The Grind Burger Bar @ Section 17, PJ

It was so close; so marvelously pink, moist and so juicy a beef patty..

rebecca saw - The GRind Burger Bar 2

…but yet it still couldn’t outshine myburgerlab’s beef patties. I’m now convinced that myburgerlab has some “voodoo” practice going on that kept its beef patties at the very top of the list of great beef burgers in Klang Valley!  😀

You must be thinking….here comes another burger joint, and so how does this compare to xxx, yyy, zzzz?
Well, let me skip the euphemisms and give it to you straight of what are MY OPINIONS of the best burgers around in Klang Valley, based on WHAT I HAVE EATEN so far.
Please try not to call me a bitch while I’m at it.

Here goes:
myburgerlab reigned 1st place for their beef patties and their fries. Let’s not mention their amazing portobello fries since it is a unique item from their outlet.
The Grind Burger Bar comes closely at 2nd place for their moist, juicy beef patty but somehow it still lacks the “oooophhmm” which failed for them to dethrone myburgerlab’s top position.

Next, PORK patties.
Burgertory pork patties are tastier, obviously due to the quality of pork as well as the seasoning (if any).
The Grind Burger Bar pork patties are juicier and bigger BUT slightly bland, as one of the staff (it could be the owner, I didn’t ask) told us that no seasoning were added.
myburgerlab does not serve PORK. I wonder how would their pork patties be like considering how well they have done their beef ones!

Chicken burgers.
I have not tried the chicken burger (there’s only one – Chicken Teriyaki) at The Grind Burger Bar.
There is no chicken burger on the menu at Burgertory.
Best chicken burger goes to myburgerlab for the thick, tender chicken breast followed by Burger Junkyard for their marinated grilled juicy thighs (chicken thighs).

Vegetarian burgers.
I have not sampled the vegetarian option (there’s only one – portobello with peach) at The Grind Burger Bar.
The Mixed Grain Burger at Burgertory was hard to swallow. I didn’t try the other one on the menu – the Farmer’s Funghi as it sounded so boring;  just button mushrooms & cheddar cheese.
I had sampled both The Grilled Ratatouille and Pineapple Fungi at Burger Junkyard but my final choice for vegetarian burgers (at this point of time) goes to myburgerlab for their thick juicy portobello burger! 🙂

Burgers at all 3 outlets are almost similar; starting at RM10 and above but not over RM20 (unless you request for add-ons).
Do note that portions vary but Burgertory’s is notably the smallest portion of them all.

Most innovative:
myburgerlab followed by Burger Junkyard.
Expect watermelons, blue cheese, lychees, rat meat (I jest), stinky beans (petai), peanut butter and celeries in your burgers. Mind blowing ingredients at times but it somehow works!
Thumbs up to both for keeping our tastebuds tantalized! 🙂

For Burger Junkyard, they deserve a special mention for their amazing tomato concasse, aioli and yes, as mentioned above, creative combinations of burgers.
Crayon Burger?
I’m hoping to hear some positive feedback from my friends and readers and might schedule a re-visit. Meanwhile, let’s just say they don’t quite qualify to be among the top 5 in my list. (Disclaimer: my list)

No comments on Nom Nom Chomper, Old School & Burger.It as yet. No one wants to visit with me and preliminary feedback from friends and associates had not been positive.

NOTE: There is no free-flow soft drinks at The Grind Burger Bar but they serve a better range of drinks including wines and beers. But of course additional charges then applies.
There is no option to go ala-carte either to save some bucks as all their burgers comes standard with fries and a side salad.


Now with that out of the way, lets feast on my pictures from my dinner last night at The Grind Burger Bar shall we? :DD

We started with their Big Black Dog (RM16) – Pork bratwurst served on black charcoal buns topped with chilli pork, natural cheese, mozzarella & fresh onions, served with herb fries and a bed of greens – which in my opinion is a must-order if you’re ever here.
Other than the novelty that this is only burger joint that serves hot dogs, it’s really finger-licking good, especially with the chilli pork and fat housemade sausage.

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (8)

Really syiok! Fatter than a 50 cents coin in diameter! 🙂

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (18)

The next item was a pork burger – The Grind House Burger (RM19)(RM21 if you choose beef patty) which comes with the option of selecting pork/beef patty, bacon, fried egg, caramelized onions, natural cheddar, crisp green of the day, onion slivers, fresh tomatoes and DRACULA mayonnaise.

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (10)

Yes, it’s pretty obvious that we chose it for the egg and the DRACULA mayo.

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (11)

I’m a strict non-mayo eater but this is supposedly a fruity mayo and it’s PINK so I just had to take a lick. 🙂

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (12)

Unfortunately I didn’t like it at all.
There were barely any fruity essence and it came across more of a sweet mayo than anything else. That aside, the pork patty was alright; thick enough and the combination of egg, caramelized onions and crispy PORK bacon with juicy tomatoes, greens and fresh onions is pretty fail-proof.
All in all, this was one messy but tasty burger!

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (13)

KC being an onion rings fiend polished off a whole bucket of fresh (not those mixed with flour types), wonderfully crispy yet non-greasy onion rings. This is pretty much the best onion rings you can get in Klang Valley for RM8.

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (6)

After 30 mins of dwindling while waiting for Kevin to arrive, we were ready for round 2.
We added another order of the Black Dog, The JD Burger (pork/beef, secret JD sauce, bacon, natural cheddar, crisp greens, onions slivers and tomatoes) – RM18/20, The Fiery Peppercorn (pork or beef, crusted peppercorns, natural cheddar, greens, onion slivers, fresh tomatoes) – RM16/18 and a plate of their Swedish Meatballs ( housemade pork & beef meatballs 50-50%, dressed in house gravy, lingonberry jam, garden greens & herbed fries) – RM19.

