The launch of Grimbergen, a Belgian beer by Carlsberg Malaysia & Luen Heng

Though I’m not much of a beer drinker, I can’t help but be intrigued by the rapid changing beer-drinking landscape in Malaysia since last year.
Do you remember the days when it was just Carlsberg and Tiger as the primary choice for beer?
Now we have colourful and fascinating tasting beers from countries around the world. Last year, I was invited to a few beer-pairing dinners, which was most interesting to say the least.
Words like “wheat”, “hops” and “milling” were thrown about, with phrases like “floral” and “Hop flavor” intermingling in the conversation. My my, beer drinking is almost as sophisticated as wines!

The launch of Grimbergen-005

Just this week I was invited to the launch of the Grimbergen, a Belgian beer. Now I know Belgian chocolates, but Belgian beer??

Here are some Info & Facts:

Grimbergen is a contemporary abbey beer, whose roots go back to medieval abbey life. Yes, you read right. The abbey’s Fathers brewed the beers!


Grimbergen’s origins can be traced to 1128 when St. Norbert founded the Abbey of Grimbergen in the village of Grimbergen near Brussels in Belgium.
The Abbey’s Norbertine Fathers helped those in need, primarily by offering food, drink and shelter to passing pilgrims.

The area surrounding the Abbey produced hops and barley of the highest quality and over a number of years the Father’s perfected a range of Grimbergen recipes that were eagerly drunk by patrons of the inn attached to the Abbey.

The launch of Grimbergen-004

** The license to brew and distribute the Grimbergen brand was acquired by The Carlsberg Group as a part of the Scottish and Newcastle acquisition.

So, thanks to Carlsberg Malaysia, member of the media and friends were served free-flow of GRIMBERGEN that evening at the launch. To most of us, if not ALL, this marks our first sip of Belgian’s Grimbergen.


The launch of Grimbergen-010

Below: His Excellency Marc Mullie, Belgium Ambassador to Malaysia giving his speech.

The launch of Grimbergen-009
The media launch was held at his lovely residence. No no they don’t live in this tent. ;P

The launch of Grimbergen

The evening started out with Bellinis…

The launch of Grimbergen-001

But it was the Grimbergen that got us all waiting in anticipation. 3 types –  BLONDE (Pale Ale), AMBREE (Double) in bottles and BLANCHE (White Wheatbeer) were served right after the launch do and here’s a short description of them.

Grimbergen is a top fermented ale beer, and Grimbergen offers a large range of beers from 6 to 6.7% alcohol content.
The range available for us in Malaysia includes the Grimbergen Blonde and Grimbergen Double in bottle as well as Grimbergen Blanche (White) in draught and bottle.

The launch of Grimbergen-004

My thoughts:

Grimbergen Blonde: Light, smooth. Easy to drink. Almost sweet! I like it 🙂

Grimbergen Blanche (White): A pale honey color, cloudy with visible carbonation and a bit on the sweet side too.

Grimbergen Ambree (Double): Dark amber colour (duh, the name says it all no?). Stronger in taste and though not really bitter, it’s a bit dry and “dusty” in the throat.

And lastly, a little trivia about Grimbergen and its emblem…

Brand history: 

“Ardet Nec Consumitur” – Burned but never destroyed:

The Abbey of Grimbergen has experienced some turbulent times since its inception in 1128. By the 17th century it had been burned down and rebuilt many times. In 1629, after one such incident, a phoenix was chosen as a fitting emblem of the Abbey. From this time through to the present day, the phoenix, together with the motto “Ardet Nec Consumitur” (burned but never destroyed) were featured on the Abbey’s coat of arms and in its stained-glass windows.

The golden phoenix is portrayed as the brand icon which symbolizes positive trademarks and universal values of Grimbergen. It represents strength, affirmative and confidence, characteristics valued by the consumers.

The launch of Grimbergen-013

Congratulations and many thanks to Carlsberg Malaysia for bringing  another premium imported beer to us!

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      1. Simple Person

        Ok LAH… Beer tummy is coming out… Got nag by wife…. Aihhhhhh

      2. Rebecca

        Hehehe! I don’t like my BF or hubby to hv beer belly either so understand 😛

  1. Nikel

    Try once before.. Very smooth taste!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup! tht’s Brussels right? What was tht event? How come this was the “launch” when it’s already served last year at Brussels?

  2. Sean

    ooo, okies, i’ll remember to order Grimbergen if i see it on any drinks menu! 😀

  3. The Yum List

    I’m not much of a beer drinker either, but I like some of the sweeter ones. I especially like Belgium cherry beer.

    1. Rebecca

      Belgium cherry beer? Where can I get this 🙂 and what’the name of the beer?

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