The launch of AIA Vitality programme in Malaysia!

Workout, eat healthy, take care of your wellbeing and be rewarded?

Now, that is precisely the incentives offered by the AIA Vitality programme.


This unique insurance and health programme actively supports and rewards you for making healthy choices every day so you can live a healthier, longer and better life.

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Now I’ve been getting queries ever since I announced its launch last week so I thought I should try to explain it further here.

In fact, I’ve personally decided to embark on this program and would love to have company to well, accompany me on this journey.

So if you are interested to be a part of the AIA Vitality program after reading my article, drop me a message!

1. Is AIA Vitality some kind of new insurance from AIA?

No, it is NOT a new insurance per se, and no, AIA Vitality isn’t new.

AIA Vitality is a proven programme which has enjoyed tremendous success in the other markets where it is available before Malaysia, namely Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia and Singapore.

Malaysians can now enjoy the same privileges as it was launched in our country earlier this month!

AIA - 2nd evebt

(L-R) Bill Lisle, Regional Chief Executive of AIA Group; Anusha Thavarajah, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Bhd; Mark Tucker, Group Chief Executive & President of AIA Group at the AIA Vitality Launch.


2. How to join AIA Vitality?

AIA Vitality membership will first be opened to customers who purchase any new life insurance policy or takaful certificate with AIA.
You can read more on this AIA Malaysia page:

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For customers who sign up for AIA Vitality with AIA’s flagship products A-Life Link and its takaful equivalent, A-Life Link-i, they can potentially receive free additional coverage of up to 45% on death and disability.

I am really excited to start my AIA Vitality journey in July. Honestly, who wouldn’t be excited to experience health, wellness and rewards all in one package?

All in all, AIA aims to attract 30,000 AIA Vitality members by the end of 2016.

Aia vitality launch - Rebecca Saw

3. How does AIA Vitality work?

Once you have done the above (sign up and apply for AIA Vitality via your AIA Life Planner), you are good to go.
The programme consists of 3 main pillars: (1) Know Your Health, (2) Improve Your Health, (3) Enjoy The Rewards.

1. Know your Health
For a start, you would have to bite the bullet and face the facts.

Just how healthy are you?

AIA _Vitality _ProgLeaf-IMO_20160527-page-002

Once you know your shortcomings/weaknesses, you would be able to set a realistic self-improvement goal.

Customers who participate in AIA Vitality first complete the AIA Vitality Health Review to determine their “AIA Vitality Age”, an indicator of overall health that may be higher or lower than their actual age.
I’ve taken the test during the launch and I was surprised at the results.

I’m 35 this year, but my “AIA Vitality” age is 38! *GASP*

I blame it on the work stress!

Aia vitality launch - Rebecca Saw-001

So now that you are aware of your vitality age, what’s next?

Well, you embark on self-improvement of course, which brings us to Pillar No. 2.

2. “Improve Your Health”.

Here is where you engage in various chosen activities of YOUR choice to improve your well-being.

Hate swimming? Then stay away from it.

Love dancing? Do it! Join a class and sashay your way to a healthier you.

Whatever you do, record it and earn AIA Vitality points.
The programme is integrated with an array of mobile applications and wearable fitness devices, making it easy for AIA Vitality members to track their goals and log their activities to earn points.

What kind of activities are you supposed to log?
Here’s a few examples – number of steps, submit health check results, weight monitoring and (if you’ve attended organised fitness activities) proof of attendance. 

AIA _Vitality _ProgLeaf-IMO_20160527-page-005

I had first experience with the whole reward system during the launch.

I began with the (1) AIA Vitality Health Review followed by (2) cycling for my juice and was (3) delightedly rewarded with a RM50 Guardian voucher.
So easy and it feels good to be remunerated for my effort!

Aia vitality launch - Rebecca Saw-003

Aia vitality launch - Rebecca Saw-004

Aia vitality launch - Rebecca Saw-005

4. What sort of rewards can you expect?

AIA Malaysia has teamed up with 12 partners to offer its AIA Vitality members discounts and rewards in the following areas: gym membership, wearable fitness devices, fitness apparel, healthy food, health screenings and fitness assessments, hotels, airlines and movies.

AIA Vitality Members will receive discounts of between 15% and 50%, depending on their AIA Vitality status, when engaging with the programme through its partners, namely AirAsia, Berjaya Hotels and Resorts, BP Healthcare, Emirates, Fitbit, Fitness First, Garmin, Guardian, Marriott, Medklinn, Mongoose Publishing’s Men’s Health & Women’s Health magazines and Reebok.

Here is a chart of potential rewards as of June 2016. There will be more partners in the near future.

AIA Vitality Media Launch - Anusha s slides + Additional Info-page-014

As you can see, the rewards gets better as you make your way to a healthier, happier, fitter you!

I’ve committed myself to the AIA Vitality program as I always believe that health in itself is a reward but how could I ever say no to extra rewards on top of that? With that being said, let’s go through a journey of health and wellness together!

Are YOU with me?

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