Since all of them came with herbed fries, we requested to swap the herbed fries with chilli fries, mash & onion rings. The guy we spoke to has kindly obliged. Do note that additional charges may apply if you would like to do the same during your visit.

The Black Dog with mash.

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (15)

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (16)

The JD Burger – Pork and accompanied with chilli fries.

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (22)

The JD is another good pork burger though the JD sauce was frankly too mild to be worthy of mention. Still, I must say I love the natural cheddar used in their burgers here at The Grind Burger Bar, every slice thick and nicely melted over the patties.

rebecca saw - The GRind Burger Bar 1

The Fiery Peppercorn.

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (17)

Don’t let the peppercorn crust scare you as it wasn’t as fiery nor as peppery as its name suggested.

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (20)

This was our first beef burger here and all of us were suitably impressed with the pink insides and juicy succulence. A recommended alternative for beef burgers if you mind the notorious myburgerlab queue.

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (21)

rebecca saw - The GRind Burger Bar 2

Last but not least were the meatballs, unfortunately a tad too mushy and salty to recommend. We did feedback this to the same guy that was serving us that night and he took the trouble to investigate on the sodium issue.

rebecca saw - The GRind Burger Bar

A quick check with the kitchen revealed the cause and we were assured that it was an one-off incident. Instead of spitting on our food, he kindly omitted the item from our bill as well.
Well well well! That’s a commendable customer service move right there!
To top that off, he humbly asked for opinions and feedback and seemed to take our thoughts seriously into consideration.
I would definitely repetitively patronize The Grind Burger Bar and confidently recommend this joint to all my readers and friends! 🙂

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (23)

The vibe here is pretty chill and comfy; certainly suitable for families and gathering of friends. Oh, there’s electrical points and free WIFI too!

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (27)

These paintings are cute and they caught my attention immediately when I walked in. There is a t-shirt worn by one of the kitchen crew that says “Real Women Eat Meat” and I had wanted badly to snap a shot of myself with that dude!
Unfortunately he was in the kitchen the whole time and was preoccupied with orders. I’ll be back to stalk him!

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (26)

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (5)

I foresee that business will be good for The Grind Burger Bar. Friendly staff, fast service, good grub and a nice location – what’s there to warrant a complaint?
Long wait and queues are non-existent as yet so do head here if you’re up for some good burgers and hotdogs!
In fact, chill with some beers, wines or a coffee while you’re at it. I don’t recommend the hot chocolate which was a thin watery Cadbury version. However, apple cider (they sell Somersby here) was refreshing and goes fabulously with our burgers.

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (14)

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (24)

Their fries comes with skin and was adeptly fried; non-greasy and came in generous amount with each order. I can’t recommend the sauce as all of them was somewhat unmemorable although we were told they are homemade.

rebecca saw - The Grind Burger Bar  PJ (7)

Last but not least, I hope I won’t be turned away or on printed on anyone’s blacklist should I decide to -re-visit any of the other joints (as listed above) for a second opinion and nor do I want any preferential treatment from the joints that I highly recommend.
I can pay for my food, TQVM and you will read my honest thoughts here on my blog.

So now, who wants to join me for a 2nd round of The Grind Burger Bar? 🙂

** Review and opinions are accurate at the time of publishing.

The Grind Burger Bar @ Section 17, PJ – same row as Kanna Curry House
Jalan 17/45 PJ.
Open for LUNCH & DINNER.

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  1. Jimmy Lee

    Awesome Becky, so far we had tried the burgers at myBurgerLab & Burger Junkyard and they’re pretty good 🙂 Will be trying the rest soon enough. Nope, this is a cool list. I have always believed that honesty is the best policy 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hey, thanks Jimmy for the encouragement! 🙂
      Yup, I hope you’ll find time to try the rest – the non-pork ones of cos!

  2. ulric

    I could have ate a barrel-worth of the onion rings lar! 😀

  3. Gayathri

    A fair and thorough review. I always read your blog Rebecca! Every post! 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Wow thanks Gayathri
      Ermm yea, I can be a bit long winded! 😛

  4. Choi Yen

    Oh, hubby, me & daughter love sausages and I know I’ll visit this place soon, very soon perhaps 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      It’s a good place for a family dinner! got salads, mash, pasta, fruit juices, desserts, etc! And burgers & hotdogs of cos!

  5. Ben

    Are there any places in KL that serve both beef AND pork burgers, pizza, or tacos?
    I would prefer if any place serve crispy Canadian smoked bacon to go on burgers and pizza.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi Ben! Beef AND pork burgers got a few, but with tacos? That’s the limiting factor. Not many places with tacos im afraid. A lot that I know of uses bacon, some pork some beef but not particularly uses Canadian smoked bacon!
      Why such a weird combo of menu? 🙂

  6. Huen Leng

    Been to most of the place you reviewed above (based on your recommendations) and I must say I agree with your deduction!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ohhh it shows that we BOTH have good taste 😛 LOL!

  7. Francis

    Hi Rebecca, we tried this resto two days ago and I agree that the onion rings in grind burger bar is really good. The vanilla milkshake is good since the taste is very natural and not screaming vanilla. However, I find the burger patty underseasoned. The beefy taste is not there. Growing up having burgers, fries, and milkshake as staple dinner, I feel the grind house burger is full of extenders. It is not cohesive at all. The patty started to crumble down with every bite I take. The cheese is non-coherent to the taste verging on a bit over powering. Plus it was a bit frozen when it was served to us. I think the quality has gone down after your review. For me, burgerlab is still the best gourmet burger in this side of the city.


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