The Grand Launch of El Meson, Telawi Bangsar

El Meson at Telawi, Bangsar has been open for sometime. Yesterday was the GRAND launch, done in GRAND style.

launch banner

Deborah Henry & His Excellency Jose Ramon Baranano, Head of Turismo Madrid, Asia Pacific was present, and His Excellency gave a short congratulatory speech to Mr Ek & his lovely wife Mei Li.

deborah henry and jose ramon

Below: Amber Chia, Dennis Lau – the violinist, Mei Li – wife of Mr Ek, the owner & Deborah Henry, posing for pictures just before Chef Fernando Taberbero cuts the cake.

El meson launch1

There were so many delicious canapes going around that night that me & unkaleong was stuffed! Deep fried peppered calamari rings in cute little paper cones, battered prawns with the most divine mushroom cream sauce, Albondigas (meatballs) in amazing, absolutely amazing tomato sauce, intensely flavourful paella & crunchy prawns in olive oil are just some of the marvellous canapes going around.
Lip smacking good food, downed with many many glasses of white & red Sangria, free flow champagne, red & white wine.  Me – *burps *, Unkaleong – *hic* !! :wacko:

El meson launch

As stuffed as we were, we gleefully waited in anticipation when the platter of cold cuts started going around. The plan was to take a few slices of each type to staple. But Mr Ek wouldn’t hear of such thing, and plonked down a WHOLE plate right in front of us. Ah would be insulting to say “No” right??  😉
Then UnkaLeong proceeded to wipe the whole plate clean. Chis..greedy fella.

coldcuts platter

Then wooden boards of half-sized suckling pig went around. At that point I was wondering..if Mr Ek is hiring.. hhmmm…

El meson launch2

We were spoiled with desserts after, and the chocolate macarons were heavenly, even for someone who hates macarons (me)!

CONGRATULATIONS (Dee Jai Duay Na Kha!!)  to Mr Ek and Mei Li, for the launch of El Meson! And our heartfelt gratitude for the invite! 😉

For more on El Meson’s food:
Read this post – I tried almost 10 different dishes!
Or this one – the PORK BURGER is really good, do remember to ask for medium for a moist and juicy patty! There are other lunch items covered here too.

Note: Mr Ek is no newbie in the F & B scene, he happens to be the owner of The Social, El Meson & Planter Jim’s – (Telawi, Bangsar) & The YogiTree – Gardens, Mid Valley.

I got more pictures to share of the set lunches I had here at El Meson. But that would be another post 😉

Oh, anyone up for the breakfast fry-up? :yes:

brekkie menu

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  1. Sean

    omg, but they’ve been open since november! this is a really delayed grand launch, heheh. but it looks like they’re a smashing success now, definitely one of the most popular outlets at telawi. here’s hoping that it will inspire other good restaurants to open too (and a few more pork-serving ones, heheh) 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      yes yes.. Ek & Chef Fernando has really improved on the food, (though I felt that the cold cuts and tapas were delicious frm the very beginning) & I have alws recom this plc for my friends if they are ever in this area.
      Their Pork Burger reigns supreme so far for me in KL! :yes:

  2. unkaleong

    What? I missed the macaroons? Dang! Heheh.. *hic* :heart:

    1. rebeccasaw

      Since when u liked macarons?? Ask FBB to make for u..and name it.. “unkaleongrons”!!


  3. minchow

    Ohh rejoice!! Another pork-tastic fry-up breakfast joint! Do you know what time they serve brekkie until? Virtually impossible for me to make it before noon most weekends 🙁

    1. rebeccasaw

      Checked w Ek!
      They serve brekkie til 5pm! Rejoice!

  4. J the chocoholic

    Mmmm. The chef is still very good eye candy. 😀

    Haha… but yeah loh – isn’t it a bit slow to have a grand launch? They’ve been open for a while…. 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Any launch is good publicity 🙂
      But Ek did say things are running more smoothly now :yes:

  5. sophia

    I want your life. Eating to your heart’s content, aren’t you?
    But the poor lighting makes me a bit irritable. Don’t they know they have a great blogger in their midst? Better lighting, please!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha..yea babe..I ws cursing & clickin thru-out the night to get some “useable” shots! video of the flamenco dancers cant be used ;(

  6. baDboyzs

    one more hot place to catch the famous n beautiful !

  7. Lynn Dew

    Great blog post.Really looking forward to read more.

  8. Terry

    who is the owner of the social Bangsar ??

    1. rebeccasaw

      Mr Ek, also the owner of El Meson 😉
      Oh, do check out his latest project

      Uber coolness and fantastic food!

  9. Malisa Anderson

    Thanks a lot for the article.Seriously thanks a ton! Really Great.

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