The Curious Cat and MML Tiles

Hey guys, here’s another update on the Curious Cat as I prepare more travel and Ramadan posts! 🙂

If you have been following my blog, you’ll realize that lately I have been very intrigued with Curious the cat and his sarcastic dialogues with his housemates. Though I don’t normally blog about pets, this cat did got me hooked. So far I’ve watched all the videos and they just tickled me pink!

Here’s another one that you should check out; the Part 7 video where Curious enters Smiley’s house and sparking off some EPIC catty moments!

Watch it yourself and find out why Curious is airborne! 🙂

Now, I have always wondered since day one; who created these funny videos, this site and whatever for?

Recently I have neglected my daily visits to the site as I was traveling again. My latest trip was Pangkor Laut Resort (look out for that, I have some really good pics!) and when I got back, I got swamped with work.

I was reminded just a few days back when a blog reader kindly left a comment on my previous post saying that the person/party behind this site is MML (Malaysian Mosaics Berhad).

My first thought?
Wow, there are people out there that has been following this site!

Next thought?
What the heck was she talking about?? LOL.
Curious (pun intended), I surfed over to the Curious Cat  site and this was what I saw.

There has been an update and the cat is out of the bag (pun intended again)!
It was finally revealed that the Curious Cat site is actually the latest campaign from MML to educate public about tiles and the importance of choosing the right tiles for your home.

A tiles manufacturer behind this site all these while? That’s innovative but quite an unlikely combination right?

Well, kudos to Malaysian Mosaics Berhad for thinking out of the box! I think this is a very interesting campaign and I’m certainly going to follow its progress closely. 🙂

Another plus point is the funny, rib-tickling but well-made videos which captured the essence of MML’s message in an entertaining and easy to digest manner. Now, I wonder what’s next?  🙂

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  1. The Yum List

    Oh dear, that brings back thoughts of the hours we spent choosing tiles for our renovation – different ones for the kitchen, bathroom and living area.

  2. Lilian

    hi hi!
    I see that you knew now! 🙂

  3. Lilian

    Eh shy la, now my comment is on your blog!! 😛

  4. Janice

    One of the sites I surf on a daily basis now.

  5. Martin

    A marketing campaign to gain entries for their makeover contest. Not new, but it works.

  6. kevin

    Part 7 not as funny… neither is Part 8.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Agreed. Well stay tuned ?? Maybe they got something up their sleeves..Curious may have something up his paws! 😛

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