The Launch of TRON – Malaysia’s latest mobile network

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Talk Focus Sdn Bhd officially activated “Tron”, a new cellular network service provider, which offers Malaysia’s first ever unconditional 365-day connectivity with every reload.

That means that each time you reload, you stay connected for 365 days – not 5 days, not 7 days; you stay connected for 365 days. That means no more wasted, unused money in your account,” said Chief Executive Officer of Talk Focus, Steven Loke.


Now, I’m not a tech blogger so I’m going to explain this the best I can in laymen terms; as per my understanding.

WHAT is Tron:
Other than the 3 telecommunications giants – Maxis, Digi and Celcom, lately we started having choices – with the launch of “smaller” providers like UMobile and Tune Talk. Tron falls into the latter category.

How to subscribe:
Keeping it simple, Tron has two starter packs – Beon Lite which costs RM9 and Beon Infinite which costs RM98.
Beon Lite is the basic entry level pack and has a RM152 value which includes a RM100 voucher to buy a Tronfone.
Beon Infinite has a RM11,957 value, it comes bundled with additional insurance coverage worth RM10,000 and a stay at a four-star resort in Bali or Phuket worth RM1,680.

Starter Pack Tron Beon Lite RM9 Tron Beon Infinite RM98
Package inclusive of:
Tron Talktime RM3.00 RM3.00
Tron Cash RM4.00 RM4.00
Tron Points 10 100
FREE Insurance Coverage of Sum Assured NIL RM10,000.00
4D3N Hotel Accommodation NIL In Bali/Phuket – worth up to RM1,680.00
Exclusive Goodies 20 x Free Mobile Voucher (SMS) Downloads
Java games, graphics, truetones
20 x Free Mobile Voucher (SMS) Downloads
e-news, e-comic, java games, graphics, truetones
Tronfone Voucher (RM) RM100.00 RM100.00
TOTAL VALUE WORTH RM152.00 RM11,957.00
Super Long Validity (365 Days) Yes Yes
Access to Mobile Merchant Platform Limited Access Full Access


Description Charges
Voice Call 20 cents per min
SMS 10 cents per SMS
MMS 30 cents per MMS
Data 15 cents per MB
Talktime Transfer 25 cents charges apply to transferor & transferee
Friends & Family *refer to FnF slide

Under its standard rate plan, Tron charges 20 sen a minute for voice calls, 10 sen per SMS, 30 sen per MMS and 15 sen per megabyte of data.

However, when subscribers reload RM100, the Tron Super Deal is activated and the rates are dropped by 50% to 10 sen a minute for voice calls, 5 sen per SMS, 15 sen per MMS and 7.5 sen per megabyte of data.

Unique Selling Point:

Tron – the first of its kind in Malaysia and the only telecommunication service provider which offers validity as long as 365 days upon activation of the number without any conditions.

Value Added Services:

Mobile Merchant Platform (MMP)
MMP is a mobile deals platform (think Groupon/Everyday/Dealmates) that features exclusive discounts for Tron subscribers by participating Tron merchants. Currently 350 merchants & growing, expect more deals on food, beauty, sports, automotive accessories and etcc.

I kid you not. It’s a GSM Fixed Wireless Line Phone (whatever that means. Anyone care to explain??).

Tron sim card as an E-Wallet
It is possible to pay for almost everything via Tron’s mobile device and web portal.
Tron E-Wallet is a stored value purse module allowing subscribers to make micro payments & payment aggregations connecting to many banks & payment gateway providers.
Subscribers can pay for utilities, for online ticketing, hotels and restaurants bookings and not forgetting Tron merchants on MMP of course.

How to reload Tron Talktime and Credits into E-Wallet
Through various reload channels – Tron portal (, petrol stations, retail merchants & convenience stores. Else hop in Tron’s Concept Store at Sunway Pyramid and Tropicana City Mall.

Tron points
Subscribers earn loyalty points Tron Points upon accumulation of every Ringgit spent. Accumulated points is redeemable with merchandises from the Tron Gallery (see below), deals from the MMP and even for FREE Tron Talktime credits.

Tron Gallery
Tron’s web portal or concept store that offers electronic gadgets and phone accessories that can be purchased with Cash or Tron points. Use Tron E-Wallet for further discounts.

