The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame, Sunway Pyramid

Just few hours ago, I was the kay-poh friend who went to support an insane dude – Sam, who coincidentally is known as Sam Insanity for his quest to beat the Goliath Challenge at The Frames Cafe located at Sunway Pyramid.

Let me start by giving you the low-down of this burger.
Known as the Goliath – this humongous burger pales in comparison to the one at EuroDeli – (check that one out HERE . We had 10 contestants for that one!) as the Matterhorn was larger by size & weight alone. However, what made the Goliath burger deadly was the mound of 500g of fries, and the 1.5l rootbeer with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream! I kid you not!
All that to be chowed down in 30 mins FLAT.

The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame-14

The Goliath Challenge:

Goliath Challenge

Breakdown of the Goliath Burger.

Bun – 3 slices
4 fried eggs
3 slices of processed cheese
500g fries
1.5l of root beer with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream
300g x 3 patties chicken/beef (TOTAL 900g of meat)
Loads of mayo
Vegetables – lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber

The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame-12

Bun layered with cheese, then egg, then patty, then.. goes on…

The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame-10

The deal is this:

Finish EVERYTHING within 30 minutes and you will stand a chance to win the RM500 cash prize & your friends/supporters you brought along with you will get a 50% discount of their order (F&B) if the challenger wins.

The contenders of the night: Sam Insanity & Mike Yip.

The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame-13

Check out the video of the size of the burger:

Starting the chowdown….Sam started on his burger with knife & fork. LOL!
“Slow & easy”, he said.

The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame-8

Mike’s strategy was to eat part by part..starting with the top bun and working himself through the patty and so forth.

The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame-9

After 15 minutes….. Hahahaha…!

The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame-6

Another 5 mins later….. ROFL.

The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame-5

Sam’s burger was pulverized after a while…so much for slow and easy huh….. ;p

The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame-16

But seriously, the burger was manageable, and it tasted much better than the Matterhorn at EuroDeli so it was much more palatable for both Sam & Mike.

The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame-11

Still, both of them nearly died from the Goliath.

The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame

So did they win? Did both of them finish their burgers??








Sam was SO CLOSE. It was just the fries left! Another 10 minutes & he would have won!

The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame-3

Mike, however, still had a long way to go……I’m sure he could have finished it as well, but he had a very big lunch few hours before as this was quite a last minute & random plan. I guess both of them were not as prepared as they should be!

The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame-4

No waste of food, I’d say. I started to help myself to the remainder of the burger! Hahahaa..!

The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame-1

Contest ends: 26th of April, 2011. Yup, contest period is over!

No worries though, for those who are keen to take on a similar challenge, check out Tony Romas’ Wagyu Burger contest!


Anyone up for it ? Do tell me! I want to kay-poh! 😉

For our previous Matterhorn Challenge, check it out HERE.

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    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahaha… too bad this wasn’t recorded as weekly episodes!

  1. Sean

    Eeks! I gotta say that looks almost impossible. I think I could do the burger on its own (although the bread would be a real struggle), but there’s way too much fries! And the gassy drink … No way!!! Plus, ahem, that seems like 3000 calories =)

    1. Rebecca

      Wahahaha! Worried bt calories?? you? Heh..
      Yeam I felt it was a bit unfair too…

    1. Rebecca

      Yea I knw u tried. I think its…kinda impossible! LOL.

      1. kianfai87

        yah fries itself giving illusion and it will be dry and hard to eat within 10min ++

      2. rebeccasaw

        Yes! The fries damn dry and not nice at all!

  2. peteformation

    Wow, big food portion to finish!
    I think, I can only finish half the root beer, 1/3 of the fries and 1 burger meat patty…..LOL!

    1. Rebecca

      Hahaha! I would finish only the burger!

  3. Isaac Tan

    wooot, sam was so so so close to finishing it.

    1. Rebecca

      YES very close. He only needs atr 5mins!

  4. Leonard Loh

    Hmmm, maybe I can do it, after a Saturday bootcamp. LOL.

    1. Rebecca

      Hahaha.. ok, i got one food challenge coming up.. ur up for it?

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