The Hunger Box – lunch box delivery: Order exclusive Nyonya Nasi Ulam @ RM35/set

Hey folks!

As you may know, I’ve got a new venture going!

I did “Becky’s Pick” earlier this year for Chinese New Year and the items I sourced were the best that I could find in the market for pineapple tarts, kuih kapit, peanut cookies, melt-in-the-mouth kuih bangkit, fruit cakes and more.
You can find the list –> HERE.


During the mooncake festival, I created my own BBQ Pork and Nuts mooncake for sale (order HERE) and collaborated with another baker for her quality Shanghai mooncakes (order HERE).

rebecca saw mooncake - pork and nuts mooncake-001

Ever since Chinese New Year, I’ve sourced and curated more items to add to my repertoire of OEM products for sale.

The Melaka Nyonya chang is one of my bestsellers (order HERE), while the Melaka Nyonya Achar is an exclusive product that is tricky to obtain ANYWHERE in Malaysia or Singapore.
So you can order from — HERE.


Hearts and Hands embodies the concept of food and non-food items made with heart (passion) and hands (lovingly, painstakingly prepared).
This site is my curated site of items that may or may not be found in other venues, online or shop.


Most of the items are what I considered to be at the very least, above average from the commercially available versions.
And so far, I’m glad to have received positive feedback from everyone!


Now, I’ve got another exciting news!

Today I’m launching The Hunger Box, a unique, limited meal/lunch box (it can be dinner too!) service that is only available on selected days of the week.
Since the meals are cooked/prepared by home chefs/cooks/bakers, we can’t offer this daily.

So yes, once I announce it on my social sites (follow me and you will get updated!) please message us immediately if you would like to order!

My social sites: 
Facebook Page:
Hearts & Hands:

And…the 1st The Hunger Box meal is ………..the Nyonya Nasi Ulam!


Trust me, you won’t be able to get this anywhere else.
There is almost 11 types of herbs and ingredients that goes into each serving of rice you see here.
All these are fresh & finely cut and tossed with cooked rice colored with natural blue pea flower.
Each batch takes approximately 3-4 hours to prep.


And that’s for the rice alone!

In this set, we have included a whole chicken drumstick with thigh cooked in homemade, aromatic curry paste, homemade achar (pickles), homemade sambal and freshly fried crackers.


VIDEO: The making of Penang Nyonya Nasi Ulam with Kapitan Chicken

Watch this video for behind-the-scenes prep work for the delicious nasi ulam.

This Nasi Ulam set is a collaboration between myself and Chef Ricky; both proud Penangites who harbour the hopes of introducing authentic and Nyonya and Penang food to everyone, cooked/prepared the way it should be.
Many outlets in the Klang Valley (whole Malaysia even) claimed their dishes to be “Penang xx xxx”, but frankly, very few are deserving of the “Penang” name.

But one man’s meat can be another’s poison.
So as long as you enjoy the food, that is all that matters. 🙂

Meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy this Nasi Ulam.
Do place your orders (min 3 sets) and message me with your location.


Price: RM35 for 1 set as below:
(1) Nasi Ulam, whole chicken drumstick and thigh, homemade sambal, homemade achar and chips.
(2) A bottle of drink that is quintessentially Penang – the Pat Poh.
(3) A complimentary dessert, also Penang related. We will keep this a surprise!

Delivery fees applies.
**Minimum order is 3 sets to each location.

TO ORDER:  Whatsapp +6011 – 3938 5350 or FB message us on
Pick up your items at TTDI or delivery can be arranged via GoGet or Zoom.

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  1. Sean EDKL

    ooo, the rice looks packed with lots of herbs and goodness … i bet i could happily eat three servings of that and feel no guilt 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Wahhahaha! I’m such a “stay away frm rice” person but I couldn’t resist this as well! 😀

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