The new Han Room & The Gardens Mall Gastro Go

The popular Han Room had relocated from their spot near Fresca to a fresh and modern space on the Robinson side in the Gardens Mall.

han room - gardens mid valley gastro go-006

Tall ceiling to floor glass with discrete motifs and an open entryway welcomes patrons into the outlet.
The main dining area of the new restaurant is devoid of pillars or any tall obscuration and this creates a clean, streamlined space all the way to the back.
With tall ceilings and ambiance lighting, this contemporary outlet exudes class and stature.

han room - gardens mid valley gastro go-005

Overall the dining space is spacious with the tables pleasantly spread out. The main area consist of round tables for chinese banquet-style dining while one side smaller, comfortable sofa tables suitable for 4 -6 pax groups are in place, nicely partitioned with wood panels.
4 -5 private rooms are available for those who wish to dine in absolute privacy.

the han room - garden midvalley-002

the han room - garden midvalley-003

I let my eyes swept appreciatively over the modern furnishing, vibrant colors and decor.
Nice, I had thought.

However, the purpose of my visit was to get acquainted with current gastronomical journey at The Gardens Mall’s named GASTRO Go.
This campaign runs from 22nd Oct to 15th Nov 2015. During this duration, The Gardens Mall entices with special food promotions and limited edition menus from an array of diverse F&B partners including Ichiriki, Alexis, Yuzu, Fresca Mexican Kitchen and Bar, and Coliseum Cafe & Grill Room.

Everyone is entitled to participate in the GASTRO Go Insta Rewards which offers some dining vouchers as the prize.
Here is how to do so:
1. Share your gastro­experiences throughout The Gardens Mall on social media (post your food or dining photos on Instagram). 2. Include a caption describing your food and/or dining experience along with the hashtags ‪#‎TGMGastroGo‬ and ‪#‎TGMCam.
Tag @thegardensmallmy and dining outlet location.

There is no limit to your entries so post away for that chance to grab a RM50 voucher!

Gardens Mid Valley Gastro Go

As part of the Gastro Go initiative, a series of intimate chef’s tables with renowned chefs of selected restaurants within The Garden Malls will host personalities, celebrities and media to explore the intricacies of each cuisine.

And thus the reason for my lunch here today. Chef Justin Hor had carefully curated a 7 course Chinese fusion meal for us.

A selection of dim sum ranging from prawn toast with luxurious foie gras, a cute savoury mushroom shaped bun and sweet  began our feast.
This was followed by a Peking Duck dish but with unexpected playful piggy buns.


han room - gardens mid valley gastro go

the han room - garden midvalley-005

The best dish for me was the Steamed Deep Sea Garoupa with Stuffed Clam, Fish Maw, ‘Seng Kwa’ and Glass Noodle Casserole.
The fish slices were cooked to the perfect degree and the meat was thick and sweet. The stuffing was a unique mix of fish meat, chicken, water chestnut and a myriad of other ingredients which Chef Hor was tight-lipped on.
Each bite into the soft but delicious paste divulges different textures and flavours.
The glass noodles carries the flavours of the gravy well and was easy and light to eat.

han room - gardens mid valley gastro go-002

han room - gardens mid valley gastro go-001

The Deep Fried Beef Ribs with Spicy Sauce next. Chef uses Wagyu Grade 5 beef for this and the sauce uses a XO sauce base which was made in-house.
I enjoyed this dish, but there was too little to go around so we managed to only savour 1-2 bites.

han room - gardens mid valley gastro go-003

The Braised Egg Noodles with Shredded Duck was flavourful as expected. The duck meat was obviously from the Peking Duck earlier, except that the meat is now refried with sauce and garnished the noodles instead.

han room - gardens mid valley gastro go-004

Desserts was both pretty, sweet (in looks and taste) and again, unconventional.
The Chilled Snow Pear and Seaweed Ball came in a mint teapot with the daintiest tea saucer ever. Pour out the sweet soup and sip it while savouring the chewy peach shaped buns with macadamia paste filling.

han room - gardens mid valley gastro go-008

han room - gardens mid valley gastro go-009

It would have been a meal to remember, if service weren’t so haphazard at first with some food ended up served cold.
Anyhow we were in a big media group and long and repetitive photo-taking was the main culprit.

I’ll be keen to visit again for dim sum soon. While I’m at it, I’ll certainly be trying my luck for the Gastro Go campaign on my Instagram.
YOU have 12 more days to visit Garden Mid Valley and enjoy the current Gastro Go Exclusive Menus and Promotions at selected F & B establishments so be quick as they announce the winner every week!

20151021 TGM Gastro Go - Press Release-page-002

20151021 TGM Gastro Go - Press Release-page-003

The Han Room
T-216A, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone 03-2284 8822
Hours: Mon – Fri: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Sat – Sun: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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  1. Meeling

    do you mind to share the pricing details of this Han’s rooom Go Chef’s Table offer?

    Thank you!

  2. Alan Jones

    Becky, that looks wonderful, just up my street. I could sit there all day slowly devouring that duck. I am not familiar with The Gardens, but next time eh? xx

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