The Ming Room, BSC

The fact that tonight there is another session at the Ming Room kinda reminded/prompted me to post this up.

I do have memories of really scrumptious food that night else I wouldn’t have bothered. Partly also it would be a shame if these pictures remained tucked away in some cluster of my HDD, collecting bits & bytes of dust & subsequently forgotten (just like those other 101 pic folders on my drive).

We were here for a birthday celebration & this is MY favourite part of the meal.
I mean who really cares what we had for dinner when there is CAKE right?
You mean the dinner is important?? Sheesssh.


But I digress. Where was I?

And so yeah, the cake cutting part.
Which means this is when I get to EAT the cake. FINALLY.

Ahh…the expression on one’s face when presented with a cake by the famed FatBoyBakes.

ming room4

Rich, ALCOHOLIC Blackforest Cake that wraps up the dinner nicely.

But of course, before all that jazz, we did had dinner. And The Ming Room offers both ala-carte items as well as 8-10 different set dinners. Ours was this.


For RM88+ per pax, it is worth your moolah for this alone.

The Double Boiled Shark Fin Soup with Shark’s Bone
So robustly flavourful yet delicate in taste. Murky white broth, chunks of abalone & combs and combs of shark fin. Dear God, I have sinned.

ming room2

Such a glorious soup, and there’s no need for quick slurping since it was kept nicely warm by the contraptions you see here, whatever it may be called. Soup warmer?
I mean, don’t you hate it when you drink a good bowl of soup, and was just beginning to savour the taste, with the soup tummy warming properties starting to take effect & you find each subsequent spoonful colder than the previous, hence you panic & start to gulp down the remainder? Urgh.

ming room1

Baked Cod Fish with Orange Cubes.
A delightful starter. Tangy orange juice doused onto streaks of tart pomelo, coupled with milky moist cod. Now, IF only they serve us a BIGGER piece.

ming room

With such marvelous starters, I begun to look forward to the night’s dinner.

And then the next course left me cold.

Pan Fried Iberico Pork Chop in Chef’s Special Sauce.
Hummprhh.. And to think that Chinese are supposedly the best when it comes to their pork.

Tender yes, texture – wise but salty & there wasn’t anything special with that sauce. If anything, it was too strong & probably overpowered the meat natural flavour. A pity really, for I have heard much raves of Iberico pork.

ming room3

And the next dish elicited a yawn. Of which I did politely cover my mouth of course.
Sauteed Black Fungus with Kai Lan.

kai lan

Baked Rice with Abalone & Seafood.
Ah..finally an interesting looking creation. Which brings one to wonder about the shell. Do they wash, dry & refill it for the next round? I mean, I’m all for Reduce, Reuse & Recycle…BUT BUT…


Well, I digress.

The rice was wonderfully flavourful with bountiful chunks of seafood, chicken cubes, long beans & mushrooms thrown in.

ming room5

Then it is dessert time.

Chilled Sago Cream with Mango.
Forgettable. Hence no descriptions. Cos I forgot how it tasted.

sago cream

Some hits and misses obviously. But The Ming Room carries decades of solid reputation & is renowned for its dim sum as well as its exquisite Chinese fare so I’m not one to dismiss it after ONE meal. Plus, I have yet to staple their famous dim sum.

So, should it be Grand Imperial or The Ming Room again tonight?

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  1. Sean

    ouhhh, am usually not a big fan of set menus cos prefer the freedom of choosing every item ourselves, but this one looks really worth it, price-wise. though maybe the portions might not be filling enough, huh 😀

  2. J

    Yummy rice? I'm there!! 🙂
    (Can't resist the carbs… Pity about the pork though)

  3. Sin Tai Lim

    i would prefer Grand Imperial ,,,

  4. agentcikay

    why pork no good ar.. fail ;( but still the other dishes look good.. wait a minute.. im looking at the FBB cakes! LOL

  5. SimpleGirl

    mango sago dessert attracted me…and in fact it's a good deal set also

  6. foodbin

    a great deal for such wonderful food-their dim sum are good, too.

  7. Tummythoz

    That's one real humongous whopper choc cake!

  8. worldwindows

    Old school with a new twist. The Iberico ham shd be nice. Enjoyed the shark fins while you can as more and more object (my son noisily) to it esp the younger set.

  9. thenomadGourmand

    sean: Yup, gapping tummy was filled at the last part by FBB's cake!

    J: Hehe. Same here babe, same here!

    stl: Oh? Hope I get Grand Imperial tonite then!

    ciki: OH the others are alrite.

    simplegirl: Quite worthwhile for the soup alone.

    foodbin: Yea, but dim sum only lunch n brekkie

    tummythoz: That's what u can expect frm FBB!

    ww: yes, I'm not sure if i like the new twist tho.
    Oh, myself objects to sharkfin too. But it was impolite to turn awy the whole bowl in front of me.

  10. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    i think they re-used the shell =) (according from some1 in the f&b industry, and also the decorative fruits and vegetable)

    liked the morning dim sum..

  11. backStreetGluttons

    Aahh , premium food . Life is good !
    but make sure you work harder Sat ok …else some uncle won't be 2 happy

  12. mimid3vils

    the rice too wet, flooded with the gravy, i don't like 😛

  13. ai wei

    88 for this set?! it's quite reasonable. just look at the first shark fin. it's really slurppp slurrrpp!

    and the cake is looking sinful, so chocolicious

  14. Nic (KHKL)

    looking at the pics and menu, it's a very scrumptious set, i must say. it was so crowded the last time i tried to enter that i ended up at house + co. not that it was bad lar, of course..hehe

  15. ~Christine~Leng

    heard so much about ming room 🙂
    pass by everytime when i'm in BV but yet to step in. looks 'expensive' ;P
    But this set seems reasonable 😉

  16. ~Christine~Leng

    heard so much about ming room 🙂
    pass by everytime when i'm in BV but yet to step in. looks 'expensive' ;P
    But this set seems reasonable 😉

  17. Bangsar-bAbE

    I don't really like ordering the set meals at Ming Room. Try the wine chicken and stewed pork. I like their steamed cod too! 😉

  18. thenomadGourmand

    joe: Yea..must go try their dim sum! got buy one free one i saw yest!

    bsg: Haha.. will alws keep weight i nchk no worries!

    mimid3vils: oh i knw what u mean. U like them dry and fluffy rite?
    Well..this one is purposely with the stock added in.

    ai wei: I tot so too!

    Nic: House & co was alrite the last time we went for lunch w FBB, Ciki, Sean. Pricy tho.

    Chiristine: It is "pricey" Chinese dining! Heh

    B-babe: Ah.. ala carte u say? Well..nx time!

  19. 3 hungry tummies

    That is a steal for 88/person!!

  20. J2Kfm

    they even serve iberico pork? aiks, thats fusion?!
    sadly overpowering sauce huh?

  21. Selba

    Wow!!! All the food looks so scrumptious!!! and… look.. there're abalone and shark fin? woohoooo…..

  22. thenomadGourmand

    3 hungry tummies: Hmm..for us earnin in RM? Still no so..

    J2kfm: I was just as excited whn i saw the menu. Pity abt the sauce really.

    Selba: Haha.. expensive stuff!

  23. My Taste Heaven

    woah, seems like you were having an expensive meal!
    i simply love the sago, looks so tempting!

  24. vialentino

    ming room restaurant not bad actually….i like their food there

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