The Red Bean Bag @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas – Beef Burgers, Smoothies and Chocolate Guinness Cake!

I need my weekly burger fix, pork ones preferred.

the red bean bag, publika-002

But you know what they say about beggars can’t be choosers, so if it has to be beef, so be it.

the red bean bag, publika-003
 The Red Bean Bag at Publika is pork-free, thus it’s all-races friendly and possibly catering to a bigger pool of potential clientele.

Much was blogged about their french toast; of which I have yet to sample since as our first visit was later than 4pm and the kitchen was closed by then. On my 2nd visit, I was famished thus I went straight for their beef burger.

the red bean bag, publika-001

At RM22, it wasn’t pricy by my standards. I got a moist and juicy patty; albeit a bit too salted for my taste, an egg where the yolk was still runny, and generous slices of bacon.
I like how they layered arugula leaves and thick slices of tomatoes (versus the usual cheap lettuce) and sandwich it all between lightly toasted decent quality buns.

the red bean bag, publika-003

If any improvement were required, I would suggest to the chef to work on the seasoning for the patty. Texture-wise it was alright, but the taste could have been better if a myriad of seasoning was added because all I tasted was pretty much meat plus salt.

Snce it’s lunch, I added a salad for fibre.
This Caesar -something  salad; RM7 or RM8 (thereabouts) provided the necessary greens for the day but that’s about it. I was disappointed on how uninspiring it was. The dressing was flat and the salad consisted of a few rocket leaves thrown in a bowl with tomatoes. Anyhow I heard there’s a new lunch and dinner menu soon so here’s hoping that the team will give the salads section its due attention.

the red bean bag, publika

But the smoothies here was certainly worth recommending.  The Berries one (apologies as I can’t remember the name nor the price – but it should be about RM8),  is currently my default beverage order whenever I’m here. Deliciously creamy yet not cloying, The Red Beanbag blends ACTUAL fruits (and a copious amount of it too!) into their smoothies.

the red bean bag, publika-004

This was too sour for me; “Passionfruit and something”, but just as satisfying and chockful with REAL fruits.

the red bean bag, publika-005

Desserts were a hit & miss affair. The Tiramisu was overwhelmingly heavy on the espresso. The cheese layers were too firm and lacked the mousse-y texture that most of us are accustomed to.

the red bean bag, publika-006

But the Guinness Chocolate Cake, RM12.90 was wonderful!  The texture felt as if it was a steamed cake instead of a baked one. It was very moist but not sticky or dense. Rich yet non-cloying. The flavour of Guinness was unmistakably strong, something I appreciate! 😀

the red beanbag, publika-001

the red bean bag, publika-007

Being an Australian/Melbourne coffee culture inspired cafe, The Red Bean Bag prides itself on their coffee. Theirs is Chantico beans from Rubra, artisan coffee roaster from Western Australian.

Coffee addict Leon had a TRIPLE shot of espresso and declared it “Ok only”.
Well, we all know he’s hard to please. Perhaps the coffee was very good. I need a second opinion for sure.

the red beanbag, publika-004

Below: A good place to chill and it’s quiet environment makes it ideal for short writing stints (for me at least).

the red beanbag, publika-003

the red beanbag, publika-002

the red beanbag, publika

However, I won’t say that the food is anything great or worth shouting about. It’s really more on the ambiance and the whole Melbournian cafe set-up vibe.

A4-1-08, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(Opposite Fat Boys Burgers)
Tue – Fri:08:30-17:00
Sat – Sun:09:30-18:00


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  1. Akulah Pak Lan

    Yes the beef burger taste a bit salty. I mean too salty for me. Btw what the heck thr old laptop is doing in the pic. Patut campak ke laut. Haha

  2. ulric

    The beef burger looks good lar…summore with a runny egg…just love oozing egg yolks 😀

    U can never go wrong with Japanese saladas…they r always kick-ass 🙂

    Btw have u tried their Baked Eggs? Wats ur verdict since I wanna try it when I visit? 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hmm I haven’t tried their famous french toast and baked eggs so not fair for me to judge. Frankly, their desserts are good, but food so-so. Maybe if I’m there again I will sample their eggs.

      1. ulric

        Me…me…cose I haven’t sample anything from them yet…hehe 🙁

      2. Rebecca

        Ok ok, we go another round at Publika again! 🙂

  3. Edi神

    sedap! Berliuh-liuh water come out

    Aw Yuen Wei

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes the desserts are good, except for that overpowering caffeine.
      I want to try the baked eggs that’s got everyone raving about

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