The Entertainer App Malaysia – Buy One Get One Free dining offers

Actually, The Entertainer offers MORE than just Buy One Get One Free offers for dining. It is applicable for leisure, wellness, entertainment and hotel accommodations as well!
All these offers are valid 7 days a week, all year long, with virtually no restrictions.

Now I can’t think why wouldn’t anyone buy this app.

The Entertainer 'but one get one free' vouchers app

The Entertainer is not new, lest you guys think this is some scam. It was founded in 2001 in Dubai and has grown into an international success story based on a simple formula – Buy One Get One Free offers.

Malaysia finally have our own version this year and the Entertainer Malaysia is offering a One Month Membership at RM49, which is available exclusively for my readers (and well, whoever else you knows about it!).

For just MYR 49 the Entertainer Malaysia One Month Membership gives you access to all 400+ buy one get one free offers in Malaysia’s hottest restaurants, nightspots, informal dining, spas, activities, attractions and more.
One month membership mean you can use all 400+ offers for one month from the date of activation.

Seriously, a bowl of pasta at a restaurant would have cost you RM40 with taxes. Imagine the savings in return for RM49 if you just use 2 -3 vouchers.
For best value, use all 400+ of course! 🙂

No doubt I have been using it myself. Let me first show you how I downloaded the app.
Being a foodie and also someone who it made sense for me to purchase the FULL version (annually for RM235). Thanks to the kind folks at The Entertainer, I got a complimentary copy.

1. Go to your Android Google Play or iOS store.

Search for the “The Entertainer”.
Click on the picture to download.

The Entertainer 'but one get one free' vouchers app

2. Use my promo code @wackybecky to purchase (if you’re buying the One Month version) or if you’re buying the full version then you can pay via Credit Card.

The Entertainer 'but one get one free' vouchers app-001

3. Wait for the download to complete.

The Entertainer 'but one get one free' vouchers app-002

4. The download is very straightforward.

The Entertainer 'but one get one free' vouchers app-003

5. Expect to receive an email confirming your purchase.

The Entertainer 'but one get one free' vouchers app-004

Next, TRY IT! 
Go through the tutorial to understand better.

The Entertainer App Tutorial-001

The Entertainer App Tutorial-002

The Entertainer App Tutorial

The Entertainer App Tutorial-003

Now let me share a piece of good news.

1. To purchase the Entertainer Malaysia One Month Membership for just MYR 49 please visit – .
Be sure to enter my unique promo code @wackybecky when you purchase.
After your one month membership you can simply choose to upgrade to the full product for a further MYR 186, allowing you to keep redeeming your offers until 30th December 2014.

To sweeten the deal, the Entertainer will be doing a random draw at the end of the month among the readers who bought the one month version of the Entertainer Malaysia app. One winner will win the full version of the app for FREE! 🙂


  1. The Entertainer App is free to download – Featuring free buy one free offers, you can trial select offers for free to ensure you’re happy with the redemption process. Download for free from iTunes, Google Play or Blackberry World.
  1. Share the product with family or friends – Download the app, sign in with the account holder’s login details, and you can access your offers from any device. In the second release, as the account holder, you will be able to approve up to three additional usernames to access your offers.
  1. View your offers by location – all your offers load in proximity to you or you can view the Entertainer map which features individual pins for every available Entertainer offer!
  1. Exactly the same offers as the book – mobile product includes the same offers, three per merchant, available to redeem for the whole of 2014.
  1. Track your savings each time you use an offer – After every redemption, you’ll see your estimated savings. The Savings Calculator function allows you to see just how quickly you redeem the cost of your Entertainer product, and how much you save throughout the year.
  1. Access 120 buy one night get one free hotel offers – New for 2014, every Entertainer feature a Hotel Supplement which is available for redemption on the App. Ideal for staycations or exotic breaks, the Supplement includes 4 and 5* hotels in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Indian Ocean.
  1. Additional Members Offers – All Entertainer Monthly Member Offers (additional buy one get one free brunches, activities, massages and more) load directly onto your phone, instead of having to print from the website!
  1. Merchant page – Every merchant has its own page which features a link to their location on your map, a short description about the restaurant and the ability call the venue directly from the App.
  1. Going on holiday? – access free Members offers in Dubai, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cape Town and more on your Entertainer Global app! Also, browse the offers for the full Entertainer Mobile Product for each of our 23 destinations.


So please do try it out for RM49!
Link: .
Use my code: @wackybecky

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  1. Veron

    Sounds great. I’ll fiddle around with it to find out more soon.
    How many have you used so far? No issues?

  2. Nicole

    Last week I dreamed about a giant jar filled with bacon and there was clearly a little kid sitting in the biggest market of it, eating it.

  3. Carl

    Hmmm will give the 1 month trial a shot. The list of dining outlets are long & varied enough

  4. George

    Just bought the one month trial. Hope it works

  5. Sally

    Thanks for the recommendation ! Will try the app out

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