The Rojak Song at Rootz, Lot 10

Bloggers were invited to Rootz, Lot 10, yesterday for YTL’s latest initiative for the society – aptly titled “the Rojak Song Campaign“, where the term “Rojak” is used as a metaphor to demonstrate what’s uniquely MALAYSIAN, through quirky & endearing caricatures.

rojak song

A very simple campaign, with simple goals (read: Non profit – oriented..ahemm), Rojak Song is an e-greeting platform to unify Malaysians of different blackgrounds, race & beliefs by sharing their Rojak Song with friends & family.

So how does this whole Rojak Song thing work you ask?

Very simple.
Go to this site & follow the simple instructions.
Remember, when you create a Rojak Song, you create a stronger Malaysia. You celebrate “rojakness”!!!  :yahoo:
Once your song is created, spread positivity and cheer with your Rojak Song by sending your song out to at least one valid email address OR post to Facebook using the Rojak Song Facebook application.

* Every unique click through to a Participant’s song via the attached email link or Facebook application will earn the Participant 10 points.
* Each referred friend who subsequently creates and sends out their own Rojak song from the Participant’s link will earn the Participant 50 points.
* Participants who send out songs from our on-ground event will be entitled to additional 50 points for every friend who views their song.

And yesterday, 5 lucky Rojak-ers won themselves each a Nexus One!!

Like I said before, YTL does not believe in doing things without class. The venue was nicely done up, registration was professional, Tan Sri (Dr) Francis Yeoh, Jacob Yeoh & Wing K. Lee (CEO, YTL Communications) was very approachable & sporting (camwhoring with the bloggers!) & all of them showed genuine interest in “connecting ” with the bloggers via small group discussion throughout the night.

tan sri camwhoring

rootz Lot10

It was a good event, and I was really glad I went  :heart: .  I’m holding Tan Sri Francis Yeoh to his words that 4G connectivity & cheaper telco rates are going to be a reality in MALAYSIA by end of this year!

So, happy Weekend peeps, and do watch this hilarious video (there are a lot more!) that celebrates our Rojak-ness!!

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  1. Sean

    ooh, that roti canai guy is talented! it must take years of practice though. i wouldn’t mind trying that roti canai, just to see if it tastes any different after all that twirling 😀

  2. sophia

    Love this, haha! Malaysians…are so passionate about their food, even to sing a silly song. The prize is really nice though!

    Yo, have you fixed your plans yet? Are you coming with some of your friends? 🙂

  3. Ewin

    woahhhh ROJAK video damn funny LOL!

  4. spectre

    I love rojak * the real thing* :scratch:

    it bout time for 4G :good:

  5. Like Central

    Hey, this is my first comment on ur site. I’ve been reading it for a while in my RSS reader but haven’t commented before. 🙂 Anyways, thanks for the post.

  6. I am very glad then read your posting. I think your information is very useful for everyone……..

  7. Such a your information is so useful to me. Thanks for share this information with me…………

  8. REuben

    Sounds fun wei!
    You’re alws involved in YTL events huh? Invite me la!

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