The launch of Firefly’s inaugural flight between Kota Bharu and Johor Bahru

Happy TGIF guys! :DD
Today would be the 2nd day of my trip with Firefly Airlines in conjunction with their launch of inaugural flight between Kota Bharu and Johor Bahru.


I’m following the media familiarisation trip, co-sponsored by Johor State Tourism and Resort World Sentosa, and the ground transfers are hosted by Truly Travel Mart Tour & Transport Sdn Bhd and SN Vacation.

Below: Guess who’s on the trip as well and adding bling, spark and glamour (literally) to our 4D3N adventure? :DD

rebecca saw - kee hua chee
 Our flight was smooth and upon arrival at Senai International Airport we were greeted by Firefly personnels followed by tradition welcome performance.

Below: Director Ministry of Tourism Malaysia Johor, Mohammad Isa Abdul Halim greeting passengers.

Director Ministry of Tourism Malaysia Johor, Mohammad Isa Abdul Halim greeting passengers

My itinerary is as below:

Day Date Activities
1 26 April 2012 Sambutan tetamu –tetamu khas / delegasi media / penumpang dari penerbangan perdana Firefly dari Kota Bharu ke Johor Bahru disambut di lapangan terbang antarabangsa Senai. Pertunjukan Kebudayaan.
Rombongan bertolak dari Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Senai ke Johor Bahru Premium Outlet (JPO), Kota Iskandar, Johor Bahru Chinese Temple, Kuil Kaca India pertama di Dunia dan Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar.
Check – in Puteri Pacific Hotel, Johor Bahru
Aktiviti bebas
Jamuan Makan Malam bersama Firefly
Acara bebas.
2 27 April 2012 Sarapan Pagi di Hotel
Delegasi bertolak bagi Singapore city tour, lawatan ke Singapore Resort World, dan lawatan ke Geylang Serai, Little India, The Merlion dan Masjid Sultan.
Bertolak balik ke Johor Bahru
Jamuan Makan Malam bersama oleh Jabatan Pelancongan Negeri Johor
Acara bebas
3 28 April 2012 Sarapan Pagi di Hotel
Bertolak ke Sibu Island Resort menerusi Tanjung Leman, pembentangan taklimatproduk oleh Sibu Island Resort. Lawatan ke sekitar Sibu Island Resort.
Makan Tengahari  di Sibu Island Resort
Delegasi bertolak ke Desaru Fruit Farm, pembentangan oleh Desaru Fruit Farm
Hi-tea di Desaru Fruit Farm
Delegasi bertolak ke Johor Bahru dan bermalam di Johor Bahru
Acara bebas.
4 29 April 2012 Sarapan pagi di Hotel
Delegasi bertolak ke Lapangan Terbang Senai Airport

So, as you guys can see, the programme is angled at highlighting the wonderful attractions that the state of Johor has to offer, whereby serving as a convenient gateway to Singapore is a major part of it.
For TODAY, I’m really excited for the Singapore City Tour where I’ll be visiting the Singapore Resort World. I have been to Universal Studios Singapore many times, most recently to the World Gourmet Summit 2012. But I have never toured the whole of Resort World before. I am assuming that  during the trip, I’ll be able to visit different hotel. *fingers crossed*

For the rest of the media, they were happy with their visit to the Johor Premium Outlets yesterday. I have been to JPO myself (POST HERE) and I was told this time that JPO was as packed as ever even on a weekday yesterday!

johor premium outlet - media launch

johor premium outlets - media launch

For shopacholics, here’s a tip!
The journey from Senai Airport to Johor Premium Outlets is a mere 5 – 10 minutes ride.  Fantastic news isn’t it! You can actually just make a day trip, shop til you drop and fly back home right away.

And of course no trips is worth the trip if I don’t get to savour some local delights. I hope to taste authentic Nasi Briyani Gam, Laksa Johor, and Mee Bandung while I’m here.

Other than that, I have never heard of Sibu Island Resort. Have any of you? It sounds very promising, with clean waters and sandy beaches. Let’s see if it leaves up to its name!

Last but not least, I will try to update occasionally during the trip, time and connectivity willing.
So, have a good weekend ahead peeps, cause mine has already started! :DD

Firefly made history by being the first airline to provide direct air linkages connecting the south and the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.
This flight connects Sultan Ismail Petra Airport, Kota Bahru to Senai Internation Airport in Johor.
The flights are direct, thrice weekly services with a travel time of approximately 1 hour 40 minutes, providing an excellent alternative to existing public land transportation servicing this route such as coach and rail services.

Flight schedule, effective today
Kota Bharu – Johor Bahru/ Johor Bahru – Kota Bharu

Route Kota Bharu – Johor Bahru
8.30am – 10.10am – Tues, Thurs, Sun

Johor Bahru – Kota Bharu
10.30am – 12.10pm –  Tues, Thurs, Sun

cmyk fy logo


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    1. Rebecca

      Where you want to fly to? Can ask!

  1. nikel

    now, the transportation at JPO is almost complete with flight services… KB ppl can fly directly there now

    1. Rebecca

      Yes! Thks to Firefly!
      For a quick shopping trip, it’s not bad actually. But I would say this is great for East coast ppl to go Singapore. I’m sre the flights will be packed mostly with people with such intentions. As well as those taking a quick break frm working at the Petronas plants

  2. Sean

    hope you’ve been enjoying the flights! argh, this reminds me that my passport expires in september, so i technically can’t travel abroad abroad already. need to find a day to renew it 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ahh.. u traveled a bit last u taking a break this year? 🙂

  3. Edi神

    by using a mixer PRa-bersih3.0

    Finally the complete dish of the main dish the shop serves it nice and thick.

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