’t know! hope things are going ok now!

    1. Rebecca

      Yes I have..things are shaky still, but i’m getting there – the stage of “letting go”, accepting things as they are” & “not to worry anymore”

  2. Isaac Tan

    The cake looks good rebecca, until now I did not have the chance to taste any macaroons anywhere yet.

    I read your first paragraph, hope everything is okay. Look forward coz I always see a very bright future for you no matter where you’re attached to!

    1. Rebecca

      Oh man.. let’s go dim sum & then macarons one day!

      And thks dear , for the comforting & encourage words of support! *hugs *

  3. Baby Sumo

    Walked past this place so many times, but never tempted enough to try it.

    All the best in yr next job 🙂

    1. Rebecca

      Haha..I’ve been hearing so much abt it.. so finally popped in The Empire just to try this place! There’s a few more that I’m going to try next..

      And thks Yen, u been a supportive friend! 🙂

  4. Kevin

    From the pics, seems the only macaron options available are size and color :unsure: … what about the flavor?

  5. ciki

    i donch understand why people call macaron, macaroon.. LOL. strange.

  6. AR

    Strangely enough, when I left my old company I bought Levain macaroons for them 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Well, in my case, I think the company should be buying me macarons/ desserts/etc instead

  7. ai wei

    in subang again?! ahhh, that’s far away. wonder if i can try both whisk n vanilla place at the same time?! hmmm…

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