The Season of Durians – Kafe Happy Meal

Durians…the notoriously odiferous famed fruit…

You either love them or hate them with gusto…

And being one of those who absolutely adores them, I’m always on look-out for new ways to satisfy my cravings and Kafe Happy Meal with its infamous durian inspired offerings has been on my radar for a while.
Problem is, I have read blog posts on how their durian puffs fly off the shelves, how long the queue is, how you must be early or it’s all sold out for the day and their opening hours plus the location at the notoriously jammed area of PUDU doesn’t make a trip after work a wise option.
The fact that they are close on Sundays didn’t help.

But hard core foodies are not easily deterred no?

So here we are, at the ungodly hour of 7am on a Saturday morning, literally perching over the counter at the shop itself, peering around at the little “cafe” & eyeing the production table.

Happy Meal Location

I was smugly pleased with myself, thinking “Ahh.. so early, sure can get fresh batch of durian puffs! No way it can be sold out!” only to be disappointed with the lady boss waving us away “No no…busy today..i haven’t start making them!”

Aggkkk??!! Almost frantic, I was close to having a fit as I gasped “Aunty ahh..what time will have??”

“10am. Come back then!”
“I working! Cannotttt…”

“After work laaa..”
“*gulps* I only finish work at 1pm…”
“Can can..I keep for you..come and get it then..”

Holy mother of back to Pudu at 1pm??
Traffic traffic traffic…OR…Durians durians durians????

But but but…look at these…
What’s traffic??

Durian Puffs – (RM2.80 for a box of four).

Clouds of light, frothy durian cream in choux pastry puffs, best eaten chilled.
The cream…FRESH cream..oh, utterly heavenly..

The durian puff, durian butter cake & durian tart

The cafe’s products are no-frills & simple. No fancy icing (thank god, cos I find them frivolous & makes the end product pricier and eating them messier ;p ) and their cake are displayed in slabs, cut into slices selling for RM1 (butter cake) to RM1.30 (aromatic durian butter cake). Other choices includes the quintessential old favs of sugee cake, chocolate cake to the interesting combination of Poppy Seed & Peach Cake (instead of the customary Orange & Poppy Seed version). All very affordable & delicious!

The durian butter cake? Yes, yes… globs of actual durian pulp inside renders every bite of this moist buttery slice of durian creation a delight, albeit a little oily.

The Durian Tart (RM2.50) looks really promising as I split the tart into half for the photoshoot.
Thick mash of lumpy durian paste was enough to make my legs weak but the taste was definitely not what I expected.
Encased in a crumbly crust, the makeup was more custard like, & according to WC, tasted like the Malay dessert called lempok.

durians confectionery - x-section

The Durian Swiss Roll was quite ordinary to me as the only portion that has any trace of durians was the cream, and the taste is very mild. They do a mango version as well but I didn’t try that as I was all focused on the durian ones.

Other tarts include egg for (RM1), coconut (RM1.80), almond (RM2.50), cream cheese (RM2.50), pineapple cheese (another interesting creation!) and the standard red bean & pandan lotus.
If you are a fan of variety, the mix bean which is a yin-yang fusion of red bean paste and pandan lotus is a must try!

They start baking very early in the morning and while I was there, a constant stream of customer popped by and picked up egg, tuna or chicken sandwiches & the freshly baked pastries. I watched the kitchen as they expertly mold, shape and fill the tarts with the necessary fillings before trays of them were slotted into the big ovens for baking. The aroma of piping hot pastries was enough to induce one to buy more than necessary! Do note though that the pastries are best eaten the day it was bought, especially the durians one.

The bakery is open daily except Sundays.
However, do not expect to order a drink and sit down at the premises for a meal. There is no seating & it is more of a buy & go outlet.

143 Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2072-6080

Happy Meal Kafe contact

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  1. mimid3vils

    Price increased for the durian puff huh~~

  2. 550ml jar of faith

    I don't quite feel the same fervour for durians itself, but am much humbled by your tenacity!! 😛 Pudu traffic 1PM on a Saturday…. RESPECT!

  3. tRiEi cRiSiS

    Durians!!!!! come come, lets go for some more~~

  4. Sean

    ahhh u can be the president of MAD (Malaysians Adore Durian). but sorry, i'm not joining your club. 😛

  5. ai wei

    durian puff is not my thing. but i wan their other pastries

  6. backStreetGluttons

    You are right !

    Heaven has no traffic jams nor wrong times , just Durian angels

  7. vialentino

    omg…durians…dun show this to my wife ler….did u try the eat all u can at ss2?

  8. thenomadGourmand

    mimid3vils: really?? How much was it be4??

    550ml: hehe..for food, will travel, will wake up at ungodly hours & will persevere!

    tRiEi cRiSiS: yes yes..nx Sat – the continuation of the Ptg St Food Crawl ok??

    Sean: Ehh..tot u liked the JHP Choc durian?

    ai wei: The others are good too relly! U been there?

    bsg: hahhaa…

    vialentino: Soon…wanna join me? 😉

  9. Myhorng

    take LRT mar.

  10. cariso

    Salute lah! Back at 1p.m. for the durian puffs and tarts! 🙂

  11. Sin Tai Lim

    I guess this place is worth a visit which i will make an attempt to visit one day. thanks for the info…

  12. CUMI & CIKI

    more post on my least fav fruit.. yick! hehe

  13. gourmand extraordinaire

    Ya. So much effort. And I've honestly never seen that place open beofre. now I know why. Only time I ever go to that area, if ever, is on Sundays. Bummer that. I wanna try the durian puff.

  14. wEtwEtwAtEr

    Becky, I dont like you! You are making me drive down KL just for this. @_@

  15. thule a.k.a leo

    you brave!!! I salute! Normally I would skip Pudu area during rush hour. But I guess the durian craving is too much to take huh???

  16. burpandslurp

    AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! Freaking LOVE durians! The stinkier the better! You go "ew" I go "MmmmMM!"

  17. Tummythoz

    Steered off a bit here. Anyone tried the RM10 eat all u can durians at SS2 yet?

  18. Raynebow

    Must really tabik u la – go back TWICE to Pudu on Sat a'noon for this??!! Must be really worth the effort, eh!

  19. thenomadGourmand

    myHorng: ahh?? No way. 🙂

    cariso: I'm sure u'll do the same for food no? 😉

    sin tai lim: Jz dont take forever 😉

    ciki: aiyoo..more to come, how??

    GE: make an appt with me!

    wetwetwater: As if u dont come dwn KL often! ;p

    thule: Heehhe..any cravings of mine are pretty hard to handle!

    burpandslurp: any ideas for a durian sandwich? do u think it will go with PB & cheese?? aft all durian cheesecake is yummy..

    Tummythoz: Oh! tht one not applicable for weekends and if you want "better" variety it's RM15.
    But it is really eat all u can laa…

    Raynebow: yea man.. but at least the puffs were worth it!

  20. thule a.k.a leo

    I can see that 🙂

  21. Lisa

    Haha, I've been to this place some time ago.The durian puff were simply marvelous :p

  22. thenomadGourmand

    thule: yes, dont keep me waitin for the Pink Sage! ;p

    Lisa: Oh yes it is! clouds (its tht light and fluffy!) of pure creamy goodness!

  23. Precious Pea

    I want a box of the durian puff now!!! Yummyummyummm!!

  24. taufulou

    ahhh, i did try the durian puff before my colleague ta pauz for me…if only the taste a bit stronger then will be good liau~

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