Subscribers will also have exclusive access to a dedicated self-care web portal cum social media platform at, which will also keep them updated on merchant discounts and perks that are part of the additional benefits of having a Tron subscription.

The portal will integrate all apps, services and social media platforms into a single convenient interface.

Tron Steven Group

Loke said Tron intends to grow the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) by leveraging the growing use of mobile Internet and smart devices by consumers in Malaysia, particularly among youth and young Malaysians who are heavy users of social media.

Talk Focus received both its Application and Network Individual Licenses in 2010 from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, and entered into MVNO roaming partnership agreement with DiGi Telecommunications earlier this year.


Me and my complimentary SIM pack.


I haven’t started using it yet as it only has RM3.00 worth of talktime credit upon activation and Tron doesn’t have BIS service as yet (I’m a BB user). No fret for iPhone users though, Tron service centres does provide sim-cutting services.

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  1. Nikel

    worth to have a try.. how about the coverage area? :good:

    1. rebeccasaw

      No idea!
      I haven’t used the Sim cos it doesnt work on BB.

    2. mahesh sahani

      dear sir i have sum problem abut my credit s
      sir,last 18/06/2012 mornig.07.10 a.m i have recharge the my mobile online for CIMB BANK & rechare the num.0107724748 but that auber mitec i rechage the wrog num aqtuly i recharging the tunetalk but credit go for tron talktime & my reqst num.is421410 so sir pls.refund the my credit the sem a/c thanks.

  2. floyd

    Network coverage including Sabah/Sarawak?

    These two states are always late by 3 to 6 months after roll-out of services in the peninsula Malaysia

    1. rebeccasaw

      Good question.. I forgot to ask .. LOL.
      But I think no, none in Sabah/Sarawak & yups, we are looking at 6 mths..

  3. joeboy

    for coverage it is the same as DIGI because Tron leverages on the Digi network. wherever digi has coverage tron has it too. unfortunately tron has a weak selling point, as 365 days is not priority for the smartphone user but the ordinary phones users but reloads of RM100 and above only you get the discounts which if you are reloading rm100 it is highly unlikely you are doing it every month.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup, that’s what I thought from beginning about riding on Digi network.
      As for the reloads, I agree on the less than attractive bonus. So you’re switching soon to another telco I assume?

  4. ezza

    how to register tron simcard

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi Ezza!
      I believe you can get the sim card at their shoplot/store in Sunway Pyramid. Let me know if you need anything else

  5. freda_yeo

    i think the Tron line service is quite weak, sometimes my sis use Tron to call me, i can’t hear it clearly what she say even there r Communication Tower around those area

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, I think from the time it was launched til now there hasn’t been much improvements? I haven’t heard of any

  6. mathu

    Which petrol station-reload

  7. Nicole

    the selling point is weak,because not much people will be attracted to the validity period, some more, digi coverage is not that stable~ btw, anyone here knows that actually we can earn 2nd income and other benefits while using our mobile phone as usual?

  8. Christopher Ang

    I am a Singaporean who goes to Malaysia often, hence the validity period is something which attracts me. I am currently using Tunetalk which means I need to top up RM5 for a 5 day validity or pay RM38 for 365 days validity. How does the signal of Tron compare to Tunetalk? Would you recommend Tron or Tunetalk for a foreigner like me?

  9. seth

    mana satu harus saya topup rm100 untuk mendapatan bonus talktime 50% …. tron talktime rm100 atau tron cash rm100…? saya topup melalui e-pay…!

  10. Janney Lim

    I wanna to complain why i try to call the tron helpline but didn’t any people sereve for me!!
    I alreday try to call few days!!but my answer still same..and why i call to helpline they will charge my money?

  11. chong

    where can i top-up in jb

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Sorry Chong! I won’t know. Do they have the JB location on their website?

  12. tiana

    Hw to apply a stokis ?

  13. Danny EK

    Kindly advise: I am using a Tron Simcard bought last year. Few days I just
    reload. Understand that the simcard can also be use for broadband. Is there any package at Tron (monthly rate) where I can use for hp contact, WhatsApp, Line etc.. I am a moderate user. Pls advise package suitable
    for me.


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