The Top Komtar – what to see and do

I was an invited guest for the opening of The Top Komtar last week.

It has been an extremely busy period since the time I came back until today so pardon the late posting!


Anyhow, a few of my Penang friends posted on Facebook that the entrance fees were not “local-friendly” and seems to be targeting tourists only.
I wish I had more time to explore all of what The Top has to offer and provide opinion on whether the prices were worth it but the media pass allocated only gave me access to Level 65.



The main attraction is on Level 68 where one gets to experience the open-air Rainbow Walk and look down via the glass to 249 metres above ground.

On the other hand, the Level 65 Observatory Deck is an air-conditioned enclosed area that is 360 (in a circle) and allows one to look out to beyond the island.
It does however, features a short glass walkway that lets you watch the world go by below.


It was media day so there isn’t a crowd since the venue is only open to public later in the day.

That gave me opportunity to take better photos and spend more time here.


I’m quite a “seasoned” traveler as I’ve been to too many tourist spots to count and a number of them are sky-high towers.
KL Tower Sky Box  was launched this year and it was undeniably way higher than The Top Komtar.

The tallest I’ve been is the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower @ 632 metres followed by the Macau Tower (338 metres) and the Melbourne Eureka Skydeck 88

So when compared to the sky towers listed above admittedly the Top Komtar isn’t that high but this view still left me breathless.


Because it is my hometown.
Penang will always be in my heart.








I’ll definitely be back to dine at Top View (Level 59) to support Chef Audee whom I’ve known since I was fresh out of school. I served his food to customers at Sommelier Restaurant, Burma Road for almost a year.

Gosh, it’s been nearly 2 decades since I’ve sampled his food!



The queues for the other attractions were crazily long so I had to forgo them that day.
I was particularly interested in the 7D Discovery Motion Theater and the Spacetime Squad.




We parked inside Komtar itself and managed to get a lot on Level 2.
Thankfully, there were plenty of signage to lead us inside. We came out on Level 2 and I instantly felt hearten with the clean, bright interiors.

As a Penangite, I remembered Komtar during its hay days and my happy shopping times here.

I’m glad that Komtar is now given another leash of life after years of neglect. Thank you to the Penang government and all parties involved in their efforts to breathe new life to Penang’s beloved landmark!








There were no lack of food choices available at the lower levels.
Malay, fast food, Chinese cuisine and desserts, there should be enough choices for a good meal. The Japan Food Street however, was the most popular stretch of eateries for everyone.




Once you step out from The Top, there is a souvenir shop conveniently located at the exit.
Do grab a momento photo with the mascots Pearl and George too while you’re at it!



Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak,
No 1 Jalan Penang
George Town, Malaysia
Get Directions
CONTACT: 04-262 3800

Daily 10 am – 10 pm.

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  1. Sean EDKL

    what a fun addition to the island … and a very cool way to appreciate george town’s beauty! 🙂

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