The Fashion Festival Bali @ The Stones Hotel Bali

Hi guys!
I’m in Bali now and besides soaking up the sun and sleeping in (god, I’m so sleep-deprived that it’s not funny!) I was invited to the opening launch event of The Fashion Festival Bali.

The Fashion Festival Bali - Rebecca Saw

The opening event gave local and international tourists, media and buyers a privileged sneak-peek of some of the works of the participating designers who originated from Australia, Bali, Jakarta, Singapore and Malaysia.

I personally loved the swimsuit collection from Blue Glue and Fella. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the swimsuit designs offered back in Malaysia is pretty crappy!

This one – yay or nay?
I’m just worried it won’t stay on the bust if I move/run around too much!


And this. Such a practical piece and looks darn good too!


Anything (and everything) in white works for me. 😀

The Fashion Festival Bali - The Stones Hotel Bali-001


Love that sway & cheeky smile.
A woman with confidence & personality is most sexy yes? 🙂


I have a weakness for this shade of army green. It conveys that “tough chick” vibe. Again, I like! 🙂


Appropriately mostly Indonesian models were engaged for the show. I love their dark, sultry beauty and I think they carried the designs really well.




Some batik and tribal prints were expected (there were some Indonesian designers in the house after all) and also some ruffles and laces which I couldn’t say I’m entirely fond of.

This piece by Priya Oktavia caught my attention. He used the same fabric in 2 styles as shown below.



Side and back:



I think the ruffles doesn’t work. What do you think?

Design No. 2: Front:


Side and Back:



Too much details? Not sure about you, I thought the rich embroidery  was busy enough and the satin ruffles complicate the piece further.
Anyways, the designer to look out for: Priya Oktavia.


Never a fan of such flounce.


Love lace but not in this manner.


But it looks slightly better from the front right?


I don’t think a sack and some gathers at the bottom qualifies it to be on the runway. But that’s just me of course.


I’m all for prints though I thought a bit more creativity with the silhouette and overall design could make the next few pieces more memorable.





This has got a bit more flair which I favour.


Asymmetrical cuts always draws the eye.


Well, that was it!
Just a sneakpeek and NOT even all of the designers. I only wish I’ll be in Bali the whole week and attending all of the events lined-up.


This fashion extravaganza is proudly presented by The Stones Hotel and this is the 2nd year The Fashion Festival Bali is set to thrill guests from all over Asia with week-long entertainment including world- class runway shows featuring some of the regions established and emerging designers, beauty workshops, cultural program, exhibitions, live shopping experience in the showroom, exclusive designer hosted dinners, pool-parties and live entertainment.

Yesterday was just the beginning!
Activities will run throughout August with the Festival’s core program of runway and culture events taking place from August 16th – 23rd.


Interested to be part of some of the events? More info and pictures are available on these sites:

Instagram : tffb2014

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  1. Sean EDKL

    looks like a fun show, with interesting and unique designs 😀

  2. Diana

    Love it – I wonder where can i buy those swimsuits?

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